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  1. 800 points doesn’t just limit choice, it also limits how deep a game feels. Even if the point cap was 1200 there would still be plenty of choices to make and list building strategery to work out. The force organization chart would need retooling but that wouldn’t be hard.
  2. So do I actually! When playing unpainted I simply glue the very edge of a model to its base so I can pop it right off when it comes time to put brush to mini.
  3. 1. Commander 1-2, corps 3-6, spec ops not out yet, support 0-3, heavy 0-2 2. Fleet are troop and look terrible, commandos are spec ops 3. For the sake of filling out 800 points sure run the speeder. I’d drop it ASAP though 4. I never leave home without 3 but two should be fine, again either naked or rotary blaster 5. Wouldn’t run saber throw in Luke, his blaster is plenty fine if he can’t get his hands on whatever you need dead. I am pretty sure I’ll be running Luke and Leia when she drops. Luke will be the heat seeking missle he is now and Leia will support the troop spam. I think the “lucky” trait on Han is actually bad, a 120 point model with no armor and a white defense die is a huge liability. Would have rather seen just a red defense and no lucky personally. I am pretty sure Commandos will be a staple in rebel lists when they drop. I’d almost bet money on that.
  4. Armada is a much worse offender for dice than this game in my opinion. There is no recovery or “plan b” in Armada, your play either works or it doesn’t and the dice can either cripple your ships or leave them without a scratch. Here you can stack a lot in your favor to mitigate dice.
  5. I find as with most tabletop games there is always an out. Of course there is always the nail in the coffin too... I played a game where my Luke was dead on turn two and my support shortly followed. By the end of the game I was outnumbered and down to a few intrepid troop squads but turns out I had the objectives locked up 2-1. The inherent problem with FFG mini systems is how big the dice can swing. In a game like 40k there are buckets being rolled over the course of turns so things tend to average out on a per game basis. Here you only get one bucket over the course of 6 turns. If it happens that your dice are hot at the start and cold at the end you are probably going to come out on top given the nature of the army sizes. I have found that if you create situations where you can lose big then it will probably happen. To use your example, AT-RTs are not tanks, yeah they have armor and a few hit points to go along but that white defense dice means you only need 4 or 5 crits to butcher their effectiveness. How you were able to bring that fidelity of fire against two different AT-RTs that early into the game speaks more to user error (we all do it) than it does to anything else, either from poor deployment/activation order or poor terrain setup.
  6. Unfortunately I was looking for a Star Wars war game, with... legions of dudes. I mean, still a good game and all.
  7. Problem is the troop spam is probably the only “competive” option rebels have at the moment I think. However, AT-RTs are pretty easy on the ol budget and throwing repeating blasters on them will give you a decent chunk of your points and played well can impact the game decently. Outside of that, battle meditation and scope on Luke, Z-6 squads no grenades are pretty much your only option. The speeder is hot flying garbage in my opinion, yes it can do work if you both play it perfectly, roll above average AND your opponent misplays but at 30 bucks and 175 points it is just a miss all around. You might have a better time waiting patiently for commandos?
  8. Um, re-evaluate why you refuse to play unpainted? We actually did a warhammer league back in the day where painting was done two weeks behind. I had a gaunt that survived literally every game for that two week period and when it came time to paint him up I made him suitably awesome as a result. I mean, I personally have never understood the whole “paint or death” thing but I respect the choice and am not knocking it in any way, just another perspective.
  9. I don’t think the scale will ever be big enough for this to be a 40k alternative. Unless they make another system with 10 man squads, reworked points costs and the like and actually push it as a game this will always be a largish skirmish game for me. Which is borderline tragic.
  10. Will throw in that I am of the opinion rebels want 6 troop units baseline.
  11. Right now there isn’t, even the OP kits are relaxed rules. However it isn’t hard to sit down with someone and agree to play the rules to the letter with the understanding that winning the game is priority number one. Important to note, it is entirely possible to sit down with someone and do that and still have a good time and shake hands at the end!
  12. I have been a big fan of the so called “nudist colony” Rebel lists where everything is naked and you take 6 troops, 3 at-rts, Luke and a speeder because you can’t take anything else at that point. So much flexibility.
