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  1. It's a nice map but I can't help but get annoyed by some things. - Why is Raxus Prime more important than Raxus Secunda? The former is a junkyard planet while the other had civilizations and was the capital of the Separatists. - Did both Mandalore and Concord Dawn REALLY have to be included at the map? Why not just Mandalore? - Mustafar is Rebellion aligned? Really? Where's their base? Right next to Vader's castle? - What's so important for Smuggler's Run to be included on the map? - Dagobah has the same problem classic Battlefront 2 had: why would they contest on a secluded, unimportant planet? Because it appears in the movies.
  2. What I don't like about FFG is how messy everything is. At higher levels you will have so many talents you'd forgotten what you got. You basically have to print out the talent trees and the players have character forms rather than character sheets. Weapon qualities are confusing, the Destiny point ebb-and-flow doesn't work, the duty and morality are underwhelming, etc. Plus everyone are squishy. You get one or two shot before you're down but in combat unless you min-max: then you become ridiculous strong. I prefer Saga edition. I just never could feel the love to GM the FFG games. Space combat rules sucks for both systems, though.
  3. I rule it so the character always has Extra Reloads but can still be affected by Despair to run out ammo. So they have to spend a maneuver to reload. Otherwise, as a GM, I would never choose them to run out of ammo and preferably do weapon damage or some other thing, which I think is scummy. But rule as written, the GM choose to make them run out of ammo and nothing happens.
  4. Welp, my campaign died before I could try your rules. Shame. Can't believe one and a half year has passed since I posted. I am trying to revive another campaign and I am once again checking your starship rules. Something that is bothering me is Gain the Advantage (GtA) and I have a few questions. I hope you haven't left the internet completely but anyone else is free to comment. Then, from the official rules for GtA: Question 1: Isn't the bonus redundant? If I fail the check but generate two advantages, I choose the opponents aft fire arc and my front fire arc. He can't shoot me because he has no guns on that arc but I can shoot it. What's the point of succeeding with the GtA then if the result is the same? Doesn't this become redundant? Question 2: Since you write "...until the bonuses from Gain the Advantage are ended", is the intention that these advantage abilities cannot be used on a failed GtA check? I like these abilities but I wish there were advantage abilities that may be used even on a failed check. I would however rule that the Triump ability (the one giving a free base damage to the opponent) can be used on a failed GtA check. I think it's fitting with two fighters dogging it out and some stray bullets does manage to hit the opponent while weaving around each other.
  5. I have a follow-up question: If it takes 3 actions to set up an e-web turret, and its being carried by three Snowtroopers in a single minion group, would it take the group 3 rounds to set it up because they count as a single unit or can they somehow finish it in a single round because they are 3 people?
  6. Iden's special ability: after 2 rounds she change side to the rebels. (Those who have played Battlefront 2 know what I mean...)
  7. If this is gonna be as limited as Obi-Wan Kenobi on Spiel 2019 then good freaking luck getting one. They got like 20 figures per day or something. I bet the sellers were hiding some for themselves.
  8. Hey everyone. I am a GM who has in countless times had the problem of either players not updating their character sheets or them (or me) forgetting to bring them to a gaming session. I've tried to search the internets a way to make this easier but I have only found roll20 and I am not too pleased with it. So I came here to ask for help. Is anyone aware of a online character sheet that can be accessed by everyone and be easily tracked?
  9. Re-reading the information on EotE and AoE is a bit jarring. They still call Coruscant for Imperial Center, the events of The Force Unleashed is described on Rebellion background, etc. It wasn't until F&D, when Disney Canon took over, that things got a bit coherent. I kinda wish to get reprints of the older books (with errata and corrections in it as well).
  10. Science Fiction Bokhandeln (bookstore) in Gothenburg. You can see the availability here: https://www.sfbok.se/produkt/collapse-of-the-republic-194753 To have a book not available for post order or in the other cities is super unusual. I wonder if they made a super special deal to have the book exclusively in Gothenburg or if it was a mistake.
  11. I wasn't expecting this to be out in a store here I Sweden but it sure was a welcoming surprise. The classes feel more advanced and I'm not sure if these are okay for an early-era of the clone wars. I don't remember which page it was but they had one piece of artwork that looked really bad/lazy. The one with an AT-TE and the three stock footages of clone troopers near it's legs. I felt that one was very jarring.
  12. Clone Wars ships. I've been waiting for so long for them to announce it yet. With the release of Clone Wars for Legion, my hopes are high. But mostly because of the various CIS naval ships since the Republic really don't have as many or varied. They are in a bit of same problem with Empire: a bunch of triangles. CIS, however, I would die for to own. Sequel era ships are not as interesting to me.
  13. Is the female officer on the front cover not an actual miniature?
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