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  1. This question isn't about killing my PC' in a combat by accident but about when a PC does something that results in their deaths. I'm quite reluctant to kill off my PC' because, after all they've taken the time to write them up and my players are the type who like to nurture a character, however in the last couple of sessions my PC' have done questionable things that I feel I was too soft on. They are currently on a frontier world staying in a mining town, long story short, my groups psyker attempted to dominate the towns sheriff into freeing the groups assassin. The assassin had lost at cards and discovered that his opponent had fleeced him, he followed him out of the tavern then killed him in the street, right outside the sheriff’s office. The psyker who was watching the altercation from his room at the tavern attempted to dominate the sheriff. The town however isn't as backwards and the PC' and is secretly a front for another Inquisitor plans (however they must maintain the deception irrespective of the PC'), therefore, the sheriff had a device that not only blocked the psychic but revealed the psyker position. The sheriff then arrested the psyker as an accomplice. In hindsight however, I feel the sheriff should have executed the psyker for the attack on the sheriff, I feel like I should have but didn't partly to appease my the person playing the psyker. What would you have done other GM'? Would you have killed the PC off and told them they should have thought of the consequences or let them get away with it?
  2. My group is chasing a rogue Tech Priest who stole Xeno Tech from his inquisitor master and left his master for dead. My group, acolytes to a different inquisitor are tasked with tracking down this tech priest. The group has worked out that the Priest has had dealing with a business man, the thing is I want the business man to be the leader of a secret Slaaneshi cult. |The problem I'm having is how do I draw subtle attention to the fact he may be a cultist? I though about having vile painting on the wall showing forms of sexual torture and stuff painted in equally vile colours. My group are only just into rank 3 and as far as I know none have the ability to spot a cultist straight out. Another way I thought of drawing attention to the fact he's a cultlist is for him to offer the group some form of hallucinogen that will result in them seeing Daemonettes and basically a bad trip that will make them suspicious. The fact he's a cultist has no real baring on the campaign itself. I want to give them a small side quest to hold them up for a session or two whilst I work out where to go from here as they managed to wonder so far from the path I was trying to guide them down. Im just not sure how to get my group to uncover this minor cult so that they can shut it down.
  3. Hey, I read through your campaign and I like the setting and overall tone. I would have to agree however with the two posters above. It seems the PC' will beable to detract from the story you have set for them and in doing so may end up disrupting the encounters you have planned. Personally I would like to read a little about your storyline of you last campaign and how your PC' received it, responded etc, that way we can best understand where you may encounter problems. It will also help us to help you determine other things to do should your PC' detract from your story.
  4. My group I played in had captured a suspected heretic and took him to a warehouse on the edge of a living hab. He was tied up in a chair and was resisting questioning from our Arbitrator. My Assassin becoming impatient draws his stub auto and applies the silencer in front of the heretic and 'asks' him nicely to answer the arbitrators questions otherwise he would shoot him in the knee cap. The heretic spat in my assassins face so I took a full action aim at his knee cap +20, act close range +30 and a called shot at -10, with my Bs being 60 at this point in the game. After screaming in a heretical tongue my assassin shot at his knee and rolled a 99. I decided to use my fate point and rolled a 98, using my final fate point i rolled a 100. We fell apart at this point as all session my assassin had being scoring perfect hits with several degrees of success. After that my assassin has a paddy and fires his gun at a wall, hitting with 3 degrees of failure, he misses the wall and hits a metal bar, causing the bullet to ricochet off the bar and into the heretics other knee cap. Lets just say
  5. Thanks for the replies. Even though I thought it went well last night I couldn't help feel some important bits were delivered wrong, mainly that their was another KT on the planet. The Interrogator wanted to inform the whole KT but due to there being several people in the room who aren't taking part merely spectating only the Squad Sergeant stayed, this is where part of the problem came from. One thing I was very clear on in the briefing was that the Inquisitor had a very good relationship with the DW despite being Malleus (i.e Ex-xeno Inquisitor), and he and the KT were chasing the artifact down from different ends and decided to basically pool resource. I think the main issue is the fact that the Interrogator chose to use the term 'Bodyguards' for the KT and that particular person has quite a rigid vue of the 40k universe as opposed to my quite open, anything is possible attitude. I suppose i was a little annoyed that he was basically telling me that my campaign was broken because something like this wouldnt happen. I think it will be best if next session i put my foot down and point out he isn't the gm. Sorry for deviating a little bit from my topic, i just needed to rant a little because it was my first gm session and telling me my story was wrong disheartend me a little bit.
