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  1. Do we have an exact date of when the Awakenings cycle will be rotated out? I believe it’s 1st Quarter 2019 but was wondering of a more specific timeframe.
  2. Does anyone know what happened to this? I recommended it to a friend since it's so handy but appears to be no longer available in the North American App Store. I use SWDestinyDB.com but its also nice to have an offline iOS app to browse...
  3. My friends and I all chipped in to buy a booster box. We plan to draft with four players. FFG recommends 6 players with 6 boosters each. Since everyone chipped in, we want to deplete the whole box. Would 9 boosters per player work? If so, should we do something like 1st round 5 packs, 2nd round 4 packs or do 3 rounds of 3 packs each? Side question: How is everyone distributing legendaries? Keep what you draft or do they go back to the pool at the end of the draft and winners get first choice?
  4. Opened up my second box of Legacies and have the following legendary characters: Maul x2 Tarkin x1 Aphra x1 Is Maul any good or would it be better to trade up for a second Tarkin or Aphra?
  5. I feel you. I've been with ANR from the start and while it had its ups and downs, nothing else came close in a card game. I also feel like the rug has been pulled out but no surprise based on FFG's track record of horrible communication to their player base. I've owned both AGOT and L5R and IMHO they are mediocre games at best when placed against ANR. At least FFG owns the license to L5R but then the release cycle ruined the game in our area. I guess there's still a very slim chance that WOTC may pick it up since Lukas Litzinger is there now but I highly doubt it when they have the MTG cash cow. I'll still play FFG board games but no more CCGs/LCGs for me.
  6. I must be overthinking this card because I have been playing ANR since inception (my GOAT) and this card still makes me scratch my head. It reads: "Whenever you make a successful run on R&D, you may reveal the top card of R&D. If you do, you may force the Corp to draw that card." So how does this work exactly? If the runner forces corp to reveal the card and its an agenda, can they a) steal it or is their only option to b)force corp to drawn or put back on R&D? If b) and they force the corp to draw a card, does the runner get to access the card following the forced draw?
  7. New player here and apologize if this has already been asked/answered but, does his reaction fire if he is not participating in a conflict or even if he's bowed out? And to confirm, each reaction on a card can only fire once a round, unless otherwise stated?
  8. Some engagement questions came up 1) An enemy's "Prey" keyword would only affect investigators at the same location correct? Meaning if we evade and leave the location, the enemy would not follow us (unless it also had the "Hunter" keyword). 2) If investigator A and B are at the same location and investigator A evades an enemy there, can investigator B still attack it? If so, I assume another engage action would be required first?
  9. So unique cards are unique to the whole board state, not just to each investigator? For example, two separate investigators could not run their own copy of Leo De Luca ?
  10. Buddy and I came across a couple situations that we didn't see answers for (or missed) in the rulebook. If you successfully evade an enemy with no special keywords (prey, hunter, etc) and leave the location, doesthe enemy stay there permanently unless you happen to re-enter the location? And the enemy could also re-engage you if you stay in the location after it ready's correct? Bonus question : Can one investigator have two of the same talent out in play? For example, can Skids have two Burglary talents out? Seems kind of awkward from a thematic standpoint, but since it's not a unique card, I don't see why not?
  11. Wasn't so much a cost issue as I was wondering how many duplicates would be wasted if him and I each bought all the Mythos packs and were only playing two player games. For example, after finishing the mini core campaign, we were going to do Curse of the Rougarou and Carnevale of Horrors. Is there enough cards in each pack to justify buying one for each player? I guess the game goes for the Dunwich Mythos packs. Is there a rough % that says 50% cards are upgrade/characters cards and the other encounter cards?
  12. I demoed the game to my friend and he loved it. Currently, I only have one core set, but was wondering, if him and I were the only two players and we each played a different investigator, would it be possible for us to split each Mythos Pack and get the upgrade cards we need for our specific investigators? Would this limit our deck building at all? I assume the main issue would be splitting neutral cards. And deluxe expansions (Dunwich) would be harder to split since they have all the new characters. Has anyone done this?
  13. Double post. Mods please delete this one.
  14. I started on Pathfinder and thought it was way too complicated! This seems just as complex to me but that could be just because of the dice and/or because I'm pretty new.
  15. Yes that was the plan once I get my head around this beast. Definitely run premade adventures (either FFG or fan written). Don't want to get off subject too much but does anyone exclusively use the dice app for Android/iOS? I hear that can make things easier and make the game flow better (and I'm looking to make things as easy for my players as possible; the new dice are daunting enough!)
  16. Def tired of dragons and elves to be honest. I enjoy the Star Wars universe much more and think that would be a better fit for my group (who also currently are running their own D&D session without me).
  17. Awesome! I'll have to sign up. Is the only requirement that I need to supply my own dice?
  18. I'm not familiar with the play by post? I assume that means a campaign or scenario is played by forum post only? Is that correct? If so, that sounds like a great way to learn the game from other experienced players.
  19. While playing my share of complicated board games, I'd consider myself a n00bie in regards to playing tabletop roleplaying games. I've played a couple short D&D sessions as well as ran the EotE beginner scenario for my group (first time DMing ever). Seemed like a lot of fun, I just feel like I'd be overwhelmed running a real campaign with the full rules and the new dice. My understanding is that D&D 5e is very n00b friendly so I was considering playing that and switching to EotE later. On the other hand, I've also been told it may be hard for some to "unlearn" D&D to understand EotE's mechanics. If that's true, maybe I'm at an advantage at being a n00b? Anyway, just looking for some recommendations on how I should proceed and if it is the Star Wars RPG, should I go with EotE or one of the other two books?
  20. Reporting excellent trade with Neemo305!
  21. Didn't come up in search so I did my due diligence
  22. Are you still salty from Brexit? Anyway, I did do a search on the forum (http://imgur.com/a/lMhdQ) and did not come back with any results specific to this card's ruling. Thanks for making the Destiny community great again!
  23. Jetpack special states: [Special] - Remove a die showing melee damage and give attached character 1 shield. My question is two fold: if I roll the Jetpack special and there are no melee die on the table, can I still gain the shield? And if the only melee die in the pool is my own, am I forced to remove it to gain the shield?
  24. Deleting duplicate post. Please see my trade/want list on page 1.
  25. Any interest in AT-ST or Commanding Presence? I also have Nightsister and Count Dooku for trade. Would be willing g to combine some of these for he one Force Choke. Let me know!
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