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  1. thanks for the help thats great. ill open a new thread regarding the masqurade ball. i cant find it anywhere
  2. jumped straight in with a campaign and i LOVE this game. be and the mrs are having a blast but up to know i cant find exact answers to these problems ive come across, apologies if these have been asked before. 1/ in “The Masquerade Ball” does it cost an action point to turn over a guest? and if so does it cost another to escort him? or do you turn it over as soon as you are in base contact and automatically escort them. i can only find that it costs an action point to escort an already revealed guest. 2/ do heroes block line of sight for ranged attacks from other heroes? 3/ does an arrow ability on a monster card exhaust the monster card or can it be played twice with frenzy? 4/ if a hero is on the entrance and you need to spawn a 4/6 base monster, can you spawn him or do you have to wait for the hero to move? 5/ if a monster spawns at the START of the turn can he activate as normal? 6/ can 2 one handed weapons be equipped in a turn so you can do one melee attack and one long range attack? 7/ can the old decent expansions be used on this game as ill definately want to expand on this….its fantastic!!!!
  3. it never crossed my mind before. i assumed it became a freebooter and that was that. you have me thinking now :/
  4. youve just got my creative juices flowing matey! im gonna do this for gears and lord of the rings and invasion as well. one million internets to you sir!
  5. these seem straight forward to me but came into question from my opponent so i thought id check them out for clarification. can a downed guard use his guard ability to become injured and removed from play? can a player who can give the ball to another player when tackled (i forget the ability name) give the ball to a downed player? it seems an obvious NO to me, well the guard one does anyway, but any clarification would be great. thank you
  6. an omen gives each model in the area 1 wound. are these wounds allowed a save for coq figures or is it just 1 automatic wound? cheers
  7. plus i think the idea is that the characters arent static. theres a chance they could jump over the cover. or that the cover is more than just a block. its like when your in the open and you draw line of sight from the area, its because you are moving around and you could be occupying any part of the area at any given time.
  8. if a player has tokens on them, do you apply them before ejecting. or do you ignore all cheating tokens and eject the player first? cheers
  9. im probably being thick here but please bare with me. if 3 or 4 players are committed to a tournament does that mean that its a free for all. all playing using the same ball and tackling any player from any of the other 3 teams? also does 2nd and 3rd place get the same winnings in a 4 player game as there is only 3 payouts on the card. thank you
  10. the rules say you can move into cover for free. but does this have to be done after movement. if playing a card that has no movement on it, can u dive into cover in your area and then fulfil your order card? also when picking up, i know it cant be done in the middle of movement, but can it be done between the sections of an order cards. i.e. move 3 (then pick up weapon) then attack 1. or would you have to move 3. attack 1. and THEN pick up a weapon/grenade/bleedout etc? cheers, loving this game. possibly my fave game EVER!!
  11. when you close the emergence hole, something happens. as long as its open more can come, so you must close the hole first, and then deal with what comes through the door. enjoy
  12. aye thats what i meant, sorry for not being clear, im quite new tob these games. and thanks for clearing that up for me
  13. aye thats what i meant, sorry for not being clear, im quite new tob these games. and thanks for clearing that up for me
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