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  1. To be honest I don't think the Council will change anything for Skaven really (players will rather use it combined with DE or Chaos decks). I completely agree that current and previous cycle were very poor in terms of Skaven cards. The latest Mutant Assasin is a good example of it. I wouldn't bother playing it even if I had to spare 6 resources. It has poor stats compared to its cost (2/4), restricted to Battlefield only (assasin working only in the battlefield?), comes into play corrupted (since it is restricted to battlefield he is delayed from the very start, in Kingdom or Quest it would at least give 2 hammers) and ability that is a joke. Why a joke you ask? Because Damage does not lower the Hit Points. So our great assasin is no better than typical chaos Warhounds and I prefer the latter. I thought maybe new neutral quest will change things and Skaven will come back to the table. No, sorry they will not… Only Clan Moulder's Elite is in the game, they are always welcome in the destruction decks
  2. I have already thought about this idea "you start with the legend of your choosing already in play". It was like few months earlier but I came to conclusion that it is much too powerful to start with the legend. This was my idea to bring unplayable legends into play but since the player is choosing the legend why choose the weaker one? Anyway I am happy that FFG is coming with some new ideas. I don't care if it will be included in the tournament play, any idea that can bring unplayable cards into the game is worth giving it a try! Also I can't wait to see new Destruction legends (imho they should have been mixed up - one Order legend then one Destruction and not 3 Order L in a row but…). I am waiting for the Accursed Dead to arrive and sure will post my deck for The Stuff of Legends
  3. If you remove the LOEC (previously attached to the unit) you get the unit back (restored to full health as well).
  4. Skaven quest is IMHO the worst card in the BP. There is one very similar quest, for ORCS. Guess what, nobody is using it… Also, I have to say it, all recently issued Skaven cards are weak and not playable. It is like nobody in FFG cares nomore about once playable ratman race. Warlock Engineer is like a perfect example, 1/1 for very random ability and cost of 4, seriously? Enough of whining, second BP is not as strong as 1st one but still very, very much worth buying. New Dwarf Legend is awesome, maybe not OP but really cool and I am definately going to try and build a deck around it. Very usefull new HE unit to bring out quest cards into play. Another " no power" units (Spite resistant), this time for Empire (would be pretty strong for other races, average for EMP) and for DE (now it is time to play DE capital center!). Maybe one day we will get some cards (for DE) to do something more about "powerless" units - that would bring a lot of flavour and synergy. Very nasty ORC quest! Snotling Invasion will land in many decks, well for sure people will try and use it, thanks to the new quest idea! I like the new vampire, gonna try it for sure, it is a HE indirect deck killer New Artefact is rather weak, useful for some builds but I doubt it will win a game for you (Dawnstar Sword can). "Pretty" spider for Orcs, expensive but can bring some fine units with him like Skarsnik and squig hopper. Goblin deck anybody?
  5. Great synergy! It is a 0 cost tactic, played as a development any time you can take an action. It is awesome! Wonder what Destruction Only counter card will be, because it will be, right?
  6. Will of electors restricted, wow, and again, wow. Now that is a surprise! I would rather see Verena here, like many others. Maybe it is like Virgo says, it will affect cards that are coming with future BP's. We will see, but to be honest I doubt it... Kaine82 - and what decklists would you like to see? RTF build is known to you. Verena build is also known to everybody. There is no winning deck right now and that is very, very much appreciated. You can take almost any race (HE excluded, maybe later...) and have a competitive game.
  7. When I said about at least three ways of blanking the text box of daemon prince I was thinking about Screamers of Tzeentch - yes Titan, you guessed it. I have to admit I was not 100% sure if it will work, I mean if the feared will kick in just in time to select daemon prince as an attacker. It will be great to hear from FFG what is the true answer here. Thanks
  8. Let me come back to the topic, really. Who cares about the elven scout and dwarven lore seeker. The best way to use Daemon Prince is to clear his text box. There are at least three ways to do it. Despite that, sacrifice on demand is still a good option. Plus there is great synergy with some chaos tactics like seductive delusion and brutal offering. Also does "cannot" is stronger than "can"?
