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  1. Yes, I won with 4/4.  The final four were two of us, a 4/2/2eweb list, and Rebel Blast.  Team Covenant recorded the match, so it'll probably be online eventually.

    Congrats! Have you been playing long? Also what made you decide to use 4x4?

  2. Any idea why FFG can't sell Imperial Assault at Gen Con?


    For the same reason they can't sell it on their website either.  It's a Board Game and they don't have the license to sell Star Wars board games.  All sales of IA product must go through Hasbro's distributors.

    Thanks for the clarification.

  3. Three things: Yes unfortunately there are certain missions where the 4x4 (4 reg Royal Guards and 4 reg Officers) make them nearly impossible to compete for the win. Also, we find that the 4x4 have been often times a negative play experience (npe) for many players. This change is to fester a competitive and positive play experience.

    The rebel saboteurs are very good and cost effective. And yes they are a counter to the 4x4 but at a sacrifice to the objective win.

    Lastly, thereisnotry, I had that same idea about Gideon-izing the Officers, but I like the idea that the lowly officer can only order around their subordinates (droids and troopers). An other idea centered on the Officer's Order ability working only on figures that have a equal to or lower deployment or reinforcement cost. That might be too much of a change.

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