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  1. 20 minutes ago, General_Grievous said:

    I would say no unless you plan to play 4 player, there are better first purchases. If you really want the extra key cards and live in the states so you can save on the insane FFG shipping just buy the collectors edition as it comes with some more cards and still x2 of the key cards so you only need the one set.

    Is that the $100 version?  Love the full bleed but I don't think I'd be saving much money lol

  2. This is the third time I'm giving this game a try since 2013.  The first time I bought the game I had one core and was getting stomped on every scenario.  The second time I bought two cores and same results.  I sold all my cards at that point.

    Fast forward to a month ago - I had the itch and bought one core set after finding an excellent solo one core, one-handed deck by Jeff Hannes.  I was finally able to see how the game is to be played out with a somewhat optimized deck.  This revitalized my interest in the game.  I went back to trying to build my own decks and now I'm banging my head on the wall again.  

    The issue I think I'm running into is that there are only a few viable hero combinations that work out of the core.  Eowyn seems to be an auto-include if you want to have any success with questing. I've tried not to spoil too much but I hope that she at least has an equal in questing in future packs.  Was trying to fit Gimli in since he seems to be THE combat god, but his high threat makes it difficult to include and also at that point you're down to deciding between Lore and Leadership for your third hero which both seem equally important.

    From what I read the first cycle is difficult but the game really opens up with Khaza-Dum.  Is that my next optimal purchase after one core?  Will I be able to build better decks with that cycle?  The heroes feel very limited right now and therefore so do my options. I'm sure a lot of that is my experience even though I'm a heavy card player (Netrunner, Arkham Horror LCG, etc).

  3. 9 hours ago, Abyss said:

    As someone who to quit a while back, and decided to visit the board on a whim, I can confirm that my issues were:

    Cost.  The game is stupidly expensive *for what it is*. It plays like a fun, casual game. It does not collect like a fun, casual game. Ultimately, this is mainly an issue with the dice; as much as they are cool and get people into the game, they make the cost prohibitive. Releasing the game as an LCG model isn't going to fix this. 

    Very linear game design. Ultimately, way too many cards basically do the same thing. There are so, so many cards that are just variations on 'reroll/remove a dice' or the like, with more every set. Occasionally, you'd get some that actually managed to do something in an innovative way, but it was rare. And most sets only have a handful of non dice cards that did something really cool. 

    Following on from this, the various die faces kind of restrict design as well. Most dice cards basically do the same thing; cards will generally have roughly the same number/values for their cost, which leads to very obvious picks (whatever has got the best values for the lowest cost). It was very rare for dice cards to have actually interesting spreads of values; or they'd be overcosted/unreliable and people would just play cheaper beaters anyway. It was rare for characters with 'cool' abilities to be good unless they were broken or abusive. 

    Lack of themes/keywords/fun deck concepts. Seriously, the simple fact that it took them like numerous sets to add subtypes is just ridiculous, considering they ****ing love subtypes in other games. But the lack of fun, alternate strategies just compounds the above. There's been times when I've considered attending casual events and started thinking about deck building, before realising that whatever decks I'd build would probably just be damage dealers and maybe a support character, with the deck being x number of weapons/x number of dice removal and then a few cards left over for an actual theme.  I knew I'd play basically the same game each time; throw upgrades on characters, then re roll dice until I get a payout my opponent can't stop. Which wouldn't be that big an issue if it wasn't for point #1 above.

    And hey, I'd be lying if some of the cards don't look interesting, and I've thought about just buying singles to build decks. Hah, no. Interesting pretty much seemed to equal Legendary, and therefore outside of what I'm looking at for a casual buy in.

    I don't know if some of this has changed - but at this stage it's just too late. There's too many reasons for me *not* to be interested. (It doesn't help that the Transformers CCG now exists, which despite having some flaws is basically everything Destiny needs to be). 

    How expensive is Transformers vs Destiny?  I considered it until I realized it was another CCG...

  4. Loved this game but also bowed out after the 3rd set primarily due to cost.  I played many LCGs (Netrunner being my favorite!) and I would be instantly back in if they changed to that model, just not sure how they would make that work. 

    Netrunner was the only card game I played competitively and one of the primary reasons is I felt everyone was on equal ground.  Sure you still had to spend $15 a month per pack but you had access to the whole card pool and could make numerous decks.  Destiny I spend $90 for one box (that's 4 months of LCG packs) and I can't even make one competitive deck.   I understand that's part of the distribution model but like it adds up quick.  Especially when you need two copies of any of the characters or upgrades to make most decks feel complete. 

    Only times I play now is draft or casually with other like minded friends who use all the cards released.  Fun game but not one I can afford to keep up with unfortunately.

  5. Does anyone know what happened to this?  I recommended it to a friend since it's so handy but appears to be no longer available in the North American App Store.  I use SWDestinyDB.com but its also nice to have an offline iOS app to browse...

