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  1. all very helpful you guys. one thing that i like to do as gm is write up the rest of the characters and resources in the player's cell with as much detail as possible. my reasoning is that these are the characters that the players spend most of their time interacting with. the players usually dislike some of the characters and gravitate towards others, including them in their stories and such. i think it helps to create a more detailed world when the players have a home base to go to when they aren't investigating or fighting. or at least i think my group likes it. and i enjoy friendly npc interactions with the players. mostly friendly anyways, during an old campaign the player's cell director just didn't impress them and he never recovered. on the other hand one they loved one of the other characters and still talk about him. i remember i cut that campaign short very abruptly because i had a short arc in mind and i hadn't realized that the players really wanted to continue playing and one or two of them still had plans for their characters in that world. so that was an interesting lesson. sometimes it is hard to keep in touch with what the players want or are getting out of the campaign. so maybe stopping and talking to them about what they think so far and what direction they want to go in is a good habit to get into
  2. that is a very helpful example of taking an inventory of expectations and present them in a concise manner. these are my dearest friends after all and I do wish to continue playing and having fun with them so thank you.
  3. Sup? i'm a long time heresy player and gm and i'm becoming increasingly frustrated with my group. most of the players in our group have trouble role playing. it's as if they view the game as them following the narrative that the gm sets out for them rather than getting together with friends to tell an interesting story by contributing to the narrative, which is how i like to play. this is my first and only rpg group and i wanted to know what other people's experience has been. like…..how do you play or see the game? what are your groups like?
  4. well I hope have fun bro. remember to take cover, wear a helmet and shoot the psyker
  5. in my experience as a player and a gm reloading in battle is almost never a problem but jamming can grind your odds of success during a firefight into the dirt. so there's that for consideration. have you and your friends actually played yet?
  6. ok you wanna know what advantages a solid projectile gun has over a hellgun? let's look at the hellgun for a minute. 1d10+4, 3 pen. on average each hit is going to be doing about 9 damage and let's say the average mook enemy has 3 toughness bonus wears guard flak and just stands around in no cover shooting from 30 meters away. so that's 5 damage every hit. not bad and since you're probably shooting semi auto and your're a ballistic skill character so you have like 40 bs, at this distance you are going to get +10 for semi auto and short range and hit an average of two times. 10 damage more or less every round, now we're talkin' ok now consider saaaay, a regular old autogun but with manstopper rounds. i'm not gonna mathhammer it all out but in the same situation that's 4 damage per hit with 3 pen and all. now since we're shooting full auto so every degree is an extra hit, same situation, 10% better odds of hitting so on average 3 hits for about 12 damage. ok more hits on average means more potential for critical hits plus potentially more damage. one possible drawback is manstoppers don't grow on trees and full auto eats bullets for breakfast but still 5 thrones buys you 6 manstoppers so fully loaging your gun is going to cost you 25 where as a hellgun capicitor cost 50 thrones, is only going to be consuming 3 shots per round and has 40 shots. fair enough. that makes it a much more cost effective weapon for supressing enemies but you could load your autogun with regular dirt cheap solid slugs and supress heretics all day if suppression is all you want to do. plus dat' reload time. and if that's enough math hammer for you fluff wise. that is to say in character n'stuff, hellguns require giant backpacks if you so choose which makes them unconcealable. the gun has to be wired to the pack which some clever cultist could snip or hack or slice or any number dirty tricks. all the while with an obnoxious grin on his and the gm's face i'm sure. of course capicators can be recharged so you only ever need to buy two at the most whilst during his career the autogunner is going to be dropping a fair dime on man stoppers. so to boil this all down. autogun does more damage on average in edition to potentially a very great amount of damage. but it also potentially jams five rounds in a row and the party psyker potentially summons a bloodletter the first time he attempts to cast healer.
