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  1. ( I have created a MONSTER!) Name: Kaptain Felgor's Kustom Kombi Klaw (patent Pending) Classification: Melee weapon/ Basic State: Melee Range (with the orks reach about 8 ft) 2d10 Plus Str bonus Rending Pen 9 Powerfield unweildly + Basic ranged 90m s/2/5 1d10 + 5 I pen 4 clip 50 2 full reload, With Extra Barrels, Red Light, Spinny Chains Inacurate, Unrelalble The Freeboota Kaptain usally combines this ungodly contraption to his Kustom Mega Nob Armor which allows for his favored tactic of firing himself at the enemies bridge during combat and tearing his way in. Extrem caution is advised when confronting the Kaptain since this weapon allows him to fight effectively at range and close in and considering his strength both natural and provided by his armor he has proven able to tear Land raiders apart. he is also seen using what he calls Da Strange Shoota Classification Heavy Rifle/basic Range 90m 1d10 +4 pen 6 E s/2/- clip 45 reload - Death Dreamers fragment Accurate. Death dreams fragment is from the latest book stars of inequity, it replaces its reloud time with extra damge, Any hit by the weapon must make a +0 will check or suffer 1d10 will damage and the gun reloads to full, if no will damage is delt and it runs out of ammo it gives the user 1d10 insanity points…and reloads Weapon appears to be of unknow xeno make melding Cystal and metal into a rifle like shape. Those hit by the weapon and lived to tell the tail claim that as it ravaged their body, it ravaged their souls, The Kaptain on his part says that its "not proppa" and "No Dakka at tal" and has tried a few times to leave it somewhere yet some how it always winds back up in his personal "study" by the days end
  2. Hmm for da Orks! I would go with stuff from Hammer Fall, Sabaton and Iron Maiden For just at large I would swing between nice big Choir music with Organs and More somber fair Classical stuff For when bad stuff is about to go down…. Bad Moon on the Rise and maybe Fortunate Son and to give your player MOOD WHIPLASH! WIERD AL YANKOVICH!!!
  3. Well as one GM to another I will handle the setting question first. Rule Primus here is GO BIG and DISCRIPTIVE, the melta gun doesn't just shoot a super heated plasma blast. It fires a blinding colume of armor melting rightousness, A flamer doesn't spray a cone of fire, it unleashes the Emperors Judgement wrote in Flame! That isn't just some ruined city on the edge of the Verse, It is a fallen Hive, wrapped in the sins of its killers under a blood read sky with a Titan (I.E. BIG mech thing) NAILED TO THE SIDE OF A FACTORY THE SIZE OF DETROIT! What i am trying to get at here is that you don't need to know the setting very well if you use your imagination and think to your self "What do my Players expect to see?" Still for a informative (and vulgar, and INSANE) look at the World of 40k I would recommed going to 1d4chan as they tend to have a rather large collection of lore (and vulgarity ) Now as for Bows and Shields, Presented in book yeah they are a little on the fluff side, nice little detai for a player not so much function, unless they are SNEAKY gits which all players are…DON'T LET EM FOOL YA OTHER WISE! Rule Secondus there. Much like the million and 2 uses for a 10 foot poll Inventive players can reek all sorts of havok with mundane items. heh a little grease, a few tube charges, a shield, and a incline can equal to a big mess. Whats more they don't have to STAY MUNDANE, Shield + Powerfield = Power Shield, cheaper then a force Shield able to deflect that incoming power wrench the ork mek is swinging, Or Shield + Power Field + Combi weapon (Combi weapons are found in Into the Storm I think, basically meld two weapons together for twice the fun! and cost) Flamer and get a shield that can deflect plasma blasts and spew FIRE! Same thing with the bow, they gave ya all those options in the armory for a reason young GM. Two more Rules afor I go Rule Three…ius Never Stat out your plot relevent NPC till the part where they are suppose to be beatable, if they don't have stats you have a good reason to say they survive till next time. Rule Zero, Have FUN! If the rules in the book (or here) get in they way of what you and your players want to do, chuck em and hammer in something that make sence to you. In the end you and your players are here to enjoy your selves.
