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  1. If a character with an advanced specialty (like a chaplain) leads the kill team, what oaths does he have access to? I can't seem to find this info?
  2. Yes, I just discovered the errata pdf, but it still does not mention the contradictory statement under oaths of the leader sharing his codex ability to his teamates? Is it safe to just consider that this one sentence should be eliminated from that paragraph? They should put that in the errata if so.
  3. I searched this board and saw a few posts concering this, but my questions have not been 100% answered. Here we go. 1. Can any squad member activate a squad mode ability? Not just the squad leader? 2. Can any squad member activate their own chapter squad ability? Do they always have access to it regardless of the leader's oath taken? 3. On P. 228, under Oath-Taking, the last sentence reads, "In addition to the listed Codex squad mode abilities, the kill team will also have access to their leaders chapter squad mode abilities." What the crap does that mean? Does this mean that the entire team can use & benefit from their leader's chapter ability? Is this the one exception?
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