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  1. After watching most of the others leave the cantina, presumably to find the missing captain, Jerome enjoys a glass of Corellian whiskey. No ice. He's just finishing and getting ready to go and ask around for her when Gygax arrives. The old reptile hadn't been in for a while. They had another drink and caught up, Jerome had worked with Gygax twenty years ago, before family and kids had brought them to heel and settled in a quieter way of life. Turned out Gygax's partner didn't want the traditional Trandoshan hunter upbringing. She had her eyes on a proper education, Imperial standards, only that cost a fortune for non humans. Still, she wouldn't be denied, and Gygax had just returned from a job in the corporate sector, finding out if a directors wife was cheating on him. Boring but well paid. Jerome liked Gygax and his lazy way of telling a tale. The wife was cheating and so was the director Gygax took the creds and spared neither a moments further concern. So it was an hour later that he arrived at the starport, smelling of whiskey, and in a bad mood. He didn't so much greet the skipper as just arrive and carry his stuff on board. Not that she was the reason for his ill temper. He didn't want to be away from his wife for weeks. The story had been eating him a bit inside on the walk down. Shouldnt have had the fourth drink.
  2. Jerome glanced around as the jostling for recognition as a pilot erupted round the table. He stayed quiet. Been a while since he flew anything serious, he certainly wasn't going to start making claims right now. As the skipper presented them with a thousand cred chip he frowned, rolling it in his palm he licked his lips. This was a good thing. But it also meant this worm had thrown quite a lot of money at the venture, a grand each for the ground floor was a big up front payment for this group. Meant there was something valuable in it. Meant it would attract dangerous competition too. But the money wasn't even the real hook, it was nice, sure. The site where the Empire lost their battle station was what the captain had said, and Jerome wasn't going to turn that down. Standing slowly and excusing himself he walked purposefully out the door. He'd needed to trick the model '80 out, certainly doing it before going into danger was better than after. He knew a Niktos with a nice little shop ten minutes away, Jokuill. The conversation was brief, Jokuill kept his hands under the counter as Jerome selected an actuator for the Merr-son. As he came to pay he grabbed another energy cell and some shells for the slugger. It'd be embarrassing to scrounge for ammo. After that it was a simple trip to the pilots depot. Alarmingly they were running low on crash kits, he grabbed one and dumped it on the counter. As an afterthought he also grabbed a couple of stimpacks. Walking back with a hundred creds of the chip left, he idly wondered if it would be bad form to get some drugs, just to help him sleep like. Half the others seemed to have turned up drunk, or hungover. In the end he was hot and sweaty, and wanted a cool drink to much to trawl around looking for a spice contact at this moment. Later then. Back at the cantina he dumps his backpack down, running his hands through his hair Jerome stares at the others kit, and laughs. "We probably coulda got a bulk discount if we're all gonna buy a crash kit. So, we probably need to talk more..."
  3. And at last we have an average looking roll Cash: 1d100 59
  4. Well GM looks well stocked for extra stitch ups! Destiny: 1eF 1 Dark Side
  5. A tall wiry fellow in a long tatty coat hurried inside the cantina, bumping into a drunken Rodian on his way out. The two glared at each other, in the manner of one who expects the other to make apologies. A moment of tension sparks, and fades as reality and caution prevail. The man turns and continues, scratching his beard with a slight shake of the head. He stops next to a table with a lone Duros slumped on its elbows and stood there, eyes narrowed as he took the cantinas occupants in. Once satisfied he hurried over to Captain Asichi. Removing his wide hat he offers a hand, "Captain Asichi? 'M sorry for the late hour, got some bad directions,"
  6. My application, Jerome. Slightly aging Gadgeteer with financial and family problems (cos it's Star Wars). Just got to choose some toys... http://swsheets.com/c/lnttqq5dp-andarru-kholl
  7. Came to be on Coruscant as a result of following the trail of an Old Republic artefact discovered on a dig site in the outer rim. Villo is vaguely aware that the fall of the Jedi is not what the propaganda suggests, while he does not understand the full implications, he is now focussing his hatred of the Empire in the form of sabotage and denying them any access to ancient knowledges. He would likely be at the Kiss for contacts of mutually rebellious nature, not being the gifted infiltrator on a human planet. May have worked with Skauge on setting up an act of bloody revenge? Role in the group? Bit of brains, possible help with a Blaster? Destiny: 1eF 2 Dark Side Ah great destiny us
  8. All set with exp and kit spend. Very simple job for Villo!
  9. Mostly done, but of fluff to go, but waiting for a little more intro on the setting from our GM Villo, the quiet revolutionary http://swsheets.com/c/frmnbc2ry-villo-trikq
  10. Oh quick question before I fill in all the bits, what extra obligation limits are we working with? Six players so I'm guessing +5 to +10?.... thanks!
  11. I'm interested in playing. Will pm you a character and hope there's a slot free!
  12. Sorry, my mistake. Keshalyi, do you have space for another player or all full up?
  13. Hi, I'd be up for playing if you're still looking for players? Niktos Archeologist. His son kidnapped by some enemy, now trying to find kidnappers/ransom/general help from the Rebellion. Kinda two Harrison Ford characters (but not the SW one) wrapped up in green scales. Brains and a bit of violence. though looking at things, still waiting on a GM yes? Oh oh and can post 2-4 times most days....
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