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  1. Yes that was the plan once I get my head around this beast. Definitely run premade adventures (either FFG or fan written). Don't want to get off subject too much but does anyone exclusively use the dice app for Android/iOS? I hear that can make things easier and make the game flow better (and I'm looking to make things as easy for my players as possible; the new dice are daunting enough!)
  2. Def tired of dragons and elves to be honest. I enjoy the Star Wars universe much more and think that would be a better fit for my group (who also currently are running their own D&D session without me).
  3. Awesome! I'll have to sign up. Is the only requirement that I need to supply my own dice?
  4. I'm not familiar with the play by post? I assume that means a campaign or scenario is played by forum post only? Is that correct? If so, that sounds like a great way to learn the game from other experienced players.
  5. While playing my share of complicated board games, I'd consider myself a n00bie in regards to playing tabletop roleplaying games. I've played a couple short D&D sessions as well as ran the EotE beginner scenario for my group (first time DMing ever). Seemed like a lot of fun, I just feel like I'd be overwhelmed running a real campaign with the full rules and the new dice. My understanding is that D&D 5e is very n00b friendly so I was considering playing that and switching to EotE later. On the other hand, I've also been told it may be hard for some to "unlearn" D&D to understand EotE's mechanics. If that's true, maybe I'm at an advantage at being a n00b? Anyway, just looking for some recommendations on how I should proceed and if it is the Star Wars RPG, should I go with EotE or one of the other two books?
  6. Reporting excellent trade with Neemo305!
  7. Didn't come up in search so I did my due diligence
  8. Are you still salty from Brexit? Anyway, I did do a search on the forum (http://imgur.com/a/lMhdQ) and did not come back with any results specific to this card's ruling. Thanks for making the Destiny community great again!
  9. Jetpack special states: [Special] - Remove a die showing melee damage and give attached character 1 shield. My question is two fold: if I roll the Jetpack special and there are no melee die on the table, can I still gain the shield? And if the only melee die in the pool is my own, am I forced to remove it to gain the shield?
  10. Deleting duplicate post. Please see my trade/want list on page 1.
  11. Any interest in AT-ST or Commanding Presence? I also have Nightsister and Count Dooku for trade. Would be willing g to combine some of these for he one Force Choke. Let me know!
  12. Updated trades/wants list. TRADES: (Legendaries) AT-ST (Rares) BB8 x3 FD-11D Rifle x2 First Order Tie Fighter x3 Gaffe Stick Holdout Blaster Immobilize x3 Infantry Grenades x2 Jedi Robes x3 Nightsister Rey's Staff x2 WANTS: Black Market x2 Crime Lord (high priority) Force Choke x2 (high priority) Speeder Bike Scout Thermal Detonator (high priority) SUCCESSFUL TRADES: Neemo305
  13. Is this the one? http://www.academy.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_10051_12189_-1?cm_mmc=pla-_-Fishing+Tackle+Storage+Tackle+Binders+Utility+Boxes-_-Google-_-Plano+Stowaway+2-Tier+Large+Tackle+Box&sku=007867161&gclid=Cj0KEQiA4o3DBRCJsZqh8vWqt_8BEiQA2Fw0eRxM-d2QDCgqYjtLjHHTR20ZW1aqvvxI2nyQPgEmPCUaAhJI8P8HAQ&kwid=productads-adid%5E105318821958-device%5Ec-plaid%5E250388802318-sku%5E007867161-adType%5EPLA Also wanted to confirm if you have the medium or large, as they seem to have two different versions.
  14. I don't see the the Plano 4700 on Amazon. Are there any other good places to buy it?
  15. Having only played a handful of games, I'm still trying to gauge how many of my wins/losses were due to luck and how many were due to skill. From what I can tell in my limited play, luck seems to be a big factor, even with the different mitigation effects available through cards and abilities. But I don't want to assume since I'm still a n00b to this game. For those of you who have played more than the five games I've played, how do you feel about this? I'm honestly considering just keeping this a casual game between friends and only play in tournaments for Netrunner.
  16. Selling an almost complete collection of the game. All cards are in excellent condition. This is close to $250 (retail) in cards. Includes: Three copies of the core set which will provide a complete set of all the cards. Four Chapter Packs: Taking the Black The Road to Winterfell The King's Peace No Middle Ground Deluxe Expansion: Wolves of the North Playmat: Knights of the Realm Sleeves: 1 set of Targaryen and 1 set of Greyjoy Alternate Art cards: Tyrion x3 and Tumblestone Knight x1 Looking to get $150 + shipping. Please reply or PM me if interested.
  17. If a runner makes a card ability run on a server with crisium grid, can the corp play successful demonstration? Trying to wrap my head around the wording of both cards and how they interact.
  18. Signed. Very disappointed how this was handled by FFG. While I understand it is within their rights to do so, the lack of communication is clear. We don't care about our customers or the community. We just want to make money. I think I'll be taking my money elsewhere.
  19. Been hoping these would come out for weeks now. Anyone know if FFG is planning to make custom netrunner card sleeves? Right now I'm running clear dragon sleeves (meaning I can't play alternate art cards) and have been holding my breath to see if FFG releases anything.
  20. Thanks I've found a few cool websites but they mostly all tournament specific.
  21. Need suggestions on either an app (iOS) or a website where players can track wins/loses?
  22. I have read through all the beginner material and a few questions came up. 1) How do critical hits work exactly? Do you have to roll the exact number of symbols to get a crit or is that the minimum? 2) Is the triumph symbol cancelled by the failure symbol? 3) Not sure I understand how destiny tokens work? Anyone care to elaborate on the explanation in the beginner ruleset? I'm DMing the game for the first time this Friday and very excited to play? On a side note, I tried learning Pathfinder and found it overly difficult (I've never played D&D before). How does the full ruleset of Pathfinder compare to SW:EoE full ruleset?
  23. I guess the login issue hasn't been resolved or addressed? I am unable to login as well.
  24. We're playing our second game tonight; Into the Dark. Last week we played The Rescue (fan-made quest) to get acquainted with the game. I think we're ready for the real thing now. Need some clarifications on a few rules. 1) Can monsters attack a hero through another monster that is standing in the way? Also same question in reverse (friendly fire?). 2) Regarding large monster movement (specifically the hell hound and the dragon), in the example in the book, they can either move to adjacent squares as long as it's rear half moves to where it's front half used to stand. The other way it can move is sidestepping. Can the monster move up in a straight line? I assume it can since, once moved forward, it's rear half would occupy where the front half used to be. 3) Is the Ghost Armor supposed to be in the town shop deck or is it considered a relic? I ask because it appears to be the only unique item in the deck. 4) The numbers on the back of the chest markers just mean tell you which item(s) to give out based on the quest, correct? 5) Does each hero start with one vitality and one healing potion no matter the quest? 6) The pierce ability is still a bit confusing to me? Can someone clarify how it works exactly?
  25. As title states, would it be too imbalanced to play the first quest with only three characters?
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