  4. that is a very good point, i mean in the RT game in order to really be able to somethings (Warp travel, Ship Building and combat, Creation of planets and systems) with a bit of finess you need to buy the Splat Books. You could culdge something together using the main rules but it would look as pretty nor be as well made. So it could be a case of the Core book being dedicated towards just giving you everything you need to get things running and waiting for splat books to round off the rough spots (like tank combat and how much ammo a tank can lug around.) This is kinda the point I start mutting unkind things about the makers of DnD and the lousy presadent they set.
  5. Savage said: Lord Steel said: Well I may be mis understanding what you mean by Kit but if you are talking about stuff like "1 Uniform (field), 1 set of Poor weather gear. etc" I think the reason they left much of the details on such things out is that they are pretty unimportant … pretty self explanitory … simply did not merit page space due to being unimportant/self explanitory. The same items, or very similar items, can be found on Pages182-183 of the Inquisitor's Handbook. Are you seriously suggesting that the items which make up an Infantryman's basic gear are worthy of descriptions and weights in a game about the Inquisition, but are somehow less important in a game that is actually about the Imperial Guard? Seriously? Well short answer is ….Pretty Much., Long Answer is that I can see why in a the Inquistion Game this is the case both from a story view and a buisness view. in the story view these items could be vitally important for some disguise, or as evidence and also the a normal Inquistorial agent actually has a bit more time to worry about these things where as a IG grunt is either in a state of Bordom and not paying attention to the bits and bobs of his kit (till inspection time that is then he panics) or in state of getting shot at and there for REALLY not caring about his kit (his CLIPS however…). i do know that this is a bit of a stretch but it make sense. Buisness view is that FF placed all this stuff down in the Hand book which came out before most of the other settings I think and then saw that most folks didn't bother over much with these items and figured that in future products these items could be glossed over and they could save some money on printing costs, Per unit these saving are not much but in bulk I am sure that this could add up to a nice chunk of change.
  6. Weapon Name: Lathe Pattern Rifle 0vrk1ll Weapon Class: Sniper Rifle Weapon Specs: Twin Linked, Maximal, Accurate, Reliable s/-/- Range 150 M, Clip 20, Pen 4, Dameage 1d10+3 E, Reload 1 full, Rarity, VERY! Weapon History: Part of Project:Redacted: from Lathe World :Redacted: This weapon was commisioned to create someting that could deal a devestating punch at long range and put downt eh enemies of man hard. Desigend by Magos Kleinsmen the 0vrk1ll is the proud apex of over 200 years of work, testing, and fighting with the more fundamental of the Ad mech. Thanks to its twin barrels a well placed shot can deal twice the damage as a normal long las could, which when combined with a Max Charge and placed in the hands of a well trained marksmen can put a dent in even the most terrifing foe. Due to requests from the Imperial Guard the vetting process is expected to be shortened to a mere 25 years and full production to follow. Weapon Name. Unknow Weapon Class: Heavy Bolter (heavily Modified) Weapon Specs: Twin lined (X2) Storm, Heavy, -/3/5 Range 100m, Clip Must be paired with a Ammo Backpack, Pen 3 Damage 1d10+5 R, reload 2full, Rarity One of a kind Weapon History: Found on a dead Hiveworld in the expance this weapon is belived to be a heavly modified Heavy Bolter, who modified it is up for debate since the planet it was found on was completly devoid of life nor was the any evidance of there ever having BEEN life. Complecating matters is that on examination the weapon seemed to have been modified by completely different mind sets at different times as there are examples of Ork, Eldar, Tau, Ad Mech, and as of yet unknow tech present. The weapon was deemed to be Extermly Hertical and slated for destruction when the Explorator ship it was lost in a warp storm. It was later found in the market place of Foot Fall, with no explanation of how it got there. It was bought by a Rogue Trader and born away before Ad Mech agents could recover the device. All Ad mech are to keep on the look out for this device and should the chance arise reclaim it.
