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  1. TheoGrizz

    Cassian question

    Much better suggestions by me would have been: -Leadership -Master of the Council EDIT: -Desperate Hour -Final Moment
  2. TheoGrizz

    Cassian question

    That's like the third time I got confused about Doubt/Resilient interaction without caffeine. Not even kidding. Apparently, caffeine is integral for me regarding the Doubt/Resilient interaction. I went and read your post and thought "Who said otherwise? Oh, me. Ugh. I shouldn't comment on anything before 10:30..."
  3. TheoGrizz

    Cassian question

    [Incorrect statements of mine]
  4. TheoGrizz

    Is dice building a thing?

    'Twas the night before Worlds, when all through the sink, were dice I was stirring, in a salt water drink. Some dice set aside while some were still to be tested; this game Star Wars: Destiny has me so invested. I test a few reds and near two dozen blues; with visions of Sugi Top Sixteen interviews. The door opens wide as my buddy returns, and asks if I've found any dice roll concerns. I had six different Sevenths and eight ID-9's and had put to the left those that weren't fine. He pointed to four Sevenths, "Can that be true?"; "These two are blanks," I said, "While those two are twos." He stared for a second, in great disbelief, before doing his best Charlie Brown... "Good grief." As he closed his eyes and started shaking his head, "Of course you wouldn't use them," he disappointingly said. "I just don't feel good," I replied, "using favorable bubbles."; "Anyone else would be glad," he said, "but you, it troubles." In the morning while leaving I say, "Wish me good luck..."; "I mixed in the two's!!" he calls out, and I say, "Well--"
  5. TheoGrizz

    Serious Design Flaw

    So now they're paying for 2 Diversions, 2 Rebels, Resistance HQ, 2 Award Ceremonies, 2 Ancient Wisdoms, a couple of free cards... If the opponent Rebels on Diversion, then it isn't played on something else. There is a limit to how much can be done; there is no card in Destiny that says "Do all the things." What happens in the event that I am showing a base resource side on three dice? 5 Diversions? What if I remove the dice that actually have discard sides? Starting whichever round you get through the Diversions, you can start concentrating on killing Qui-Gon. "Just have money" is a fine answer, that may have been dismissed on the presumption that I didn't think my answer through. (*) That's my fault in that I didn't give explanations and went with "Aww, dang." I'm not misunderstanding. This was a specific example of the larger point, which was, "If you sit down across from one of these decks you have to go in with the mentality that you are not going to play your deck's normal game." Each of these decks require a somewhat different gameplay approach to counter. Where we disagree is the consistency of these decks. They aren't winning left and right. And soon enough, so much rotates out, including Launch Bay, Qui-Gon, Award Ceremony, Truce, Resistance HQ, Diversion, etc. I don't think it's a serious design flaw, and I think the future is going to be just fine. That's not to say they won't change something, just that I don't think they need to do so.
  6. TheoGrizz

    Serious Design Flaw

    Disrupts how many resources? All of them? Even if I don’t spend any, and try to roll them for more? And also handles any disrupt *I* roll? If you sit down across from one of these decks you have to go in with the mentality that you are not going to play your deck’s normal game. EDIT: this wasn’t supposed to sound aggressive, I’m just in a hurry at the moment and know I’ll forget later.
  7. TheoGrizz

    Jar Jar Binks and Blaze of Glory

    If Jar Jar dies, all dice get rerolled because they are all showing a symbol that is not on his character dice. I can't think of anything in the rules that discusses removing something from the queue. Things that can't resolve (double Noble Sacrifice with Obi-Wan1, two Second Chances on the same character) don't resolve, but nothing removes something from the queue. Again, not that I can think of. And the absence of Jar Jar's dice doesn't preclude rerolling all other dice; that's already directly answered in the rules under card clarifications.
  8. TheoGrizz

    Serious Design Flaw

    Pretty sure the hard counter to QuiGon/Res.HQ isn't a card. "I'll use Resistance HQ" "Cool. I'll pay the resource." "Awww, dang."
  9. TheoGrizz

    Single play ??

