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  1. Still waiting... For that rise...
  2. SSB_Shadow

    New units spoilers

    Is the female officer on the front cover not an actual miniature?
  3. SSB_Shadow

    How Corrupt Was Your Republic?

    Our Republic wasn't corrupt at all. Mostly because I didn't understand what it meant for something to be corrupt. So as a GM at age 16 leading this group, the missions for the Republic were very straightforward and the government was 100% good. Today I would play it a lot different.
  4. SSB_Shadow

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    One can only hope that is their plan. But even if they would make a part 2 I doubt it would have much separatist contents. Because they are "the bad guys". But yes, of course I agree that the existing material would be enough to portray them. I would argue that every class except the Jedi classes are not necessary with that same argument. Why I am a bit mopey about this is because they talk so big about how much of a struggle it is from both sides, the whole "heroes on both sides", but they clearly are favoring one; the atypical good guys Reps and showering them with classes and lore and goodness. This is also sad because there are material today from the show to portray the CIS as more than villains. Heck, there is an episode with the same name on it. They want to leave a government they believe is corrupt and faulty, not very different from the rebels in later times. In don't like the "branded classes" such as Republic Representative or Retired Clone Trooper. Because that implies there is a very small nisch of what that character has to be. They could easily just remove that. The retired clone trooper could just be "Retired Soldier", giving room for the character to be a retired clone, militiaman, separatist (organic or otherwise), senate commando, etc. But no, you have to be human and you have to be a clone. But the GM can easily just do that themselves without doing it official. I know. I love this game and franchise so that is why I care.
  5. SSB_Shadow

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    "Heroes on both sides", but mostly one side. The Geonosian feels like the one odd out. I mean, the other three it is more believable within the line of being a republican. The umbaran weren't Separatists until later in the war and can fittingly be a republic representative. But the Geonosian? Yeah, sure, it's the "scavenger". Perfect. Else it opens up the door of weird fanfiction territory. "My character is Nick Nack. He was a Geonosian worker before the clone wars. He hated being a low-class worker so he fled and joined the secret clone training program and became a Clone Trooper with custom made armor just for him. But he eventually got removed, which upset him very much, so he formed a one-man union as a republic representative for Geonosians right to fight for the republic." Or he became a Jedi, although there had never been a Force using Geonosian reported but I guess that is plausible. But then I think they should've chosen a more fitting separatists species for that like Koorivar. Or heck, a Zygerrian could fit better with all factions as it could be Jedi, scoundrel or separatist.
  6. SSB_Shadow

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    And new universal classes which two are Republic types. I had hoped for more separatist-oriented classes.
  7. SSB_Shadow

    Krennic and Deathtrooper article up

    I don't play Legion but sweet lord would I love to have those Death Trooper squad.
  8. SSB_Shadow

    Starship House Rules

    The link doesn't work. What exactly was the thing you hated? What did you add with a triumph during GtA? EDIT: nevermind, it works. ---- Like the last poster, any other news or updates available? I like the rules you have created and I am gonna try them in my new campaign.
  9. SSB_Shadow

    Starting a new smuggler campaing

    All your responses have been an amazing help. I have been a bit busy lately but I'm feeling very motivated to start off my campaign soon. I will let ya know how it goes once I kick it off! Now, for perhaps a random question... What's up with the fashion in clothing in the Star Wars universe at this time? Between the Great Sith War and the Mandalorian Wars there is gap of 30 years. While googling around for ideas and pics I can't help but to notice how more primitive-looking it looked back then compared to later. In such a small amount of time, even. Can anyone explain why they suddenly stopped roaming around with classical fashion (spears & axes, tunics/robes, dresses, and funny hats) and turned into a bit more modern clothing (kinda) in only 30 years? Was there some kind of fashion revolution going on? Was this only a Krath dressing thing or did the whole galaxy do this? I know that the Great Sith War comics have more of a fantasy-theme to it while later era are more kotor'ish with armors and pants. Or am I only imagining things? Did the artwork change so it's not as noticeable anymore? This is kinda important because I've got some ideas of the PCs investigating an old wreckage from the last war. But it's also slightly morbid curiosity from my part because nowhere does this seem to be addressed at all. Plus one of the players wondered if their character's parents or grandparents would still go around in those classical 80's heroes clothing (think He-Man).
  10. SSB_Shadow

    Force Leap question

    I posted this question from 2015. The Free Running and Improved Free Running talents didn't exist back then.
  11. SSB_Shadow

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    I know, I know... It was just a remark of my opinion. In contrast, Dawn of Rebellion sounds so much more powerful. But I guess "Clone Wars" is too direct of a name.
  12. SSB_Shadow