  7. yes well the puzzle would be essentially impossible, like a labyrinthine -60 test and perhaps 1d5 insanity points for spending hours with it's impossible geometry i'm just going to let the players know from the get go that the awnser is in the puzzle is in the adventure and it's something a human would understand, and my hope is that they see empathetic behaviour in the npcs and callus uncaring npcs being used to further the cult/daemons plans and if one of the players says to me something along the lines of "hey does it have anything to do with empathy?" the puzzle will suddenly make much more sense and only be a -10 intelligence test, and hopefully the players will get some real satisfaction from figuring it out and then of course the race is onto either keep the solved puzzle from the daemon certainly to stop the cultists from delivering the puzzle to the daemon, or maybe to sate the daemons curiosity and ask him to retreat to the warp to study his new toy before the ordo malleus shows up and starts taking really extreme measures, or maybe they'll fight the daemon, or you know whatever the players want to do
  8. iv'e been thinking about an adventure in three or more parts wherein the players battle a tzeentch cult who are looking for an ancient puzzle which one way or another winds up in the players hands the object would be a seemingly unsolvable puzzle cube which i will impress upon the players is instrumental in thwarting the plot of the cult's patron daemon now, what got me excited to write this plot arc is that the puzzle becomes easier once the players understand it has something to do with the concept of empathy, sort of a so simple it's looking you right in the face thing, but something only a human could understand, not a daemon and the way i want to get this across to the players is letting them know there is some big secret about the puzzle and there are clues in the adventure, there would be no truly evil villains besides perhaps the cult leader and this daemon enacts his plan through callus mortals, say in the hive city where they are tracking down the cult signs of warp corruption are obvious in apathetic uncaring imperial officials who overlook the cult's activities and say a resolute caring priest trying to help the people remains pure, it's a bit of a raw concept at this point but that's sort of what i'm going for, and of course managing to solve the puzzle will save the city from a heavy handed response by the ordo malleus but they can't let the cultists deliver the solved puzzle to the daemon, it's a work in progress but what do you guys think?
  9. this is all very constructive thank you, i guess it could help to explain the character a little gearhardt gluckshalt was imprisoned inside a derelict imperial guard cruiser he sat motionless for 200 years forced to oversee the mundane everyday maintenance of the ship when the players met him they helped him gain control over all of the ships functions then he betrayed them and tried to kill them and an npc crushed his head with a thunder hammer, the more i think about it maybe it makes a little more sense if as he died just by a pure fluke he wrote a small failsafe onto the hammer a program that thinks it's gearhardt but the only function it can preform is to preserve its self
  10. right i understand that it does not work that way exactly my justification is that pretty much every mundane object has some kind of A I or machine spirit and tech priests spend their entire lives making their brains into computers, its not a huuuge leap of faith to say this tech priest wrote himself onto another machine as it was killing him maybe even accidentaly, and obviously i will put this thunder hammer into the players possession at some point and that scenario could yield some interesting role playing, thats my thought on the matter anyways but your constructive feedback is welcome
  11. i have been running a campaign and i feel i killed off an evil tech priest who had a lot of potential as a future villain. and i don't want to go all dues ex and just retcon the guy so i was wondering in the context of the 40k universe how outlandish would it be for a tech priest to transfer his consciousness into say a thunder hammer while it was crushing his head?
  12. thanks you for the help, i have decided that it would just be too much work two combine the two and it would really steal the spotlight from the acolytes but future deathwatch games that i plan to run will be related to the acolytes story
  13. that does help but i guess what im asking is, how would i combine the two systems and is it even worth it
  14. I have been running a dark heresy campaign and we have reached the third and final edventure, all the players except one have chosen to side with a radical inquisitor and become outlaws, in this third adventure they are going to a nightmare world in the koronus expanse to seal a daemon away, nut it accurs to me that this scenario is really more suited for a deathwatch game then a darke heresy game so i was thinking should i combine the two systems so the players can still develop their heresy characters and play deathwatch characters is it possable to combine the systems in that way?
  15. a nurgle fallower to me would e more easy going and philisophical then outright evil to me sort of like a chaotic medium
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