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  1. All of the stores in my area are getting significantly more product this wave, so I wouldn't worry too much guys! Also, there are at least 5 stores within 50 miles of me with product still on shelves from the first wave. This is definitely an improvement over awakenings!
  2. So having played both decks quite a bit at this point, my preference is Royal Vader. You guys have done well listing the pros and cons already, but it really all comes down to one reason for me: consistency. Most people who've played it know that Vader Raiders biggest struggle is the fact that it's very do or die. The guard's additional health and control with guardian makes a huge difference in Vader's survivability, so that means that if you have a couple rounds with awful rolls and draws, you still have a chance at that crazy 9-10 damage round to pull yourself back into the game. Because I'll wait to activate RG for so long much of the time, flank has become a useful dice removal tool. Some rounds I don't even activate RG in favor of grabbing the battlefield. Also, No Mercy has led to a couple round 2 wins already for me.
  3. Every card game? See, now I can't even take you seriously at all. Yes, every card game that has a competitive scene. Seriously, I've played probably 15 different CCG, TCG, or LCG games and every single one of them required a cut by the opponent after shuffle in high level tournaments.
  4. Question: can you use this on a blue die you've already resolved? Like, as in, one you've removed already?
  5. I agree completely. Endor Entrapment, as well.
  6. Actually, Veers' set brings an interesting counter to Trench run, since the Turbolaser Battery is the only card that can wipe a trench run, as far as I know.
  7. It's funny all the griping about sith, as I think of the 8-10 players in our area I only see a couple use sith on a regular basis. Scum has been the biggest showing for 8-9 months. Also, light side decks are fairly diverse in our meta, but I will admit that jedi is definitely making the biggest showing. I'm hoping that will change soon, but probably not until Rogue Squadron gets underway, as for whatever reason Between the Shadows did nothing but continue to strengthen Jedi's already strong hold on the LS meta.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that. The game is seriously booming in my area, moreso than it ever has. I hope you can find players near you to play with at some point, because this is a great game. The fact that they've only had 2 balancing errata in over 2 years is really pretty good. Most other games would have released a slew of balancing errata by now.
  9. Between the shadows. It comes out Wednesday, it's another deluxe, but you only need one. Otherwise, I would second Echoes of the Force packs. All but the last pack had great stuff in it.
  10. I agree with Boris on this one. I think that competition in games is a vital aspect and when games get casual, they die. Boris, did you used to play Star Wars minis? I think I recognize your handle from those forums.
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