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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. I agree on the fact that they need flesh out the rules for untouchables more but oh well, I'll just stock up on willpower until then.
  2. So I was wondering. Untouchables seem pretty effective against daemons and the like considering the warp creatures get severe penalties inflicted upon them and basicly can't see an untouchable unless he starts poking them with a sharp object or such. However, the fact that all daemons have considerable fear ratings tend to make people fail their willpower test. This kinda renders the untouchable useless in many cases as he runs like hell at the sight of a warp spawn. However, does the fear projected by a daemon or other warp creatures work the same on untouchables as they do on normal humans? How does a untouchable perceive an entity from the warp that has entered the material realm? I would like to hear what you peeps think about this both fluff/lore and rule wise.
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