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  1. I hadn't considered this until tonight. Now you've gotten the gears turning in my head and I'm going to have to put some serious thought into it. I'd been rereading the Karthun book and thinking about a D&D adaptation, but this rules set could be a lot of fun with this setting. Thank for planting the seeds!
  2. One thing I realize I had left off was the bad guy we have coming up for our session next week. This is actually Gregor, who managed to survive that encounter with the help of the traitor guard (I've forgotten his name at the moment, Piotr, I think?) and was actually corrupted by a player trying to destroy the painting while Gregor was holding it (the PC rolled a Chaos start so I let the demon emerge from the painting and merge with Gregor). As we've continued the sessions, it became clear to me just how much the PCs wanted to hunt him down and tie up loose ends so he's gained prominence in our game. As a result, I've taken to calling our campaing "Harbinger of Chaos" and letting the PCs guide me to determining who is the actual bad guy that will be the final villain. They are catching up to Gregor at this point and have just captured the guard, but they are also dealing with a group of acolytes of Ulric, the drenching of Stromdorf (home of one of the PCs), and trying to figure out which path they want to take.
  3. I'm looking for some help with the nemesis cards. The first is that I can't find them since the move. IIRC, they were the same size as a career card, right? I'm looking for a way to either recreate them or to order them via POD. The second is coming up with a good way to use them for the (potentially) 3 primary villains that seem to be defning themselves for my campaign. I have one that is a crime lord, another that is a wood elf gone bad, and the third is the leader of a tribe of beastmen. I can provide more details if desired. I also have the epic cards from Hero's Call, but since my players are at rank 2 or 3, I'm worried that using those will overpower them horrifically and lead to a bad experience all around. Any suggestions?
  4. So this was just the offical shutdown after they had made the announcement a few months ago, right?
  5. Thanks for doing this, Jay. However, the copy I pulled down seems to have some overlap between the columns so it's hard to read in some places. Any chance of a redo?
  6. Time for a bit of thread necromancy (apologies to Morr for disturbing the rest of some)... I see a new version of Strange Eons 3 has been released (release date shows January 18, 2014 and the build number is b3744). Any chance of revisiting some of the WFRP3 plugins?
  7. Hey Emirikol, Those are some great links you have in the tutorial page on RPGGeek, but some of the links to Gitz's stuff is out of date. I think he's reorganized the site since you first posted those links. As an example, the Court Dimon document you link to generates a Page Not Found error. It's still there if you go back to the original resources page, though.
  8. When I click the link in your recent post, I still see the file listed as V0.10. Is this the updated version V0.30 that you are mentioning in your post?
  9. I am really loving the potential of this supplement. It actually convinced me to create an account on RPGGeek. A couple of notes: It's hard to read the 2nd and 3rd Waywatcher careers that have been posted elsewhere since they do not link to larger versions of the images. The Elite Wardancer career seems to end in the middle of a sentence. Can that be cleaned up? Separate question: Is it possible to create a career ability card in Strange Eons? I'm sticking with version 2 for the time being because I couldn't find an easy way to create a card for Schlaf that one of my players needs as a reference due to "experimentation" with the effects. I've only just found Yepesnopes PDF file through Dropbox (I missed the link several times, apparently) so I haven't had a chance to check that one out and review it. Will post my thoughts when I get the opportunity.
  10. James Sparrow said: However, be aware that most WFRP3 fans here seem to have written StS off, but if you're a fan of the setting StS is probably more interesting and useful than anything happening here. I've not really visited the StS site or forums so I'm really curious about this particular statement. What is it about the StS site that would have led WFRP3 fans to have written it off?
  11. I'm not sure if it is "too soon" or not, but when you go to the jobs page, there's a note that says FFG is not hiring at this time. Make of it what you will.
  12. I stopped in my FLGS earlier this week to pick up the newest edition of the Descent game and the conversion kit, but also to put in my Christmas order for 5 of the Player's Guide books for WFRP 3e. The person behind the counter said he wasn't sure if that would happen since he was under the impression that the 3e version was being phased out. Thankfully he did take my order and said he would let me know in about a week if he'd be able to order the books for me. Here's hoping. During the same trip, I asked about TEW and he hadn't heard about it or when it would be available. He said my best bet would be to check online for an availability date. Just thought I'd pass along my experience from a brick-and-mortar store.
  13. You can absolutely play the game without the components. About the only custom piece you would still need would be the set of dice. You can find out more about running the "Lite" version of the game by checking out the Player's book instead of the Core set. Keep in mind, as mentioned above, that going completely "Lite" will mean a lot more writing down of things. In my game, we've gone only partially "Lite" by still using the cards but using pencil marks instead of tokens for things like fatigue and stress. Either way, I hope you enjoy your game. Make it your own and have a blast.
  14. I'm looking forward to reading more about this campaign. I hope you keep the blog updated. Best of luck in running it all. Sounds very involved.
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