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  1. DavicusPrime

    Emperor's Shuttle with Royal Guard Squint Escort

    Hadn't thought about the Accuracy Corrector and the missile. Had it in my head it only applied to the primary weapon. Got it mixed up with the text on Adv Targeting Comp. The only hitch in applying your suggestion, is that I have yet to acquire my copy of the TFA starter to get any of the new TIE/fo goodness. That particular combo of PTL squints with the Eppy Leader's skill sounds freaking good though. Ordered the set today, so I might be able to give that a go later this month. In the mean time I've come up with the following changes: Lambda-Class Shuttle: · Captain Yorr (24) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Sensor Jammer (4) Hull Upgrade (3) · Emperor Palpatine (8) TIE Interceptor: Royal Guard Pilot (22) Push The Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) TIE Interceptor: Royal Guard Pilot (22) Push The Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) -- TOTAL ------- 100/100p. -- Dropping the Tempest to beef up the Squints and using Capt. Yorr as a less effective stress relief. The left over points go to making the shuttle more threatening. -DavicusPrime
  2. DavicusPrime

    Emperor's Shuttle with Royal Guard Squint Escort

    Well, here's another go with less bells and whistles but another ship utilizing my new upgrades... Omnicron w/ Palpy - 29 Saber Squadron w/ Autothrusters - 23 Saber Squadron w/ Autothrusters - 23 Tempest Squadron w/ Title, Accuracy Corrector, Concussion missiles - 25 100 total -DavicusPrime
  3. DavicusPrime

    ... do we actually have too many options now?

    I really like the fact that FFG has worked hard to make it so that very few ships fall into the automatic leave at home bucket. And when something gets sidelined, they tweak it to bring it back into the fold. Thank you FFG for keeping everything competitive. But, yes, there are lots and lots of options... so bad for my bank account. -DavicusPrime
  4. So I haven't played in quite a while but just grabbed the Imp Raider for my christmas prezzy and whipped up this list... Omicron Group Pilot (41) -Lambda-Class Shuttle (21) -Sensor Jammer (4) -Ion Cannon (3) -Emperor Palpatine (8) -ST-321 (3) -Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2) Kir Kanos (29) -TIE Interceptor (24) -Royal Guard TIE (0) -Autothrusters (2) -Stealth Device (3) Royal Guard Pilot (30) -TIE Interceptor (22) -Outmaneuver (3) -Royal Guard TIE (0) -Autothrusters (2) -Stealth Device (3) Probably not the most efficient use of points, but should be interesting. Sticking with the Theme, what would you tweak to make this list fun to play? -DavicusPrime
  5. DavicusPrime

    How do you avoid 'Jousting'?

    When I'm running the Rebs, I like changing the game by having at least one turret on the table. They can do the usual joust manouvers, but the turret packing ship(s) just mozies around in lazy circles plinking away at things. Recently I played a 2 Y's + HWK, Ions on the Y's and Blaster on the HWK. They just flew around in a circle Zapping things into submission. Probably not the best list against a swarm, but my opponent really likes running elite Imp lists, so it worked very well. For either Reb or Imp, I often break up my formations and place them such that they can come at the opponent from more than one angle or it divides their attention and I can pick which part to focus on. With TIE's, their really tight turn radius makes them very good at changing angles of attack quickly and in multiple directions all at once. You can start a joust, peel off after the initial pass, in multiple directions (even inlcuding a K-Turner or two) and see which way they go. Odds are you'll be able to flank them with atleast one of the elements of your squadron, if not two. The above is a method my son has been able to use on me several times. The coolest example was, as a 9 year old, he pulled an awesome manouver with 5 TIE's... The Center one came head on, two on it's sides made banks angled in toward the center and the two on the edges both made hard turns away from the center. That was the first pass, three ships focused in on one target in the center. Next turn everything pulled a K-Turn, which put all 5 fighters with over lapping fire arcs on the center of the scrum. What saved me was that I didn't K-Turn myself, but had all my ships take a hard turn instead. Faster ships can also act as bait to draw some of the opponent's forces off then bolt back toward the main scrum from a flank while their pursuers scramble to get back to on their tail. I guess the main jist of my advice is to not play the Joust game. Mix it up and break the pattern. Might not always work, but when it does, it's a lot more fun. -DavicusPrime
  6. DavicusPrime

    Poll - Rebel or Imperial?

    I enjoy playing both sides, but i most often play rebs due to my son favoring the Imps. So in a competetive match, I'd have to go with them due to familiarity. -DavicusPrime
  7. DavicusPrime

    Hothie's CR90 Run-with Pics and Analysis

    Great write ups and commentary from the two of you. Thanks for that. And the pictures were very nice. I've played 3 games with my CR90, winning quite handily all three times First game, I got a good crash course on energy managment. I over packed the big ship with upgrades I never used and found myself hurting for E. My escort was not as impressive either... I tooK a Y-Wing, a Z95 and three X's which did pretty well despite their low numbers. In the end, it was the CR90's ability to soak damage and pick things off at range and "TIE bowling" ability if they stay too close that really does make it imposible to ignore the Corvette. With a reasonably well used escort, the opponent can't ignore either element and ends up getting divided and conquered. One game I played against my son was the closest I came to really getting beat up. While I was focusing on the furball, he had a Squint and Eyeball exit the scrum ending up at range 1 right behind the CR90. I had burned my action restoring shields so hadn't reinforced. Between the two fighters, The Squint stripped the shields and the eyeball inflicted a couple crits. If he had been able to put another ship or two into the attack, he would easily have crippled me due to some previous damage. As it played out, he wasn't able to follow up the next turn and the shields went back up. You've really got to be able to focus a lot of fire on one section of that ship to take it down. Both of my opponents found it very frustrating to knock down the shields and inflict a point or two only to have to start over with the shields the next turn. From my side it was frustrating trying to keep the shields up and powering all those gun upgrades. The first couple turns, the guns got a lot of use. But the last couple turns were all about pouring all my energy into the shields to stay intact leaving the guns silent. I also got a lot more use out of the Quads than the Turbo Lasers. The turbos are best used against low agility Large ships which none of my opponents used. Swatting TIEs with a turbo laser is highly ineffective (effective AG of 6). I also have the Reb Transport and had the most success using it as a battering ram and a much better location for Toryn as there's much less competition for that energy. I don't see ever using them in the same list unless it's a 4+ player game and someone else can provide the fighter cover. -DavicusPrime