  13. Eh, I have had a lot of luck with rebels so far. Against Empire and even some Rebel lists I have more activations, some times twice as many so losing dudes isn’t really an issue. Consider this priority for list building, commander, activations, increased unit size, upgrades, in that order. Rebel troops are point for point the cheapest black attack dice in the game. After you get close to having 30 of them on the board you get a fidelity of fire and wounds that is hard to overcome.
  14. Yes, over the course of years and years it doesn't matter if you have a slow release schedule or not, you will eventually hit the a point where the game should be on release. Point? Mine is the release should have included multiple options for the different entries in the army lists. And not "see how many different ways your Storm Troopers can shoot Rebel troopers while you wait for "on the boat" to change.
  15. The game also has a large established pool to play in? Come on guy
  16. One model for one faction in the time that has past isn’t a great place to be trying to argue for FFG. Legion is the companies 5th outing into miniature gaming and we still have this silly trickle of not only models but info in general. Also worth mentioning again my issue isn’t solely based on mode releases but the companies support for their product in general.
  17. Except that is actively bad for the health of a game. Gamers talk to gamers, the more bad first impressions there are the less likely people will be to get dragged in and you see the slow death of local communities. I know because I have watched it happen twice with FFG product to date.
  18. Big difference here is GW releases factions, they don’t come out with one HQ, troop and heavy and tell people to deal with a slow trickle to actually flesh out their experience. When you sit someone down to demo Legion and they like it a lot and ask “what else is there, when can I get an AT-AT?” and you have to say “well actually this is kind of it for now” it really does do damage to the image of the game. Even worse is when someone buys in and gets sick of the same iterations of Stormtrooper vs. Rebel troopers, Luke vs. Vader and decides to cash out. It is an issue that FFG should more interested in handling yet they seem totally fine losing people to the release system.
  19. Which would be great if the game wasn’t released with a single entry for only some of the unit categories? Be a FFG fan, that’s great, I enjoy their games as well, but don’t don’t defend blatant mismanagement of product lines. Well go ahead I guess, not here to change your mind, simply express my opinion. All I’m saying is, I’d be knee deep in Armada still had it been a more well rounded experience on release. People I my area are already getting burnt on what there is. To reiterate, there is nothing wrong with an opposing view and also nothing wrong about expressing it.
  20. I don't get why the company can't support their games. I would say "better" but at this point I think "at all" is closer to reality. Their release waves should include multiple selections for the various categories for units/decks/cards/whatever. Their OP system should include, out of the gate, everything from casual learn to play leagues to high level competition rule sets. In short FFG should be releasing complete games and not what are basically tech demos.
  21. You disagree with maxing troops with rebels? Who have point for point the cheapest black dice in the game? You disagree with troops being the main objective unit? Again, I take naked AT-RTs because you can’t take more than six troop corps units and we don’t have spec ops yet. You disagree that you can take more? If it is the bit about not being able to keep pace with hits taken then that is a difference of metas I guess. My point was you can’t expect rebels to soak fire all day long. Which again I am struggling to see how you could disagree with that.
  22. Played a tournament over the weekend at 600 points, the field was a decent mix of both factions, as far as I can tell it was mostly AT-ST Empire and heavy weapon Rebel action with hard points on AT-RTs. Most lists had around 4 troopers and upgrades on everything. I took Luke, six troopers and three naked AT-RTs. Three of the units had an additional trooper and that was it for the list. I played against an AT-ST list, it butchered stuff but was able to swamp Vader and cripple his squads for the match. Took the game 5-0 Next saw a Rebel list with z-6s and blaster cannons everywhere. His white dice rolls where on the whole pretty good and he had me down to two troops and two AT-RTs by the end of it. Took the game 5-0 Last game was against three AT-RTs with flame throwers, 4 troops with one on a z-6 and a naked Luke. Was concerned the enemy AT-RTs would prove too much for my troop heavy list but was able to tie them up long enough with my Luke and AT-RTs to end the game with them having only fired once. Took the game 2-1. I realize at 800 points things look a little different and at this point would only be able to include a Speeder to continue the “no upgrade” plan until commandos drop but it was still interesting to see how maxing out units played against an upgrade heavy field.
  23. My rebel lists start with 6 troops and 3 AT-RTs, every time. That is the only way to keep pace with the casualties. Even losing a unit a turn you are still at three or four units by the games resolution. To be honest the only reason it is six troops and not more is the unit cap. FFG has done a fantastic job of making vehicles completely irrelevent in this game. Aside from the AT-ST anyway.
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