  7. Kasatka said: Squats simply will not appear in the books as anything playable - they are no longer supported as existing by GW and FFG has to get everything it publishes approved by GW lawyer type guys. Subtle references to the imperial guard fielding abhuman regiments in the past might be mentioned but don't expect stats and expansive fluff. Huh I heard they might be coming back in the next ed of the Table Top game (Would make sense since people still recall them foundly.) Anywho onto Ratlings, basically I am pretty cool with em as well as the Ogryn, they got there place in the game and have a few good hooks to em. Real problem is the Players, in my group we have a off an on again player who generally goes for Gnomes if that option is present. Now banning gnomes would not stop her for one simple reason….she knows the system and its break points, it does not matter what system it is she KNOWS IT BETTER THEN YOU. One of the many reasons we still let her play is that Despite being able to make the rules sit up, roll over, and beg, and despite generally being goofy and light hearted, she is a **** FINE role player, she places the groups fun ahead of her own, she is effective during play (if a little loopy in her thinking.) and, this is the important bit she made things FUN! So don't hate the charater race, hate the player.
  8. Well I may be mis understanding what you mean by Kit but if you are talking about stuff like "1 Uniform (field), 1 set of Poor weather gear. etc" I think the reason they left much of the details on such things out is that they are pretty unimportant and unlikely to come up in game play in any meaningful way. Also most of the items I saw were pretty self explanitory, I mean a basic tool kit in all likely hood has a hammer, a wrench, some wire clippers, and that regiments homeworlds version of the Omni Tool and if they are truly blessed by the Machine, Duct Tape, WD-40, and Bondo ( These items ,Which every tech Priest worth his Cog knows, can fix **** near anything). So to sum up Most of the stuff in the standard kit simply did not merit page space due to being unimportant/self explanitory. Now as for the Question at hand the way i see Specialist equipment is that this is the stuff they give you once you get out of basic (So your a heavy? Here is your flamer…don't lose it!) and may not be part of the standard load out for the Regiment as a whole (would you trust most of these guys with a Flamer?) so there for if said Item gets lost or damaged or eaten by a Squig it is a little harder to get a new one hence the need for a roll.
  9. Hey just trying to figure something out, a lot if not most warp beasties have the trait Demonic which boosts their toughness and makes them …well demonic to face in combat. Now Force, Pys (I think) and Holy attacks bypass this, now I know that weapons can have the adder Blessed…or was it Sanctified? anywho they have a adder that basically makes them holy shootas and the Missonary base class (need to check the alternates) have one (maybe two) talents that can bedevil them but I was wondering if there were any other Holy attacks to be had.
  10. And here I think people will call me mad (I hope so then I can use the line "They called me mad but I'll show them, I'll SHOW THEM ALLLLL!") So doing a bit of reading in ye new Beasty Book and I happened across the Mad Doc and the Squig Cannon and well I came up with a new foe for the Traders. "Howlin" Mad Doc Smackgob and his terrifing "Orkification Process" were he/it surgically transforms a another species into a ork! (he is working under the idea that if a Loota and a Mek can make Stuff Orky then HE should be able to make things Orky as well Gork Smash it!) Da Rulez: Mad Doc needs to sedate (I.E. KO) a victem. After preppin fer Kuttin he needs to make a Hard (-20) Medicae roll, for every degree of Success the victim gains a Orky Talent or Trait and looses 1d10 of Int and Fel (period just one roll) on a failure the poor sap loses 2d10 wounds no armor saves (toughness still works) and if 10's are rolled he looses a random limb. I figure he works best at the end of a adventure (possible started by the party seeing a orky Eldar!) So what ya think?