    Not sure that can be here... I'm not going to take the time to look through the T&C to check, but yeah. OP, if Amanal's comment is edited or removed, you should probably pose your question to the swdestiny subreddit or Facebook.
  10. TheoGrizz

    Solo in Destiny - Potential Spoilers

    I'm sure she would say that she can make her own decisions without being told what anybody thinks she 'needs' to do, and further that not only does she intend not to define herself by being with a man, but that should she choose to be with one it would be the one of her choosing, which may or may not fit into the confines of what other people think is appropriate for her.
  11. TheoGrizz

    Store Championships?

    JediGeekGirl's first "Meta Tracker Report" was for the week ending 5/13/2017. Regardless of whether that was the first week of store champs or just really close to it, I imagine there was a point where information was released for "upcoming store championships," which would have been before then. So, yes. It is much later. I have a feeling the lack of information has to do with Solo. I think I am wrong, mind you; I *think* it's just standard stuff, and for whatever reason everything has been a little delayed. But my *feeling* is that we haven't had any spoilers because the movie hasn't come out, and maybe the kits have to do with the movie, too. I'll be here and waiting for everyone to tell me I'm wrong come next Friday, after it's been in theaters for a week.
  12. TheoGrizz

    Store Championships?

    The byes are for regional tournaments, the first of which were 11/25/2017.
  13. TheoGrizz

    Economics - 2 resources per turn problem

    No one is suggesting that we get more money and everything costs the same. If we got twice as much money, but everything costed twice as much, there is no change. Say they design a Red Neutral gun that is strictly better than the DH-17, but strictly worse than the Holdout Blaster. Right now, it has to cost 1 or 2. But in a world where the DH-17 costs 2 and the Holdout Blaster costs 4, the new gun could cost 3. EDIT: I realize the title of the thread could be misleading. OP is not actually saying that it is a problem that we only get 2 resources per turn. I'm sure in hindsight, given the number of people who responded about resource generation, OP would have named the thread "Economics - Limitations to Balancing Card Costs" or something.
  14. TheoGrizz

    Plo Koon pairings?

    If an ability were to use the word 'instead,' like Second Chance, Blank One, Dark Counsel, etc., then the abilities wouldn't stack because replacement abilities prevent other abilities from triggering from the same condition as the replacement ability. Padawan doesn't say that, so it's like using two It Binds All Things. OP: I think ePlo Koon/2x Padawan will be very formidable. There are a few different little tricks you can do with it, too. That's in addition to playing three 2-drop weapons during round 1. I also really like ePlo Koon/Jedi Instructor/Clone Trooper. With their combined abilities, Plo has a 70% chance to roll out 3-4 melee damage just from his character dice. Jedi Instructor does not say "another character," so there's no reason you wouldn't be able to turn one of his dice to match the symbol of other. Plus, if you run it with Redeploy, Jedi Instructor should have a few upgrades to do decent damage by the time it gets down to her and her 9 health. Here, Reddit, and the Facebook groups seem to have the most chatter.
  15. TheoGrizz

    Economics - 2 resources per turn problem

    Like Abyss stated, this is not about resource generation. Resource costs would be twice as much, too. The 1-cost cards would be 2-cost. Again, it is not about resource generation, it is about resource costs being better balanced. Pretend there are eight people, and their heights are 60 inches tall, 61 inches, 62, and so on up to 67 inches. You need to group these people by height into four groups. It makes sense to put split the groups into 60-61 /62-63 / 64-65 / 66-67 inches tall, right? But 61 is just as different from 60 as it is from 62, yet 60 is in the same group as 61, whereas 62 is not. Furthermore, if these were the 0-3 cost groups, a 65 is an entire 3 more than 62, but it costs only 1 more. Lastly, here come three more people, and their heights are 61.5, 63.5, and 65.5 inches. Where do you put them? Granted, this last scenario would still happen even if you had twice as many categories, but it would be less significant. That's what OP is talking about. OP: Doubling only resource values would not work because it increases their values relative to non-resource die sides and relative to cards that reference values. Doubling all values would not work either because of Discard. The only way around it that I can think of is just to change how gaining/losing resources works to something like "Whenever you gain resources, take/lose two resource tokens for every resource gained/lost." Then card costs could be changed to the wider scale. Factually speaking, you are correct; the .5 cannot be used, which can create an imbalance between cards. I can't speak to how much of a problem it is or isn't, though.