  6. So in my session today my PC kill team found out that there has been another DW Kill Team (NPC) on the planet they are on too. One of the members of my group told me mid session pretty much after revealing this little bit of info that another KT couldn't be on the planet and that there being one is heresy and unsanctioned because the Watch Captain overseeing the KT didnt know about this NPC KT either either. So what I'm asking is how much do KT know about each other and each others dealings. My opinion is that many act individually of each other not knowing what each other are doing, therefore it is quite reasonable that they will come across another KT. Another small point is that the NPC KT is working with a Malleus Inquisitor to achieve the same ends, which according to this other player wouldnt happen as they would use either Grey Knights or Battle Sisters. So I would like to hear your opinions on this, would one KT be apprised of another especially the Watch Captain (and by not being apprised is it heresy and unsanctioned) and would the DW work with the Ordo Malleus if they were attempting to achieve the same ends?
  7. Zakalwe said: Actually I've had a much better idea. Check out the Sabotuer alternative rank in the free pdf 'Salvation Demands Sacrifice' which you can find here: http://new.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=50&esem=4 You get access to it at rank 3 and it would make a great commando if you used it with guardsman, and you still get the good physical stats of a gaurdsman (I play an assassin and that 500 xp for +5S hurts). You would only need to elite advance silent move, and you should be able to convince the gm that you should get it for 150. Thank you for the reply. What you've suggested about the Sabotuer rank is a viable option, though I was hoping that my gm will allow me to keep the guardsmen skill advances (BS, S, T, WP) as if I was playing a guardsman normally as well as the guardsman talents, skill and gear. I only really wany to change the rank tree from the IG to Assassin, although I do like what i could become with the alternative rank, could make for a very twisted character in what i expect to be a puritan campaign.
  8. NGL said: Elite advances should solve most of your issues assuming your gm allows you to take the advances you want and you really want to focus on a stealth type recon character that is a guard. Having said that the assassin is a pretty powerful stealth recon type and it will cost you less experience points to get the skills you seem to be favoring. Since ascension isn't an issue i wouldn't worry about what you call yourself. Rogue Trader even says and dark heresy might as well that they are just archetypes (skills and talents that are common to a certain group). A sniper guardsman could just as easily be drawn up as an assassin. Guardsman doesn't mean you were in the guard it just means you have a similar skill set it also works good for mercenaries and any other 'military' type character. Good luck. Thank you for your reply and sorry for writing this on second post but i was for some reason wasn't able to compile them onto one post :/ I've learn't from talking to other people and from the GM himself that he usually charges more than what most players would consider reasonable, this is ok for things that are unlikely a guardsman would do like copyists and stuff very, very unguardsman like but stuff that are viable , i dont want to be spending too much xp sacrificing other skills and talents that may benefit me. As for what I call myself I've never liked the idea every new acolyte is a fresh faced guardsman or arbite or anything that is fresh off the line. I enjoy playing the pesamistic veteran, the high class assassin or someone whose seen a little bit more than the walls of basic, they add more character to a pc and give you something to talk about or use in game to break it up a little bit, sure at the beginning they aren't that good at bartering or intimidating in terms of game mechanics but how often would a said pc have to intimidate someone when he's hiding in a trench or barter with someone for a gun in his local store (i know they aren' the best example) but as far as I'm concerned the fresh faced recruit are boring IMO.
  9. ItsUncertainWho said: It's best to think about the core careers, Psyker and Tech Priest excluded, as archetypes to build characters around and less as fixed careers. Using assassin as a base for a scout/sniper guardsman is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. I would make sure to play up the guard aspect by taking skills that reflect that background, while avoiding the more criminal aspects available to the class. Thanks for the reply. I've always had that opinion that careers aren't strictly tied down to what the book suggests and that they're more guidelines as to what a person with those particular skills are most likely be able to do. I've always liked the idea of playing a Guardsman sniper but the fact I would have to wait til rank 5/6 before I could get anything that really brought colour to my pc put me off. I just wanted to know what the consensus was on using other career trees to bring more colour to a pc and thankfully you've confirmed my belief over character creation, though I'm still looking forwards to other peoples views.
