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  1. So I already know the deal with the standard dice, and the fact that you can't find them anywhere which leads me to my other question.... Where can I purchase a stealth die from? I know the store on this site, does not even list them anywhere, and I have attempted to Google all the dice in the past, and have been unable to locate them. Are we really stuck with one stealth die, or do you folks have any suggestions on where I can purchase this? Any new places that may carry the standard Descent dice would be awesome too, however I am not holding my breath. I am always really nervous about losing my die, and even having an extra set would speed up the game play considerably. Thanks for your attention.
  2. Simple question: Are you allowed to play multiple trap cards on chests or doors? Scenario: Heroes open a chest, and overlord plays a trap card. Hero plays feat card which cancels trap card (feat card played was like if overlord plays trap card on a friendly hero within 3 spaces away the trap card goes away, and the overlord still pays the threat cost). At this point the overlord is a little upset, and asks if he is allowed to play another trap card on that same chest, after the first one has gone away. Past Rulings: In the past when we have encountered this for a door trap we interpreted the rules as such: If the hero opens a door the overlord plays a trap card, the effects of the card takes place. The only way the overlord would be able to play another trap on that same door would be if he were to close the door, and the heroes would attempt to open the door again. *Please keep in mind, this was our first time playing with feat cards, and this was on the very first map of Tomb Of Ice. Our ruling: We used the same ruling from the door, and stated that when the chest was triggered he attempted to play the card and it went away (due to the feat card). We did not allow him to play another trap on the chest, because the trap could only be played when the chest is triggered, which can only be triggered once. I wanted to throw this out there to the group, and see if this was the correct ruling. If it was the correct ruling, is that the correct reasoning behind it, or is there another reason? If this is incorrect, i would really love to hear the ruling on that as well. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello - I have a couple of things I wanted to ask here. First, here is a quick background on where I am coming from. My friends and I have played through the base Descent Journeys in the Dark quest. We finished Well of Darkness, Altar of Despair, and are just about to begin playing Tomb Of Ice, and begin introducing Feat cards. I wanted to start off by saying that we thoroughly enjoyed playing Journeys in the dark, however after playing WOD and AOD that has left a very bad taste in our mouths. We feel that those two expansions are completely broken, and completely tilted towards the Overlord. Out of all of the games in both of those expansions I believe the heroes only won 2 - 3 total quests (one of these quests was only won because we played going into negative conquest and won at the final boss battle). The remainder of these quests were complete lopsided wins for the Overlord (the heroes were destroyed, many times not even getting to see the final boss room). We have one player in our party who enjoys playing as the Overlord, and will most likely be our Overlord for when we begin playing RtL. We take turns playing overlord, so it isn't that the Overlord is just that good. I am probably the weakest Overlord in my party, and I still was able to completely destroy the heroes. We are really hoping that introducing feat cards will balance the game out, otherwise I fear we will lose interest in the game. With that said I will move along, bringing me to my following questions (pertaining to RtL campaign). 1. Since we are just starting TOI we have not read through all of RtL instructions, but I wanted to ask a few questions regarding some concerns we are having. I know there are many heroes to pick from, but what are some of the communities favorite heroes for RtL? We are thinking about the heroes picking their own heroes and skill cards for our first crack at this. We have never played this way before, but our thoughts are if we are going to play a campaign that may last several months, we would like to pick our heroes and not get stuck with crap cards and crap heroes. So your thoughts on your favorites and why? Any tips you can offer would be fantastic! 2. A concern that we have with RtL is Acrobat. Has this skill card been nerfed at all from the base game? Our Overlord is completely against playing with this card, almost to the point where he does not want to be overlord if we play with this card. Has anybody run into any issues with this card, or does it completely unbalance the campaign? Any thoughts or opinions or work arounds on this? I know from the little reading I have done that they have removed Poltergeist and Telekenisis from the campaign. 3. Another huge concern that my friends are having is playing with the hero Tobin Farslayer. We are all under the impression that he is broken. He is literally able to hit for 15-17 damage with copper weapons due to his ability. I personally like him (who wouldn't if you're a hero) but trying to keep the game as balanced as possible I can understand the distaste for him. I know in RtL from what I have read that the Line of sight rule is no longer 8 spaces, rather 5 spaces. If this is in fact correct, I know this would limit the amount of damage he would due, however is it enough to balance him out? What have you folks done to balance him out. Their biggest argument is that he is a promo hero and not part of any of the expansions, so we don't "have" to play with him. Please correct me if I am at all wrong about any of the above information. I'm sure I will continue to ask many questions as we progress, however I wanted to start with these. Any tips in general on RtL or TOI would be very much appreciated as well! Thank you for your time, and your help.
  4. Hello - Does anybody have any links to any sites that provide strategies on quests? For example I am up next in my group to be OL on the WOD expansion and was looking for some tips/suggestions/strategies from both the overlord side and perhaps even the hero side. I want to make this as challenging as possible for the heroes and don't want this to be a cake walk for them. The only thing I was able to find was somebody posting on difficulty ratings of each quest, with a brief description of the quest. If this does not exist, this would be an awesome idea for somebody to come up with if they have some free time. I am probably the weakest Overlord in our group and am looking for ways to improve, and don't want to get ideas from my friends, as to not spoil the quests that are ahead of us. Thanks for any help, or feedback!
  5. Hello - So here is a question my friends and I have really been wanting to get an answer for. First let me give you a quick introduction. I own all expansions for Descent, and we have played through Journeys (the core game) and have moved on to WOD. Now, what we have done since Journeys, is incorporate all of the heros/monsters/treachery cards etc. into the deck as we have heard that it balances the game out rather nicely. We believe so far that it has truly balanced the game, and have no indications that it has not. Now that we have moved onto WOD and are about to begin the 4th quest we find ourselves asking if we should include the heros/monsters/treachery cards from Ice and SoB. We have been wanting to do this since the core game but have been very hesitant because we didn't know what that would do for balancing the game. So I would like to ask my fellow experienced gamers what you have done. Do you recommend just adding the expansions in as you complete the prior one, or do you see any issues with just throwing them in now. We do understand that there will be some things that may cause issues especially with some hero abilities such as feat cards etc.. That is why I wanted to find out what you have done to balance this, and what you would suggest for us to do here. Perhaps we are getting a bit too anxious and want to play with the "new stuff" or perhaps we are just looking to determine if we can further balance the game. I would think that the creators made the expansions to be added in as they were created, but due to all of the "balancing" issues many folks express, we were wondering if it would just be beneficial to just add them all now. If you could provide me with as much detail as possilbe that would be much appreciated, such as: Would you add all of the expanions, Would you add just one additional expansion or would you not include any expansions at all? I believe these are all of the questions we had about this, I will mention this to my friends, and if I missed something i will udpate this thread. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you all!
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