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  1. This deck looks better than mine, which I just posted in a different thread. I may have to give yours a spin. I would like to point out that there is a LS card that allows you to split your damage (lightsaber maybe?) but I haven't seen anything DS to do that yet. EDIT: Did you intend to have 11 objectives?
  2. Here is my list for comparison. Bespin Exchange x2, Looking for Droids x2, Reconnaissance Mission x1, Take Them Prisoner x2, Cruel Interrogations x2, and Corporate Exploitation x1. I went with as much capture mechanic as I could, as much non-resource matching as I could, and a subtheme of Trooper rush.
  3. Corporate Exploitation is a one-of anyway, so swap that for another Bespin Exchange. I've made a bounty hunter deck quite similar to yours, but I've found that having only 2 "big guns" in Boba leaves me weak on attack power. I'm considering adding Vader to mine just to add some oomph.
  4. It's my understanding that there will be a smattering of the 5th and 6th factions, in addition to some possibly neutral pods. I would think 2 pods of each additional faction would be reasonable and maybe 2 neutrals (one per side). So that would be 6 pods or 36 cards to figure into your total in the box. Think back to Warhammer Invasion and how they included Dark/High Elves as a teaser with a bunch of neutral cards in the Core.
  5. They're up now, under the most recent headline.
  6. I threw this deck together out of Empire cards not used in my Verena deck. It focuses on the Osterknacht's Elite/Glorious Preceptor interaction and if Volkmar makes it into play there are many ways to put opponents cards to the bottom of their deck. The secondary theme is a mild attachment focus. 3 Volkmar the Grim 3 Glorious Preceptor 3 Nuln Tinkerers 3 Osterknacht Elite 3 Veteran Greatsword 3 Helblaster Crew 3 The Greatswords 3 Surrender! 3 Voice of Command 3 Call for Reserves 3 Called Back 3 War Machine Emplacement 3 Asrai Longbow 3 Derricksburg Forge 3 Runefang of Solland 2 Duelist Training 3 Gate of Sigmar
  7. I'm not going to get involved in the "definition" of conflict, but I will say that 2-headed Giant is not a cooperative game. It is a team game as mentioned. That's like saying football is a cooperative game. A cooperative game is where all players are united against a single common foe, united for a common cause. If you're looking for examples of a pvp game in a cooperative mode, look at The Coming of Galactus in VS, or any of the raids in WOW. They are still pvp based because there is an actual person operating the raid deck instead of an AI, but from the player deck perspective they are cooperative.
  8. For Q2 and 3 wouldn't the Loec'd unit still have 2 HP from Kairos? Loec doesn't say "loses all HP"
  9. I haven't heard anything, but logic would dictate either a Leadership Hero, or none.
  10. I don't know about that. I'd have to agree with HilariousPete. The rulebook makes several remarks distinguishing hero cards from player cards and the Carrock is only immune to player card effects.
  11. Thank you SirFozzie. I only asked about the ownership issue because it appeared in the photos and your demo that you can place players on either side of a highlight (not just the side facing you). So if you're in a Chaos mirror match with more than one opponent maybe, things might get confusing.
  12. Not sure, but I hope they release a friend to play it with when they do!
  13. Greg M said: Greg M said: Yes, it's already at the framer. Big score and that guy was so nice that he just gave that piece away, I went looking for him after we finished to thank him but I never found him. How did you guys end up doing against the quest? I don't think that guy who gave you the sheet was nice so much as pissed. In the Warhammer forums, he says how he won it as runner-up in World's and was so mad that he just gave it to a guy who picked the right number. He felt, perhaps rightly, that a Warhammer tournament should have Warhammer prizes.
  14. I could get on board with the addition of "successfully" on Muck Adder.
  15. I have a question about star players. Since you're drawing from a shared pool, do they have to match your race/team? If not, how do you keep track of who is whose if two "evil" teams are playing each other? Also, could you clarify how arrows work? Do you just discard as many as you want to draw that many?
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