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  1. great answer! thanks... and i agree... if only Tolkien were alive to answer these riddles and unknowns...
  2. ok, here is a major one for you all ...Rhun.... yes, that is all .. no, i mean, what was there? who lived there? who controlled there? what do we know of it? and why did aragorn visit there but gandalf never did?
  3. wow, i leave for a couple of days (studies...why must you get in my Tolkien-y way? ) and i miss these excellent debates, thanks everyone for taking part as for the question of the marsh dweller.. its looks like an ffg creation based on the watcher in the water
  4. gandalf says, and i believe im right in remembering, it is a 40 mile trek as the crow flies through moria...so thats is its width across the mountains... there is a detailed atlas by Fonstad which gives very indepth info on these things though unfortunatly i dont have a copy... though i can imagine that given all the intertwining tunnels, various levels, habitable and mining areas.... it could stretch at least twice as far as that in north/south length, though im just guessing here
  5. fellowship quests...well... the only major parts missing from the 3 quests are merry and pippins adventures into fangorn...
  6. thanks Nickpes, i dont have that book (yet) but ill look that one up great answers on the gandalf foresight topic... as for my own thoughts, well i guess the short answer is i tend to agree with the idea he had at least some foresight into the happenings of middle earth one thing always gets me though... what on earth was he intending to do when he got to mordor? this isnt ever touched upon and ive discussed this here before in one of my (long forgotten ) articles....when you total up the options (through the gate is unlikely, through cirith ungol even less likely, all the way around the mountain chains would have meant the war had ended) then im not sure what his plan was my only thought is gandalf had seen some sort of foresight, of frodo inside mordor, and knew that somehow he got in there, but he did not know what.
  7. good spot Estel Edain ... if i remember rightly, in the war of the ring the beornings had their own major battle (at the carrock? or am i thinking of something else?) ..anyways, it would have been cool to think they were skin changers... imagine the goblins coming down the mountains and being faced with an army of bears? would have loved to have seen that
  8. great thoughts i tend to agree (which echoes my thoughts on your post about skin changers ..which actually gave me the idea for this thread) it does make me wonder on that note, why sauron ignored such a valuable assest he could have used (it appears to me at least they werent sophisticated and could have been brought under his control easy enough in time)
  9. well, taking a purely off lore view, they (or he if its singular) only featured in the hobbit...which as we know had no connection with the lord of the rings event until it was written after...it may have just been an invention of tolkiens mind for the hobbit, in which he forgot about, or thought had no place (worth mentioning) in middle earth in LOTR in which case..there wont be an answer written by tolkien... just like the giants arent rementioned... or... the elves are completely different (the idea of elves getting drunk on guard duty is laughable in LOTR elves )
  10. the cycle so far is promising.. new game mechanics for both player cards and encounter cards keep the game feeling fresh...the art is as amazing as it ever was, and we're seeing some epic characters in this cycle...again i cant yet comment enough on the saga
  11. perhaps he was secretly maiar... which valar would give the power of shape changing?
  12. well... giant player cards would be pretty cool... they could 1 shot cave trolls
  13. Thought this would be a cool thread idea... Tolkien lore question and answer ... this isnt me answering lore questions (my knowledge or arrogance doesnt run so deep ) but for the whole forum... if you wonder something on LOTR or related material, ask, and the forum shall answer (hopefully ) Giants... what exactly were they? i mean, we have trolls which are corruptions of ents, orcs are corruption of elves, wargs i assume (?) are corruptions of wolves... but giants are only mentioned once and in the hobbit..and as far as i know tolkien never returns to them, or their alliegance in LOTR..we only know they at least help him periodically block up goblin cave entrances so perhaps, if they arent of 'evil' then they are creatures in their own right... but i dont remember a reference to them in the creation of creatures in silmarillion. any ideas? Richard
  14. i think the very fact that gandalf says he is A skin changer implies that there are others, but whether this means they are his people or not... well, i checked the appendices index for mention of it but found nothing and gandalfs introduction of him states he is 'under no enchantment of his own' and that 'some say he is descended from great bears' (not full quotes) so... it appears to be a hereditary trait.... not a curse, spell or such like...and if it is such, then i would say it supports the chances of beornings being skin changers also, if they are of the same people ps...ah, just saw Gandalfdk posted similar..sorry
  15. on the note of the history series reading the ones that concentrate on the LOTR novel itself is well worth it... especially the shadow of the past and treason of isengard... i wont spoil it for anyone (sounds strange saying it about something written so long ago) but there are some crazy changes that would have been in the story, some are outragous, some you wish Tolkien had written through and kept in
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