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  1. I have every model from the main book for the azur alliance, i have tried those tactics you have said many times but more often then not the other groups have simply better models then my own. As said i have done out the probability of such attacks and it never looks good for the azur alliance as they just dont have enough to make them that good. They can be ok but never amazing like some armies *cough* dinah/konosuke *cough*. They do not even have the amazing one trick pony of cordillia + cover = win. They can do interesting things but if they do nice damage they do not have the the defense or health to back it up and with other teams being able to heal very easily the azur alliance just falls to easily. In regards to what you said, the stealth is good for getting the first attack but remeber that other teams can move and hide as well. For overwhelming you are just simply playing the game, move and attack, thats the point of the game.
  2. I have decided to join today because i want some feedback from other people who play this game. I am student going for a math and statistics degree and in my spare time i use statistics to make sense of table top games (such as this one). I have been playing anima for half a year now as the azur alliance. This is not my first table top game, i also play W40k and have been for going on 7 years now on top of playing D&D (3.5, screw 4.0) for 11 years (i will not include all the games i play here) so you know my credentials are in order. Now the issue i keep running into is that the azur alliance is just not good enough, their characters do not do enough damage or if they do they are to expensive or will die when matched against anyone else. They have some good things like deadmoon and Alastor are cool, Reindhold can be fun and maximo and hardo are interesting but overall the azur alliance when compared to other teams just sucks. Samael has dinah,ophiel,konosuke and other amazing characters as well as better advantages. The empire is just broken in every aspect, the church is almost as bad as the empire and wissenschaft has cordelia (lets just say nothing more about that). In short, after doing out the probability and playing many games i just can see the azur alliance being any good. I have heard that they are working on it and some characters will be released to off set this (i am looking at you Aizen) but when i look at the other people being released they are just as good so nothing is going to change. What do you guys think, anyone have anything to save the Azur alliance or are they just a cool fluffly team but in the game they are terrible.
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