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  1. Dust Tactics is/was a Weird War II game with mixed real and science fiction aspects of the game. It was played on a grid so no need to measure distances or for movement. It was a great "beer and pretzels" game. The game expanded with just the German's and Allies being released and then the SSU (Russians). Since the release of the SSU there has been little movement on a new faction other than some mercenary units. The Japanese were supposed to be released as a faction in 2013 with an alien race called the Vril a year later. This has not been done and there seems to be little progress on adding a forth faction. FFG developed a really nice open table top play system for Dust Tactics called Dust Warfare, however about 6 months after this was developed it was announced FFG and Dust Studios would no longer be working together in distribution of the game. The game would be distributed by the same company that distributes Flames of War. A Kickstarter was done a little less than a year ago releasing the three factions in desert patterns with some changes to already established vehicles (like open cockpits). The Kickstarter made its goal however there has been some kind of dispute between Dust Studio and Battlefront (the new distribution partner). The release of the items promised to the backers of the Kickstarter project has now been delayed for some 8 months.There are some questions about the future of Dust Tactics and the newly developed open table top game Dust Battlefield (a replacement to the no longer company supported Dust Warfare). My advice, it was a great game when it first came out, the rules were simple and the game could be purchased at a really nice price. The game has been out for over 4 years now and little has been done to actually develop multiple playing factions. The game is published by a "modeling company" not a game company, so they focus on different types of models to sell within current factions rather than expanding. All the issues with publishing companies has turned off many old players and new players have avoided getting into the game. The game does still have a strong core following, though this following is mostly modelers people who rarely play the game. There are some pockets of games still going, but in the long run unless you live in one of these areas where you see people playing on a regular basis, I would strongly advise you to avoid the game. You will want to play and find no one does, many stores are familiar with the game but no longer carry it, and people who are familiar will tell you it was a cool game with pretty models but no one ever played it.
  2. Come to the Facebook group. Lots of conversations and great photos of minis.
  3. The biggest problem with the Axis Heavy Walkers is the weapons lines are not split. If I could target two mediums with one heavy it would be well worth it rather than the over kill I usually receive when taking out a medium with a heavy. People are right it is better to take two ludwigs and recon gren squad then a single heavy. I usually only take a heavy when I am being lazy and want to field a small force, or if it is a big game.
  4. Easiest way to learn the game is buy in the order they were released and play through the expansions. SSU are a great force and well worth the buy in. Kaptain Blipto said: Sounds good. Our next purchases will be some Grim reapers and such. I was also looking to buy the USMC Heavy weapons and the Germans Heavy AT Grenadiers and then some more light infantry for both sides..not sure what we want to double up on. I may purchase a MCW M3 and a Kampflaufer III on my own just to give a bit more variety to the medium walkers options. We have decided to hold off on any air units to include the SSU until we get resonably good with what we have now. I just hate having to refer to the rules every turn just to make sure we are on track..lol…the "heavy iron" walkers can stay at the FLGS for a while cause like I said we need to get the basics and such to good memory and learn to use what we have.
  5. Looks awesome. Wait….she doesnt live in Portland now does she?!
  6. Very nice work. Are you only paiting allies at the moment? I wouldnt mind seeing what you do with some Axis.
  7. My understanding is the spotter never receives the sniper ability, but the sniper and spotter receive the spotter ability when rolling hits. If the spotter goes, the sniper loses the spotter ability. If the sniper goes, the spotter still has the spotter ability but never had the sniper ability to begin with.
  8. Panzer soldier said: Sorry I don't do face book and have tried leaveing several messages at your web site. Could we not comunicate through this site wich we both can acess? I would assume so, the person who runs the blog site is usually really good about responding, so I am surprised he has not written you back. This site works also, I am just not on the forums as much as I used to be.
  9. Just contact us on Facebook through either Dust group.
  10. That is a good setup. If you are playing WarFare or Tactics you may want to consider a Boss Squad. Otherwise, pick up the expansions as they came out in time to get the additional heros.
  11. Wow! Simply amazing. You need to put these photos up on the facebook page.
  12. Can hero's or units who successfully react to an enemy move use a special ability. Examples: 1. Sigrid and the Laser Grens react to a squad of BBQ moving across their line of sight. They react, win, can sigrid use Beserk? 2. Beobatcher's react to a BBQ squad, can they call in indirect fire? 3. Ozz is about to get hit by a bunch of zombies, can he react and use Heroic Attack along with firing first?
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