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  1. I have a Marvel subscription from Team Covenant and just got an email that FFG did not allocate enough product to its retailers, therefore my order would be delay 4-6 weeks. FFG is becoming experts on killing their own products.
  2. Spoilers Ahead! New LOTR player here and wow is this tough! I thought I was kicking butt and was thinking wow how is this rated 7 difficulty. Then the four trolls with 10 health appear and absolutely stomp me! Their crazy abilities are nothing to sneeze at either. And I thought AH LCG had some rough scenarios!
  3. Cool just got the update a few hours ago. Can't wait to play!
  4. Team Covenant order here too. Never done a release day game from those guys. Do they typically get it to the door by release date?
  5. I guess I should mention that I only been playing one handed and maybe that is why I'm getting spanked...
  6. Is it possible to complete most, if not all the scenarios, with one static deck and maybe a sideboard? The way I approach Arkham Horror LCG deckbuilding is to create one deck only from that cycle's campaign. Is that viable in this game (or even including the entire card pool)? Also wondering how you guys test decks? From what I read, LOTR LCG seems more "game-y" as it seems you have to sometimes build a deck specific to a scenario to defeat it. Right now I'm tweaking a deck against the 2nd core set scenario and getting stomped so just looking for some advice.
  7. Do you guys think we'll see the rules before the game releases O_o
  8. Is that the $100 version? Love the full bleed but I don't think I'd be saving much money lol
  9. Ugh of course Khaza-Dum is sold out everywhere online. How often do these reprints occur? It seems like it was just reprinted a few days ago...
  10. Thanks for all the great feedback. How does everyone feel about a second or third core? I'm thinking at least two so I can get some of the more powerful cards to the table like Unexpected Courage.
  11. This is the third time I'm giving this game a try since 2013. The first time I bought the game I had one core and was getting stomped on every scenario. The second time I bought two cores and same results. I sold all my cards at that point. Fast forward to a month ago - I had the itch and bought one core set after finding an excellent solo one core, one-handed deck by Jeff Hannes. I was finally able to see how the game is to be played out with a somewhat optimized deck. This revitalized my interest in the game. I went back to trying to build my own decks and now I'm banging my head on the wall again. The issue I think I'm running into is that there are only a few viable hero combinations that work out of the core. Eowyn seems to be an auto-include if you want to have any success with questing. I've tried not to spoil too much but I hope that she at least has an equal in questing in future packs. Was trying to fit Gimli in since he seems to be THE combat god, but his high threat makes it difficult to include and also at that point you're down to deciding between Lore and Leadership for your third hero which both seem equally important. From what I read the first cycle is difficult but the game really opens up with Khaza-Dum. Is that my next optimal purchase after one core? Will I be able to build better decks with that cycle? The heroes feel very limited right now and therefore so do my options. I'm sure a lot of that is my experience even though I'm a heavy card player (Netrunner, Arkham Horror LCG, etc).
  12. Is there an iOS deckbuilder available for LOTR LCG? I'm aware of the various sites so just curious if one exists...
  13. How many total 1 of cards are there in a single core set and are they worth the extra two cores?
  14. Sounds like you can get away with 1 box per wave for Transformers rather than 3+ per wave for Destiny. That's actually pretty awesome and something I could get into!
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