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  1. Warriors rejoice

    I would be more excited but... I'm still waiting for the other 3-4 Star Wars books to come out. Everything's been halted thanks to L5R, SW Legion and Legacies. So... I'm looking forward to this in December 2019?
  2. Shop Inventory Generator

    This is amazing and I love it! This makes shopping so much more dynamic. I'm not a big fan of the forced "add negotiation skill and Presence" but I can simply ignore the check. Good job!
  3. I'm surprised no one has answered this in three years. I have a player with this signature ability and have used it two times in separate sessions. The first time it was used the player (a Klatooinian heavy) tried to fight his way out from a group of slavers. Once he fought his way out and found his weapon, he activated this ability and succeeded. He described how he intimidatingly marched down the hallway, wasting everyone in his way, and liberating the other slaves. This was a pretty epic moment and awe-inspiring. He had to fight his way to get his gun first so he didnt proc this on round 1. On the other session, however, we were inside a cantina. A bounty hunter and his goons attacked the party. On round 2 he activated this and killed all the minions. Since he rolled a despair I ruled that he accidentally killed the bartender that was being held hostage by the enemy. With only the bounty hunter standing, the party won and escaped (they didn't kill the bounty hunter because it had a sniper backup). This one wasn't as glorious as the first time. In my opinion, it can be a cool ability but it can really turn into a go-to, no-brainer button to defeat an encounter swiftly. So I try now to keep enemy reinforcements once the first wave of weaklings are down as well as a few rival enemies. ALWAYS have two nemesis bosses to back each other up.
  4. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    Agreed. It seems pretty pointless, silly and also a waste of time to stat up a plot item that unrealistically need one. Even in a non-canon game were the rebels / the heroes plan a massive capital ship battle against this thing, it has no stats of weapons. Because it's ridiculous; can you imagine in write down the main weapon? Superlaser: 100,000 damage, crit 1, range Extreme, Limited Ammo 10, Breach 100,000, Blast 1,000,000,000,000". Would love to hear the devs talk about the reason in an Order 66 episode.
  5. Hello, I have a short request. I have a friend who is converting his Felucian character from Saga edition to FFG. How would you go about deciding the species stats? My initial idea is as follows: Jungle Felucian Brawn: 3 Agility: 2 Intellect: 1 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2 Starting XP: 80-90(?) Wound: 12 + Brawn Strain: 11 + Willpower Breathe underwater Gain one free rank in Stealth or Survival Natural flora camouflage: gain a boost when hiding in forest/swamp but a setback in urban/desert area. And then we get the problematic Force... And I think the Miraluka thread has a similar problem. Should the species start with Force Rating 1? Or 0? According to Saga edition stat, they start Force sensitive and even have a Force Blast (bubble attack!) to start with. This could perhaps be translated that the character have 5XP cheaper to buy into the first Force ability (or solely Heal/Harm). Any suggestions?
  6. Unofficial Species Menagerie

    I have a player who wants to convert his Felucian (jungle) force user from Saga edition to FFG. Have anyone attempted this statup?
  7. The combat system in this game is a nightmare. It's much more fun to build your own ki dominions or choose your spells rather than actually use them in a battle. Too much elements to keep track of. I don't declare the number of actions beforehand; I let the players do as many as they can. They have to wage if they want to go all-out and have no counter-attacks left or play it safe with lesser attacks and more opportunity for counter-attacks once its the enemy's turn. I use an automatic initiative roller; I pick up everyone's initiative beforehand (including the enemy) and then I roll for everyone. Speeds up a TON of time. The players rarely change weapons. I keep the "losing the action when attacked" in because it actually speeds things up: if a hero hit an enemy, the enemy can't act. Thus I don't need to play out the enemy's turn, and virse versa. I'm currently trying to figure out how to streamline the combat system. The number crunching I could handle when I was younger and had more time in my hands but now I'm honestly leaning to just abandon the system and pick up something simpler. I love the story I have built up for my players but I always dread the encounters since I know how time-consuming they are...
  8. I am leading a game where the group are questing around and I do on occasion roll the Morality Trigger to see what will happen on the next session that can potential create a scene where the group has to make a choice that will affect their Conflict with double the amount. This time I got a tricky one: Caution / Fear. By reading the description, it seem to imply that the characters have to make some kind of decision based on action or inaction. I have a hard time thinking up of a typical scenario where this morality would matter and that is why I am posting this thread in hope to get some ideas. Just for context: the group are right now in a port town on a water planet and are trying to save a friend who has been kidnapped by the local governor. At the previous session they had just helped a group of friendly pirates being attacked by the governors marines. Right after the rescue, the group betray the pirates and turned them to the authorities. The pirates' friends may want revenge so this could perhaps come into the caution / fear scenario.
  9. I actually kind of like this even better than my last decision. My group are unfortunately not so keen on space battles and they would perhaps appreciate this better. The group may split if someone really want to take it to the Death Star surface but the others could then have a super important and time-limited mission inside the battle station itself. Rescuing an important prisoner, sabotaging some turbolasers and doing everything in order to win a desperate battle.
  10. It is difficult to decide, yes. I would rather not have Luke stealing the show even if it is canon. I kind of like your Idea, Maelora: Luke perhaps went another path in order to become a Jedi (like his father before him) and didn't join the Rebellion until afterward. Another reason why I want the team to do the fight is for the dramatic purpose. We've been playing a couple of session and the team have been acquainted and become friends with some NPCs, including Garven Dreis, aka Red Leader. A lot of people are not going to survive the battle. :,( This in order to better push in the sense of desperation that the battle truly was. It kinda loses its effect when the players off-game already know the true outcome of this battle. So I think I will go with that. Then it also includes a dread of failure of not only their lives but the rebellion itself.
  11. Hello everyone. I have been thinking about my game and the possibility to reenact important battles in the Star Wars history. I read Twilight Company the other day and saw how it could be done. But more importantly was Battle of Yavin that sparked the whole galaxy into war. It would be cool to include the group into this battle but I have been indecisive on how to execute this. It's either to maintain canon and let it play out as it does and give the heroes another equally important objective in order to succeed (but maybe not as fun/important), or break canon and to either kill off Luke or that he never made it into the battle for some reason. Also wouldn't guarantee the group can win; raising the stakes. What do you guys think?
  12. How do I rebellion?