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    For some reason I hate the title of the book... Sounds so cheesy. Secondly, I really hope they can give some love to the opposite side of the conflict. As much as I love the clone troopers and the Jedi, I am so tired of the Separatists being labeled as the default villains just because the main characters fight for the Republic. If they can add love to the CIS as much as the Republic this would really sell it for me. But I honestly doubt it. Star systems prohibited to leave so they unite and force themselves out with battle droids = Evil. Spiritual peace keepers leading a slave army and are ok with that = Good. As seen in Rebels and some comics, the Battle Droids too have the ability to become individual. But we're not gonna see any career for playing Battle Droids or Tactical Battle Droids or Separatist Commandos, are we? Maybe we'll lucky and they will do a "Attack of the Clones" era book as a counterpart.
  13. I have a few questions that are about the rules. #1: Advantages. In my play we have found that spending 1 or 2 advantages becomes a bother. It's such a small advantage that takes so much time for each player to figure out what they want to do with them. I share the same problem as a GM with all of my NPCs. An idea was to simply put a default. So if a player gets 1 advantage it's always a Boost die to grant someone. If a player gets 2 advantages, they always grant themselves a boost. If a player really want to use it for something else they should say so and have it ready once its their turn to speed things up. Alternatively just ignore them. #2: Defenses In all honesty I find the Boost and Setback dice next to pointless. Most of the time they roll a blank so people don't bother aiming or taking cover. Have you found another way to use Defenses? Maybe grant a single Soak or a single Pierce depending if you are attacking or defending? I don't like the sound of granting free Pierce but I am not sure what to do. Cover just seem lackluster compared to Saga edition which raised the characters defenses while aiming negated cover. This question also applies to starships. Maybe even more so. The shields feel so insignificant when they should have a bigger role. (I am looking around for a house rule to starship combat in general but I am curios what people do).
  14. Hello. I am trying to start a campaign set in the Old Republic era but I am having a problem with lack of ideas. What I have planned so far is that the time is set right after the Mandalorian Wars have begun. There are many unexplored planet and undiscovered hyperspace routes still. The common people in the outer rim have grown used to constant warfare and are simply trying to cope with it. This leads to famine, sickness and revolts on local planets, etc. Lots of worrisome times The party are a group of smugglers who operates from a single ship. They are trying to survive in this hostile, lawless rim while helping those in need by providing them with supplies. They would be going against Mandalorian blockades, Republic restrictions and disputes with other criminals. It would be nice if they had a hub to rest up and receive missions from, sorta like the Phoneix crew in Rebels have their base of operations on Lothal in season 1. Note: I haven't read the Tales of the Jedi or Old Republic comics with the whole Zayne Carrick plot. I know the overall story but not the details. I have almost every Star Wars FFG books as well as Old Republic campaign guide from Saga edition (Wizards of the Coast). I've played Kotor 1 and 2 but it was a while ago. So my questions are as follows; #1: Handling resources Something I've had trouble with in the past is handling the party economy. The team are supposed to "go hungry" and have to keep themselves working in order to pay for fuel, food and basic needs. What exactly is a good amount of credits to award for a simple errand job to a dangerous job? How much does it cost to fuel a ship and how often would that be needed to be done? When does it have to receive maintenance except for battle damage? I have read page 151 on EotE and it talks about rewarding supplies instead of money but what kind of "supplies" are valuable except for weapons and armors? Lastly, how do you handle shops? If a player says she wants to go to the local weapon store, how do you decide whats in there at the moment? This is a bit of an open question but I am eager to hear your ideas about it. #2: Main quest I feel stumped in this area. Being in the Kotor era I feel I can do whatever I want but I feel its TOO big. Should the Mandalorian be a constant threat to their way of life? A criminal organization such as Czerka or Black Sun could be a thorn in their sides. The Republic, being not so in control at this time, could be trying to enforce themselves in nearby planets. My current idea I have is that Taris is having a few gangs that are harassing the people as well as the party. The party motivation would be to free themselves and win that big score to become independent. At the same time I want to have room for the iconic morality dilemmas that are common in Kotor games. (Also, should they start with a group ship? Is it okay if its in a bad quality to encourage them to repair and modify it?) #3: Limiting character options I haven't talked to the other players yet what kind of characters they want to play but so far I want this to be primarily Edge of the Empire theme; lots of underworld dealing, smuggling, and all that come with living in the fringe. Should I allow players to make characters from Careers in the other books? I can see how maybe an Ex-Republic Solider or an Ex-Jedi could join this motley crew but having a fully fledged Soldier or Jedi seem not to fit the theme. What do you think I should do with Age of Rebellion and Force & Destiny accessibility? Thanks in advance!
  15. SSB_Shadow

    Warriors rejoice

    I would be more excited but... I'm still waiting for the other 3-4 Star Wars books to come out. Everything's been halted thanks to L5R, SW Legion and Legacies. So... I'm looking forward to this in December 2019?