  11. Hmm yeah RAW does work fine……. ehh I'll do some test runs see what feels best, fudge it around the corners if need be. Now I know this thread is for "What mods I should slot in" but since I already have a thread here and I don't want to clog the boards up I'll also through some of my kit bashed stuff up here as well and get some opions on them. First up Necron warriors. Now I know that they have stats in one of the other books "Black Crusade i think" but since I am not getting a whole rule book just for some baddies (though I might have to steal the rules for minions) I figured I might be able to use the Xeno generator in the latest beast book to fudge something together. i will not gointo over much detail cause my players sometime get on this board (you know who you are) but for base line grunt I was thinking Unnatural tough X4, Regen, Undieing, Machine traits is a given, Link it to gestalt to try and get the whole Robo undead thing going half the movement speed (since necrons is slooooow) throw in a few flavor skills and talents and try and figure out how a Guass flayer stats. So what ya think?
  12. Well seeing as there is a lack of Vehic upgrades and build rules… I usally just Eyeball it. Find something in one of the books near enough to what the players want and make modifications as needed. Once ginned up a Lemun Russ battle tank by talking a look at the transport and making a few adjustments. So as I said just wing it. as for modding being hertical…… Your Rogue Traders….the law is more a set of guidlines then….laws.
  13. @ Errent Yeah I know but as I said very little middle ground in their rolls. I once had the Broker (Like HELL I can spell the real name) make four rolls under my broke as hell system….. it went 95, 96, 97, 99. I don't want them to burn all their " I wanna LIIIIIIVE" points on getting past a door that is surprisingly stubborn….then again may be I can fix that by tossing the Arch Militant a Melta. @ Larkin Hmmmm that could work.
  14. Hey folks been a while. Going to start up a RT game soon and needed to try and figure out what upgrades to apply this time around. Of concern at the moment is. Starship combat and how to even out some of the bumbs (like macro battieries being somewhat nasty and good PC crews being able to out fight, and out flight a NPC ship) I was considering using the Mathhammer patch but….. well honestly math was my dump skill and I may not really "get" it. So any suggestions and discussion would be nice. PC power creep. It really gets annoying to have to pump everything to hellish (-60) in order to give the Ad mech a pause if even for a moment and the rest of the PC's aren't too much better. Honestly my solution last time around was just go cinamatic with most stuff but I would like a better tool set for dealing with it this timew around. Force shields. Again a concern cause these can turn a fight into a slog. Thinking of patching in a effect of if damage is high enough it strips out some of the protection or maybe edges the shield closer to overload. Combat and skill rolls: My players tend to either roll pretty well….or in the high 90's with little middle ground. First time around i gave them a set number of re rolls per roll but that had its own batch of problems. this time around I was thinking maybe a set number of re rolls per session or maybe having them be like fate points and reward them. Orky Colorz. A while ago I thought up of Orky upgradz in the form of paint jobs. Red = faster fire rate Blue = a bit more damage, etc etc and that it would only work for Orks. Good/bad idea? How to deal with the fact that the PCs tend to bring a Platoon of arms men with em during exploration. I mean yeah I don't feel bad for having them get eaten like popcorn but It scales the combats into stupid complex things. These are my main concerns but I will listen to any other ideas that may come up so please…help a GM out.
  15. Well not a bad start, but not a great one either, still little fuzzy on some rules. Started running my guys and gals through a homebrew adventure where they help restore the Hermitage at the behest of a wealth patron. Started em off slow, having them dig up recruits for the ship, line up AdMech support, getting supplies for the voyage as well as parts for all the repaire work. They did very well for most of the checks, A few of them did well enough that I gave the bonuses for Req rolls. The Missionary did well enough buttering up the Church that not only did he get some high ranks memebers to go with him, they brought along the Sisters of Battle. The Rough Trader did a really great command role to try and get recruits so the ship managed to get a Vet crew though for the life of them they COULD not make the role to get some Armsmen. Took pity on em and made a role to see if any mercs would search them out, and amazingly a really really good group showed up (rolled a 4 on the check) the groups so good I decided that they would also be expensive to keep, they knock off 1 PF for ever mission they are stay with the party. Before we called it a night they ran into one of my Major NPC's Marchruis the Iron Man (its a JOY when you see a player do a OH CRAP face just from a NAME) I have plans for him oh yes I do.
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