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  1. To make game more harder you have to do just few things 1 play with odd number of investigators . 3 person always more hard then 4. 2 take away easy mythos cards when you build up the mythos deck. That will be very painfully . Believe me it will be enough to struggle
  2. For me MOM is ok but just I pretty sure is still? Not use all possibilities of the game . what do I mean ? Lets look on Time Story. This is 2 quite similar game but deep and story of Tstory quest is much more better then MOM. With apo with all this beautiful tiles and miniatures MOM quest mostly boring as hell!
  3. I wonna say hello to everyone! Happy new year and Long live a Lotr LCG!
  4. Hey guys I bought mom base set and 2 expansion . after couple of plays I realized is not my cup of tea. Everything is brand new so I can sell it if someone need
  5. Good thread. I play mostly Nmode. If not Nmode I was scope to play this game a couple of years ago
  6. Should be ask in what format? Nightmare or standard ?
  7. I just got my base set and both expansion . download app and start play
  8. Yes I agree with that but. .... Probably is to late for errata. ... Without thid card many nightmsre quest become unbeaten
  9. Yes, they learn mistake with a lotr and make nightmare mode straight away . hope it will work good !
  10. Yes should be in Christmas time that for sure! But im eager to know what is contained
  11. Hey fellows, I start a bit worry! No info about new expansion yet! EH one of my favorite game and normally this time of year we know about next expansion but not this year . yes I know AH card game and MOM second ed.is cool but what about EH. ......
  12. 30 cards per deck and 2 cipoes I like more then 50 and 3 copies like in lotr. Less card better deck and game. I love ❤ that! Sounds like this game is rrally good evolution ! Cannot wait!
  13. This cycle doesn't sounds good for me. .... Hope we will get a blue mages here or. .... I will be disappointed
  14. To be honest im big fan of dice and draw every time chaos token can be annoying but in same time that mechanic bring some new ideas and some new oprions so I buy it. Is remaind me some? Time stories mechanic so I know it can be very wide variety from story to story
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