  9. You traitor What about your signature saing: once destro lover, always destro lover
  10. Mallumo - you can open the club, I am in! Seriously, your posts say all I wanted to say - 100% shared.
  11. I agree with you Vitamin T that Hekarti IS stronger than Soul Stealer. Actually I have completely no idea why Soul Stealer ever joined the restricted list. I would understand Hekarti there - it is very powerful. About Empire's card to be restriced (wish) - the most important and imho obvious choice should be derricksburg forge. Next is Rodrick's Raiders. Verena is not that bad, I've changed my mind and think that Empire needs it unrestricted. Dwarf's - the restricted list for dwarfs should remain unchanged, they were overpowered, now they are strong as they should be.
  12. True, Derricksburg Forge and Judgment of Verena need to join the list
  13. bruce_wayne said: Curator said: The next cycle can be the last and i will be happy. is the last cicle??? where did you read that??? i want more WI Hey man, Curator said that it can be the last for him I do not think FFG would stop releasing new BP's - this game is a golden goose One questions Vitamin T: New chaos tactic - Call the Brayherd - does it put all cost 0-3 units into battlefield or just chaos units?
  14. Correct desription of Chaos Changeling: Kingdom - lower the cost to play by 2 - by the way it is great unit. Branded by Khorne might be quite usefull especially against Hemmler and very strong units that are hard to take down. Unleash the Spell is pretty powerful, however it might be very tricky when countered with My Life for the Hold or Aenarion Gifts... Toxic Hydra is great. Yes it is quite expensive but it can destroy rush in a moment. Also its ability does not target units which is very usefull against order (Church of Sigmar etc.). Testing the Spell is good combo card. Gain a development, steal good unit, use it to attack your opponent and then sacrifice it at Slave Pen or using DE tactics DE quest is not that bad, compare it to chaos one and remember that you can make it work 2nd turn. This will be helpful against rush decks and will create nice synergy with Hekarti. Big Boss - very good for reanimator, it is not a hero so two of them can be quite nasty. Firing the Spell - not good for rush and orcs sacrifice a lot of developments however it can be deadly, one unit can easily burn down a zone. Empire units are again very good especially Osterknacht Elite. As I truly hate Empire - no comments Very good dwarf units, Mountain Fighter is great start unit. Underground Warrior is also great one, imagine combo with Reclaim the Fallen Crafting the Rune is also very usefull - not all players have 3 copies of Demolition. Finally good starter unit for HE - Brave Mage. Starwood Staff - good ability that can be also used for our economy and the cost is 0. Perfecting the spell will not be used, maybe in the future... Neutrals are rather average, IMO only Asrai Longbow is worth having in the deck (combo with Temple of Vaul and True Mage/indirect damage).
  15. The ban was not an answer. Or rather it was not a good answer. VTHC needed errata not ban. However, I am happy that FFG did something about this overpowered quest. If you ask me what errata I say forget restricted, unique, limit once per turn or more counters - VTHC should only be able to move units and supports controlled by the owner of the quest. IMO the card would still be useful and would not break the game and tournaments play. Actually whole Empire is overpowered, VTHC was just the last straw that broke the camel's back.
  16. Actually this trend with traits is very good sign! I would love to see more of it. There are a lot of them not yet in use. Traits can create very nice synergies allowing us to create more combo decks with cards that are not currently in use
  17. Agreed on the Beast of Chaos 4CCC 3/1 battlefield only - this is terrible card. It would probably be average card but here we got Longbeards 4DD 3/4 battlefield only (and as many of you mentioned they show up in the same battlepack!). Come on, this is ridicoulous! Who was designing it? Not to mention the core set that is filled with some more crap - Dark Zealot 3C 1/3 "nothing" and Free Company 3E 1/3 Scout! (you do not even have to compare Rodrick's Raiders that come much later).
  18. On 3rd or the 4th turn the Empire will be developing his zones (quest mostly) and will move 1 or 2 units (maybe 3 if very lucky). Good rush will have plenty of units in the battlefield by then. So I say VTHC is not a problem for good rush. The problem is that empire have something better to stop it eg.: Chain Lightning and/or Celestial Wizard. I don't see people using Wight Lord since we have something cheaper and better - Blood Dragon Knight. Sufficent to say that during last tournament chaos rush ended up 1st. Second deck was based on malekith, DE obviously. Third deck was Empire on VTHC (and the player is very good).
  19. Papa Khann said: I don't see what people see in the new HE Mage. Looks weak to me, but then I'm of the opinion that indirect damage is a weak theme that will be schooled repeatedly if any attempt is made to produce a competitive deck with it. Maybe I'm missing something. I would say you are forgeting Lizardmen. Their savage ability makes great synergy.
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