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  1. Oh no no certainly, the idea wasn't to play only Order vs Destruction or such, it was just simply that when deck building among our friends, with the exception of neutral cards, we would only include cards from that particular Race. Like a High Elf deck would only be made up of High Elf + Neutral cards and such. So it would be a case of if we did a 4 player free for all (Using awesome community rules managed to find here o) we'd just each pick a Race and make a deck for them etc. Our concern was simply if the Races + Neutrals are balanced enough to make that viably fair or if some come off stronger/weaker than the others and so would get dull to play fast probably by constantly getting crumped.
  2. Thanks for reply and tips Titan ^^ had my first few games amongst friends since then and it is amazing fun, even if I did get my behind kicked mostly xD. Definately going to go on and get the Assault on Ulthuan expansion now, I wanted to ask in addition to my previous enquiry. When it comes to our deck making due to us all being Warhammer TT players and fans etc, we were going to think about playing our games with a no-mixed race/faction policy. However we're unsure if all the different factions individually are that well balanced, we did for instance figure out that Orc Rushing/Zerging is pretty dang good from our first game night indeed, but not entirely unbeatable. What's community concensus on the faction balance individually basically as opposed to simply Order vs Destruction? Thanks!
  3. Greetings all! New to this game as said but it seems like an amazing game so far and one i'm looking forward to expanding on definately, but I have some basic questions about recommendations people might have when it comes to deck building and such going beyond the Core Set starter decks. Basically i've been wondering on what the general concensus is from people on things like min/max deck sizes? Like when I use to play MTG I remember we limited ourselves to 60 Cards as a nice balanced number between not to many and not too few. I know the rulebook recommends 50 as a minimum and 100 as a max but that's QUITE a big gap there! Also wondering if there is any sort of recommendation on balance between how much % of your deck you make up out of Units and how much out of Support/Tactics etc. I know second question will probably depend on if I go for some sorta special style of deck but just curious if there is any basic newbie recommendations. Oh and right now i'm looking to start off with a Dwarf deck, simply because i've always love dwarves, if that had any influence at all! Thanks for any replies in advance and takign time to read and answer my inqueries!
  4. Hey, I hope you don't mind if I ask my own question in here as a new player, i've been looking through F.A.Qs and Entropy's unofficial condensed rulebook and it doesn't really honestly answer my question either, which is probably a stupid one but... When you choose to deploy a card face down as a Development.. do you: A - Still pay for the card in the usual manner and can only cards you're allowed to play in the Capital Phase be played as Developments? B - Does the card have any other affect while it's a Development aside from adding additional hit points to the zone or contributing to triggers/affect that take place when a Development is a present? C - Can you turn them face up after being deployed face down or do they remain face down developments forever? If so and they're an Attachment or such are you free to attach them to a unit in any zone or just the zone you deployed them as a development in? Thanks in advance for answers, since i've not seen anyone else asking such questions or any major clarification in F.A.Q or unofficial rulebook, probably just me being stupid and reading too much into it but thanks for your patience.
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