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  1. What company? I NEED to know! I neeeed to know !!!!! Awful support by FFG !
  2. Since i started playing the expansion RTL, i have been encountering some problems. Now i want to ask : This item from copper treasure "Gauntlets of Power" -> All of your attacks gain the ability: (surge)(surge): recover 1 fatigue. When i make an attack (i have the axe equip on me -> (surges):1 damage), and i have 4 surges to spend : a) i make 4 damage and recover 2 fatigue from "gauntlets of power"?. OR b) i make 2 damage and recover 1 fatigue.? My question is, that the gauntlets of power ability applies in the same time with other weapon or does it applies separately?
  3. I have a question. In RTL when the party enter a dungeon level, the overlord place the minions anywhere except in the red-shaded portions indicatet in the quest guide map. My problem is with this words... "as when revealing a new area, the overlord may ignore hero line of sight, and abilities that interfere whit spawning." 1) when i enter the dungeon the overlord can play spawn cards near the heroes ? I mean, during the turns ,the overlord can spawn some beastmen near my wizard (ignoring line of sight.)? The overlord said that he can spawn monsters anywhere he wants on the map (paying 15 threat for fliping the marker and ignoring the heroes line of sight).
  4. Hello Descent community I started playing Descent, I only have the expansion Well of Darkness. The quests from WoD are almost impossible to complete, the overlord is becoming stronger and stronger ( I quess I will have to buy the "Tomb of Ice" to balance the game). I still have a question; when the overlord activate the trap card "Rolling Stone", the boulder that appeard (boulders in general, not for this card) CAN destroy the glyphs !??? And another question ; for example Ferrox attack a hero (the hero have 1 armor + 2 armor from Chain Mail and 1 armor from Iron Shield = 4 armor). The Ferrox do 4 damage. The overlord said that, Ferrox attack is blocked by 1+2 armor (armor and chain mail) and the damage left goes to heroes life and a bleed token is put on hero sheet , after all this the damage that goes to heroes life is canceld by Iron Shiled (similar when i have Ghost armor and cancel 1 wound with 1 fatigue), but the bleed token remains. (so my hero take 1 bleed token and no damage)!!! My opinion is, that all damage deal by Ferrox is canceld (1 armor + 2 armor from Chain Mail +1 armor from IRON SHIELD) and no bleed token will be put on my hero sheet because there is no wounds!! Who is right??
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