  6. My friends and I all chipped in to buy a booster box.  We plan to draft with four players.   FFG recommends 6 players with 6 boosters each.  Since everyone chipped in, we want to deplete the whole box.  Would 9 boosters per player work?  If so, should we do something like 1st round 5 packs, 2nd round 4 packs or do 3 rounds of 3 packs each?

    Side question:  How is everyone distributing legendaries?  Keep what you draft or do they go back to the pool at the end of the draft and winners get first choice?

  7. 1 hour ago, Bradders77 said:

    I got into ANR when the revised core came out, bought creation and control, terminal directive then went forward with kitara cycle. Loved the game. After watching the Boggs interviews on team covenant and hearing how Boggs wanted to move the game forward I feel cheated. They knew the contract was up, so have they just chucked out a revised core, a cycle to get a few more bucks out fans of the game before they lose it. I love the game, but it's dead now. I don't play anything else so giving it all up. If I was to play another game where do you start? Buying stuff from previous cycles or waves, just for it all to end like netrunner at the drop of a hat.

    I'd want to start a new LCG from scratch, but nothing in the pipeline that we no of so my hobby allowence money will go elsewhere.


    I feel you.  I've been with ANR from the start and while it had its ups and downs, nothing else came close in a card game.  I also feel like the rug has been pulled out but no surprise based on FFG's track record of horrible communication to their player base.  

    I've owned both AGOT and L5R and IMHO they are mediocre games at best when placed against ANR.  At least FFG owns the license to L5R but then the release cycle ruined the game in our area.  

    I guess there's still a very slim chance that WOTC may pick it up since Lukas Litzinger is there now but I highly doubt it when they have the MTG cash cow.  

    I'll still play FFG board games but no more CCGs/LCGs for me.

  8. I must be overthinking this card because I have been playing ANR since inception (my GOAT) and this card still makes me scratch my head. 

    It reads:

    "Whenever you make a successful run on R&D, you may reveal the top card of R&D. If you do, you may force the Corp to draw that card."

    So how does this work exactly? 

    If the runner forces corp to reveal the card and its an agenda, can they a) steal it or is their only option to b)force corp to drawn or put back on R&D? If b) and they force the corp to draw a card, does the runner get to access the card following the forced draw?

  9. Some engagement questions came up

    1) An enemy's "Prey" keyword would only affect investigators at the same location correct?  Meaning if we evade and leave the location, the enemy would not follow us (unless it also had the "Hunter" keyword).

    2) If investigator A and B are at the same location and investigator A evades an enemy there, can investigator B still attack it?  If so, I assume another engage action would be required first?

  10. 4 minutes ago, mwmcintyre said:

    The only cards that would be limited are the ones that have the small asterisk by the name of the card, indicating it is a unique card and so only one may be in play at a time across the entire game board.

    So unique cards are unique to the whole board state, not just to each investigator?  For example, two separate investigators could not run their own copy of Leo De Luca ?

  11. Buddy and I came across a couple situations that we didn't see answers for (or missed) in the rulebook.

    If you successfully evade an enemy with no special keywords (prey, hunter, etc) and leave the location, doesthe enemy stay there permanently unless you happen to re-enter the location?  And the enemy could also re-engage you if you stay in the location after it ready's correct?

    Bonus question : Can one investigator have two of the same talent out in play?  For example, can Skids have two Burglary talents out?  Seems kind of awkward from a thematic standpoint, but since it's not a unique card, I don't see why not? 

  12. Wasn't so much a cost issue as I was wondering how many duplicates would be wasted if him and I each bought all the Mythos packs and were only playing two player games.  For example, after finishing the mini core campaign, we were going to do Curse of the Rougarou and Carnevale of Horrors.  Is there enough cards in each pack to justify buying one for each player?  I guess the game goes for the Dunwich Mythos packs.

    Is there a rough % that says 50% cards are upgrade/characters cards and the other encounter cards?

  13. I demoed the game to my friend and he loved it.  Currently, I only have one core set, but was wondering, if him and I were the only two players and we each played a different investigator, would it be possible for us to split each Mythos Pack and get the upgrade cards we need for our specific investigators?  Would this limit our deck building at all?  I assume the main issue would be splitting neutral cards.  And deluxe expansions (Dunwich) would be harder to split since they have all the new characters.  Has anyone done this?

  14. 5 minutes ago, kaosoe said:

    Welcome to this hobby. Be careful, it can get addicting.

    You were wise to start out with a beginner box. If you writing your own adventure seems too daunting, try some of the pre-written adventures. There's plenty of fan-made ones floating around the internet and even some free ones from FFG. There are also some bigger ones that FFG produces, so once you know what game line you are going to stick to, that will help inform where you want to go next.


    Yes that was the plan once I get my head around this beast.  Definitely run premade adventures (either FFG or fan written).  

    Don't want to get off subject too much but does anyone exclusively use the dice app for Android/iOS?  I  hear that can make things easier and make the game flow better (and I'm looking to make things as easy for my players as possible; the new dice are daunting enough!)

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