  10. Thank you for the reply. Upon reflection of what I've wrote, I haven't really asked what I mean't. Irrespective of what I've wrote here for my background (the design atm is in constant flux), which career is more suited for a forward recon storm trooper that specialise's in stealth? The problem with the Guardsman tree is that it only really deals with Stealth in the final 3 ranks and if I wanted to play a pc that carried a Heavy stubber around or the feral guardsman who packs a punch then it seems to be the ideal career at least to me, but I just can't help but feel that the assassin tree would better suit a stealth sniping guardsman.
  11. In about 2 weeks I will be taking part in another Dark Heresy Campaign and I decided to run a Progium Guardsman. The basic back story to my character is that upon graduating from the Schola he was forwarded to a Storm Trooper Company in a squad that specialised in forward recon, stealth missions and tactics. Over the 9 years he served with his squad they underwent many missions together until the Inquisitor requested our squad to investigate the disappearance of a town. Long story short the town was lunch for the ‘Nids and in the end only my PC and another squad member survives the encounter. The problem I’ve got however is that for a Guardsman to get the stealthy options I would have to wait till I get to the higher ranks whereas if I use the Assassin career options I could open the stealthy, snipery options that would greater represent my character and his skills in the early game. When looking at the two careers the Assassin route looks more viable. I must point out that everything else will remain the same, the starting gear, talents, skills and characteristic advance chart will stay typically Guardsman. What are your opinions on this, I just don’t feel the Guardsman advances represent the type of character I’m gunning for but I would find it interesting and I would appreciate to read your opinions. Edit: One thing to note is that the GM hates the Ascension book so we won’t be going down that route so there is no need for conflict with the Storm Trooper class, hence why I can represent my Guardsmen as a Storm Trooper.
  12. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately because one of our group is absent the first session I have had to switch the proceedings around. I've decided to have the KT land before the invasion to capture the starport and investigate the ruins of the downed Vendetta the Inquisitor was using first. To give them something else to worry about a recovery team sent by the High Command has also gone missing in a little town near the crash site. When they land they will find 2 DW corpses in the Vendetta and one unconcious marine who's been shot in the head (the PC who isnt here), When the KT enter the town they will find should they look a small outpost with a cage and some other stuff that would suggest the Inquisitor was here before being flown off somewhere. During their time in the town they will be ambushed by Alpha Legion in an attempt to cover their tracks meanwhile receiving a distress call from the High Command asking for help on the beaches. If they manage to defeat the AL they will find clues to the Inquisitors possible whereabouts. What they do from that point will really dictate what happens in the story. From what I can tell they have several avanues to go down: 1) Continue looking for the Inquisitor 2) Help the IG on the beach head 3)Find out who the unconcious marine is, what he's doing here and how the Inquisitor was kidnapped One thing I was going to mention in the mission briefing was that the IG are losing the war and that capturing the Space port is their only attempt at winning the war. The biggest problem I've got is actually deciding what to do if they dont help on the beach head. I was thinking that if they didnt help then the Heretics would launch a counter attack that would completely smash through Imperial Lines and force the KT back to the HQ to extract the Lord General and his staff which ultimately forces the IG underground. There are some cities that will be vital to stopping the Traitor Legions from getting into the vault (even though I havent designed them yet), maybe if the IG fail they will become almost impossible to get through, which is good as finding the Inquisitor is only half the story, once he's found they have to not only find the vault but find a way to open it (hence why the Inquisitor was going south) and move not only the Imperial weaponry off world but also some of the xeno tech in there, so I suppose if the IG are beaten it will become difficult to get the gear off world.
