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  1. I was just wondering how many other people play this game from the point of view of the character, after reading the blurb on the back of the character card, and spend the time to get into the shoes of the character? It's something I do a lot, and not just with Arkham Horror, and I always fine myself enjoying the game more. i know I come from more of an RPG back ground, I was just wondering if it was just me…
  2. Then I'm sorry I'm late to the party. As mentioned I picked up the books because there was one specific story I wanted to tell. The argument that there are changes in the system between the settings isn't a very strong one, FFG designed these games, they could have easily designed the core rule, which do all run off the same basic system, to be totally modular, with little to no extra effort.
  3. As mentioned elsewhere, I'm already going to be getting the core rule book as soon as it comes out, and I have the money, but when I first thought about running an Imperial Guard game, this product hadn't even been mentioned. So, I bought dark Heresy, and the GM screen as they did at least have a guardsman career path. Now I'm going to end up buying the book, and another GM screen. I don't really mind that much, but have you ever considered releasing a general 40k template rulebook and GM screen, and then releasing the different games you have as source material? It would mean people like myself without a great deal of disposable income could still pick up a greater quantity of teh products we want and love from you…
  4. Bit vague as always to start with, but they seem pretty good about keeping everyone informed when it gets closer to the time. Looking forward to some clips of play, mainly to check out the board and card artwork, but this should be a bit special.
  5. Sad to say, even with money off in the future, twenty bucks is a tad too much right now. Hopefully I'll be in a better situation come the release, but until then I have Eleventh Hour. I took a swing at play testing that, but it's obviously a light version of the rules so i also used the Dark heresy rulebook. It wasn't a bad experience over all, but I'm still checking out the beta posts as they come through looking for fixes to some issues we raised.
  6. As mentioned above, I have a little write up of my own play test. If there's anyone out there who has done the real play test, please feel free to throw your lot in either here or in the comments bit of my blog. In fact, the blog would be better as the audience will be a bit bigger and the conversation will be more indepth.
  7. @Seteen then you're a very lucky person. I only work 12 hours a week and can barely pay rent. Movies, without or without popcorn are also a big no no. If i did get it, it would be as an investment for when the full book comes out later on, but I might just have to wait and ask my lovely girlfriend if I can have it for Christmas. I have now have my little playtest session written up though, and it should be on my blog Monday morning, GMT.
  8. Sadly, I don't have that kind of money at the moment. I did grab the free RPG day adventure, and along with the extra characters, ran it for a bunch of friends to give them a chance to try it out and decide if I wanted to buy it when I had the money. The answer is a definite yes, and I'm in the middle of writing up a bit of a review for it over at my blog. When it goes live I'll chuck a link up, and hope that anybody who has access to the full Beta pack can weigh in and see if any of the concerns have been addressed in it.
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