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  1. The game initially started a few months ago, though due to his work we've only had 4 sessions, and the GM recently got Allies and Adversaries. He did a reboot and some of us made new characters, which is no big deal. I went from my attached character at the beginning of the thread, to a Wookie Hired Gun Marauder. Also, what fun is it to play a character that is 1st level for the foreseeable future, so to speak?
  2. Progression is part of the game, by nerfing things to basically 1/5th normal progression we will be the same characters for an insanely long time. Do D&D games revolve around killing Goblins, or other 1st level creatures, for years on end to finally hit higher level? I love a good story, but you also need progression. I'm at the point where everything in my spec costs 10xp. That is, possibly, up to 5 game sessions to get ONE talent.
  3. So I have a GM running a game that has looked through the Allies and Adversaries book and thinks PCs should get an extremely low amount of XP per session, like between 2-4 XP a 3-4 hr session. At that rate, we will never complete a specialization at all. From my understanding he feels Stormtroopers should always be a threat in a fight, but they're minions and not designed to be a major threat. What can I do to convince him that people will lose interest with that slow of a progression? I'm going to attach my original character from the game, he is a rather cool character, imo. How much of a threat would you think this character is to the balance of a game? This character had the most XP, for narrative reasons, but I don't see where the problem is. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HawkCompact.pdf
  4. I should have worded it better. I've seen mention of certain career/spec combos being better than others, I'm curious which ones.
  5. So with the mention of Careers and what not What are some of the best career/specialization choices, for being optimized? Thank you
  6. A warped cover though wouldn't delay a book this long. It's been what 9 months?
  7. Hey all, if I update OggDude, will I lose all the details I have entered into it?
  8. