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  1. The Young Rumormonger wreaks havoc as well, especially against Phoenix. Treasure him. Edit: The Illusionist comes in handy too. 1 Fate is a small price to pay to bring Tsukune back in line. And, of course, like Steve suggested, work hard to deprive them of the Fire ring. The Phoenix is a favorable match-up for Scorpion. Really.
  2. I guess you know what this means, right? It won't be long till Scorpion fans are accused of being Nazi sympathizers.
  3. By the same token, FFG should change the "Banzai!" card name in case the Chinese get offended. Banzai is a centuries-old cry and the dreaded political correctness should stay out of it. Enough with the hipocrisy. Let us throw Nietzsche and Wagner to the garbage as well, because the Nazis used to commemorate them. Jesus...
  4. Pissing off your kids in gaming must be one of the guilty pleasures in life...
  5. It's incredible how much better the 1E Ways of than the 2E Secrets of were. And Wick is an excellent RPG designer and thinker in general. Just look at the 7th Sea or his insight concerning the post-AD&D. It's also incredible how naturally it comes to every Scorpion to like the Dragon and to every Dragon to like the Scorpion. Even if a guy knows zip about the lore. The instinct guides him. In all my years in the L5R RPG never did I meet someone who had one of the two as his favorite clan and didn't have the other as his second favorite. Absolutely incredible. Almost mystical.
  6. Take your time, try out all the clans, read their lore. Then, before committing yourself to a clan, read the Way of the Scorpion sourcebook of the old L5R RPG, especially the short stories in there. And, inevitably, become a Scorpion for life.
  7. Matsu do not tend to live long, anyway :-)
  8. Don't worry. There will surely be something in her text to render her unplaylable.
  9. I would really-really like to see Matsu Miyahara's art in the new L5R: Her card back from the Lotus days: For me no other art captured the frenzied and borderline psychotic spirit of the Matsu better than this. Ever.
  10. The Seven Thunders, of course. And Tsuko. Perhaps they'll all appear in the same pack, though that's highly unlikely. If such a pack ever exists, it will sell out in a matter of days. Everywhere. The reprint too. And the second reprint. And the third. And so on and on and on.
  11. I don't care he's 0 in Mil as long as he can participate in there too. When I send Hiroue in conflicts it's not his stats I have in mind.
  12. The spoiled Yojiro is so so so so thematic!
  13. A keyword perhaps? Stalwart or Resilient or something similar, possibly with a number next to it, indicating the number of turns they can stay around for free?
  14. Daimyos will probably be too expensive already. If they're meant to depart too quickly or eat half our economy just to be there, there'd be no point in including them in decks. Unless they're presented with game-changing abilities that is.
  15. We 're reading it different. In your mind, you describe a single maneuver. In my mind, you describe more than one. If you do not separate the maneuvers, I can see why you 're surprised to see feint treated as dishonorable. Mind you, Samurai armor (the heavy type) was much more protective than you present it to be, whereas European combat wasn't the turn-based slugfest you describe.
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