    Thank you for all your inputs. Things didn't become quite as planned but it worked out in the end. They didn't manage to liberate Dorin but they did overthrow the local tyrant and one of the PC's took his place; convincing the imperials that it would be to their best interest to let a person who the people love rule. He agreed to be their "puppet" in order to maintain order. The rest of the group understood why he did that. The Empire's retribution would have been gruesome so the PC knew this was the only was since the could not win a war against the empire with the few resources they got. He and the senator of Dorin would keep things orderly (for now). This will be interesting in the future once the senate is dissolved and the regional governors must take power. The group moved on (and the PC's player made a new character ). They left the system in good hands and are now working with Ackbar in a secret mission.
  13. Hey all. I am currently GM:ing a SW game with my friends set three years before Battle of Yavin. After the fourth session I have gotten into some loss of ideas and inspiration. I think I need some help to save the campaign. My main goal was to tell a story of great sacrifice and heroism in a fight against a larger foe. The group are all misfits who all joined together by chance. During the first three session they were on Dantooine and helped shutting down an imperial institute/prison and liberating Felucian slaves who were being experimented on with strange pathogen by imperial scientists. After the team's mission was a success, the heroes were officially "rebels" and dedicated themslves to protect the nearby systems from the oppression of the empire. I made a time skip by one year and everyone were now a rebel cell. Their current mission is to go to Dorin and help the insurgents there to revolt against an imperial governor who is also a Kel Dor. This was session number four. This is the point where I feel everything is starting to fall apart for me. I realized it was difficult to create a campaign based on making a revolution. The group are at Dorin and have been spraying graffiti and instigating people to revolt here and there at the main city. They broke into a radio tower, broadcast some rebel propaganda, and fled. But I can't help but to feel this all this is so aimless. I don't know where I want this whole thing to go or how to respond or react. At what point would a population be brave enough to fight back? What would be a typical response from the Empire on that area for all this? What do the group have to accomplish to capture a planet? And in the end: would it matter since they can't hold it? (They are not a part of the Rebel alliance yet). Dorin was perhaps also a poor choice but one of the party members are a Kel Dor who became a rebel. The hard thing was to decide what exactly he would rebel against since Dorin is such a boring and unwealthy planet. They import nothing, they export "technology" (whatever that is supposed to be exactly), the planet is dangerous for non-Kel Dor species to live on with all lack of oxygen and a lot of storms. The only thing I could imagine that would pick the interest for the Empire would be to indoctrinate the populace into the imperial thinking since Kel Dor love that whole "swift justice" thing. So thus the Empire wants the Kel Dor people to become loyal imperial citizen. Which is why the governor is an imperial officer who supports them and rules over the aristocracy and allows the poor to suffer. The main villain governor is now aware of the team's efforts and he wants to respond appropriately. (So it's a battle of political and cultural heritage; Old traditions vs new order). So what now?, I ask myself. What I am asking for is perhaps ideas on what to do with all this. I have been reading a lot of the new canon books (Lost Stars, Twilight Company, etc) and unfortunately that have made me want to make the Empire and their supporters more human. But this is very difficult when the group's mindset are in the whole "Star Wars Rebels"-mood where the Empire are clearly evil and Kanan and Hera's gang are clearly good. But I want to make it more grey. To summarize my questions: #1: How do I make an interesting adventure that is about overthrowing the empire as a rebel cell? What are the objectives and what are the risks for the party and the people? #2: How can I make the Empire look less evil and more human? Why do they consider themslves good guys? Wanting to maintain order and be a good dutybound imperial citizen doens't feel enough for all the horrible things they do...
  14. Medical skill. Too powerful?

    Sorry for hijacking the topic. I have a problem which is related to Medicine check being too powerful, kinda. I have a payer that is a Doctor but finds his Medicine check useless because stimpack can heal a lot on its own and requires no check in order to restore hit points. Can someone explain to me how to balance this or why Medicine is better?
  15. Communications question

    Oh, right. I didn't think of that episode. Maybe I'm wondering if the heroes are hindered to call for backup with the destruction of the tower or do they transmit in some other way? I've heard one can perhaps do it through a starship... Or rather how does the heroes contact each other without using an imperial radio tower with the risk of them overhearing them?