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  1. Decros

    Talent tree

    Hi,i m here to ask FFG if it is posible to make a Boardgame with Talent Tree ? It will be very nice to make a game in wich we can chose talent for character and when that character have more expirience the talent tree will grow. Like mage( frost tree, fire tree, arcane tree) in WOW PC game. That tree would bie visible to all characters in game so they can response to that with they own tree or armor or smt... Descent is similar game , but there are cards for talents, here would be a sheet with all trees wisible non stop. Have played like 100 Boardgames and never seen smt like that in games. And yes, if that will be in fantasy world that would be awesome. Ty Dejan (Croatia)
  2. Decros

    Essen 2013

    Hi, any information about Essen ? Is it possible to buy Battlelore Second Edition in Essen 2013 on your Booth ? And if so what will be the price ? Ty
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