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  1. I can come up with two reasons (beyond having multiple decks built simultaneously) for owning more than two Core Sets. If a player was wanting to host a small tournament. Another reason for owning more than two Core Sets would be if you were planning on playing the game multiplayer. You're going to need 2-3 LS decks built at the same time to go against the uber DS player. If you were wanting to have 2 or 3 players playing the same affiliation you'd need to have more than the usual two Core Sets. One could argue that a maximum could be set at SIX Core Sets for ultimate deck building possibilities in multiplayer if all players were using the same supply of cards. However, take into account if you followed this line of thought you'd also need to get three copies of each force pack and big expansion. Also take into account that while these cards we have now seem awesome, later on more strategies and options will allow expanded deck building possiblities and all of the cards in the Core Set will not be auto-includes in each deck you build.
  2. divinityofnumber said: I play a few different games, and do too much deck building to have different color sleeves for anything. I just buy hundreds and hundreds of the same color sleeves. This. Mix and match all you like.
  3. ScottieATF said: Why not just play a best of 3 round? With decks switching in between each game? This is what I figured it would be like. However you have to realize unless one player wins both of the first rounds, there is going to be a 3rd round. Who plays which side on that round? I say there should be a random selection to see which side plays which. If you guys don't like random selection, allow the player who won the first game to decide which side they would like to play.
  4. A new, GOOD, Doctor Who game would be awesome.
  5. Based on our current understanding of the game and its deckbuilding, I would have to agree with cleardave about getting two core sets. This is my current plan for buying the game. The fact that this game is a dualistic game like Android: Netrunner means you won't need to have a shitton of cards to allow another player to use your cards. There is not sharing of cards or cross faction cards to build decks of equal power. You just take all of one side. As for wasted cards, true, unique pods may seem like a waste but you'll always have extras for building multiple decks. Remember lots of cards will come out over the next year, so you probably won't want to have to tear down decks constantly. That second set will help prevent a lot of that. Welcome to the LCG addiction.
  6. Even if they spent another year developing this thing, there is going to be a portion of the population that is pissed off and thinks FFG is making a huge mistake. I personally didn't see anything wrong with the game as it was at GenCon 2012. Been playing Netrunner to kill time until SW launches.
  7. bosefasaurus


    On second thought, not sure if the capital ship being immobile is a good idea. Perhaps just slower to give a sense of its immense size and lower maneuverability.
  8. bosefasaurus


    So the question is will we be seeing even larger Mon Calamari cruisers or Imperial Star Destroyers one day? They would be giant. I could see it working if the ships were made to be immobile. There could be turrets around the ship which would provide firing arcs. Finally each ship could have a complement of fighters it could scramble. Think "WoW TCG raid deck" type play with one player playing as the larger ship and other players playing as the attacking squadron. It'd be cool but I could see FFG charging 99 dollars for a capital ship.
  9. You would need at least 3 core sets for 6 players to be able to play. Then this would be possible, with each pair of players sharing a core set and switching between corp or runner for a match. Doing it this way you would allow everyone to play whichever faction they wish to play.
  10. That is a cool idea, and honestly, I wish you worked for FFG so we could maybe have seen this. Unfortunately as it stands, you're going to just need to decide to either buy 3 core sets (which if you're like me I recommend going ahead and getting that out of the way) OR waiting for expansions to start rolling out.
  11. Binder. 9 card pockets per page. First pocket has the objective cards. I don't know if we'll be getting 3 copies of each objective, but we'll see. Each objective comes with 5 cards. If you put cards back to back that gives you 1(possibly 3 copies of objective)+15 cards to go with the objective. That's 18 cards. Basically each page will be for each objective. So when building a deck you could actually just pull entire pages from the binder at a time. This game will rule.
  12. I'd say the faction thing is a good idea. It'll add some more flavor to the game. In a way it does make sense. If you are wanting to play an Imperial Navy card, you'd need some backing power from the Empire to get things rolling for the card. If it is a Sith/Dark Jedi card, you'd better have some of that in your objectives if you want them to do your bidding. Bounty hunters and scum don't really listen to Sith, but if you have some objectives they deem profitable you will have them taking missions from you in no time, and so forth.
  13. booored said: sounds neat.. but teh problem i have with box solutions for card games is that as you end up with 1000s of card it takes you forever to find certain cards. This is why i go with teh sheets, as you can flip though your collection like a book and see every card face…. I totally agree with that. I prefer to keep my CCGs/LCGs in binders. They protect them and make deck building a breeze. I keep my Magic rares in a binder. I will probably be keeping my Netrunner cards in a binder as well as the packs start releasing. With the small amount I have now (Two core sets) it just isn't feasible to be constantly paging and unpaging as I build and tear decks apart several times a day. I was only suggesting the dual deck box as a means of transporting to gaming sessions.
  14. Ultra Pro has dual deck boxes. They hold a total of 180 sleeved cards in two 90 card places. I've found them online for 5 dollars as well as at my FLGS for the same price. I've never tried them but they seem perfect for Netrunner, especially if you go the minimalist route and build a 45 card deck. Two 45 card decks in one slot, all the tokens, dice, and counters you could want in the other (Still would put them all in a tiny baggie inside the slot though).
  15. Silent Requiem said: I think he simply means that there is no point in providing three copies of each identity card in an expansion. Assuming they recognise this (and the format of the core set suggests that they do), they will only put in one copy of each new identity card, which leaves unused slots in each 60 card expansion. These slots cannot be filled by non-identity cards because they have said that all other cards will come in threes. The most effective way to deal with this would be to put three singleton identity cards together in a single expansion, with 19 other cards appearing three times. However, if each faction is getting a new identity, that is at least seven identities. Assuming they follow the obvious pattern I suggested, it means that there are two unused singleton spaces that cannot be used for non-identity cards. I therefore assume that some factions will be getting more than one additional identity. If you read my original statement it very clearly states that they wouldn't be including 3 copies of a single identity but three identity cards for three different factions. That doesn't mean we're going to get 9 cards. It means 3 cards….total.
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