  13. Thank you for a reply Gurkhal. I thought I'd just mention what I've wrote he is a toned down, to the point summary of the start of the campaign. What I've got planned for the players is basically a race against time. The longer they take to find the Inquisitor the more corrupted he may become, once they've rescued the Inquisitor (though I have decided where he finally is). Something I don't think i mentioned is that this Inquisitor is the only known person to know and have the access rites to the vault and each of the traitor legions have different motives. Once the KT rescue the Inquisitor they will have to find the vault (which naturally will be behind enemy line, probably under a heavily defended Iron Warrior citadel) and remove the artifact that contains the daemon and destroying the cache of world ending weapons whilst constantly being asked by the IG to lend a hand breaking a line, defending a position etc As for the beach landing, this affects how much aid the KT can call on the IG for. If they chose not to help the IG like I said before the Traitors will punch through the Imperial lines, the Lord General being slain and the Imperial war effort reduced to a few companies fighting a guarilla war just to survive, A lot of Imperials will be converted (mostly the already demoralised PDF) to the chaos cause, so they might land in a city that was once a haven for Imperials only to find them selves forced into hiding to escape the cults hunting them. I want to encourage mission planning and squad mode so before assaulting a defended position the KT might have to look at records to get a scope of what they are about to Assault less they find themselves in a dead end surrounded by a Iron Warrior kill squad. As I've said though I dont really wany to plan to far ahead because knowing the group they'll do something totally farfetched that will throw what ive got planned out the window
  14. Its taken a few months and several over hauls, complete story changes and ideas but I've finally settled on a story for the campaign I hope (fingers crossed) to begin within the next 4 to 5 sessions after our current mission finishes and I take over as Gm allowing the current one to experience the game. However before I proceed I hope that some of you more experienced GMs could just take a look over the campaign I hope to run as this will be my first attempt at Gm’ing. I thank you for taking a look at my post and thank you for any replies. The Overall premise for the campaign is that an Inquisitor is kidnapped by Traitor Legions for information about a hidden silo of weapons(life eaters and over exterminartus weapons but also an artefact that contains a daemon King) seized by Imperials during the Horus Heresy and subsequently forgotten about. The Inquisitor following a line of candy left by the legion ends up on the planet where the Alpha Legion posing as a DW KT successfully kidnap the Inquisitor whilst the other legions are there in an attempt to crush the Imperials so they can open the vaults unharrassed, however they didn’t anticipate the Inquisitor sending off a distress signal. So, the PC Kill Team is sent to retrieve the Inquisitor, not knowing how, why or who took the Inquisitor only that he was on this world helping the Imperial War effort. When they arrive on the planet they are met by a newly appointed Lord General who is over viewing an Imperial beach landing (ala Operation Overlord) a possible break though in a long drawn out war of attrition. Midway through bringing the KT up to date with the Inquisitors disappearance they are informed there are Traitor Astartes aiding the Heretics (something not known to Imperials at that time) with this new piece of intel the KT is given 2 choices: 1) The LG asks the KT to drop behind the enemy lines and disrupt the defence so the beach landing won’t turn into a blood bath. The will have to destroy artillery pieces, storm bunkers and face off against Traitor Astartes so the Imperials can hopefully push through with more ease. (If they don’t follow this route the Imperials will be slaughtered and the Imperials lines will be left barely defended. A counter attack from the heretics will punch the Imperial lines wide open and cause the KT hell in the long run. 2) If they chose to investigate the Inquisitors disappearance they will, after over viewing the hololithe radar footage they deduce the Inquisitor didn't disappear where the Imperials believe but quite a distance before. Once they land at the newly discovered site they will deduce that the two flanking thunderbolts have been shot down, and the Vendetta had landed as though the pilots had preformed a routine landing, however the two pilots have been slain by bolt weaponry and both the Inquisitor and KT are missing. If the KT do a little searching the find a town with tracks from the crash site leading to it. If they enter the town straight through the centre they are ambushed by the NPC KT who appears to be supported by Alpha Legion. When they survive the ambush they can find a little more about the Inquisitors whereabouts and how he was kidnapped, mainly that the KT accompanying the Inquisitor were actually Alpha Legionnaires. **This option will still be open after they assault the beach head. Once the ambush is over an investigation of the town the KT will discover a possible location of the inquisitors whereabouts where the beach assault will have more long term implications. The way I want to run this campaign is quite open ended with as little scripting as possible. After playing in a couple of DH session where we, the PC’s have been little for than an audience for the Gm where the slightest deviation from what he had planned would cause him to intervene and get us back onto where he wants us to be. I hope by giving the PCs a choice it will force them to role play a bit, give them a moral decision, allow thousands to be slaughter or help alleviate the problem etc. So this is what I’ve got planned in detail up to now. I’m not to keen to rush too far ahead of the KT just in case they deviate from what I have planned for them So things like possible locations for the Inquisitor, traitor dealings and stuff are planned as of now however I do have some notes written down to give me something to work from. Again, thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy post and any comments and advice is greatly appreciated.
  15. I enjoyed the demo quite a bit. I thought it was visually appealing, it got the movement of the orks and Marines right and the combat was a lot of fun. I really like the spec. kills and Im hoping for a few new ones in the actual game. The only gripes i have with it is that there isnt a crouch or a button to push up against a wall etc. it would have been nice to have one to ambush the orks with and that you didnt appear to have any control over your squad. I would have like to instruct them to supply suppressive fire whilst i snuck around the Orks but all in all a good demo and im looking forwards to the games release
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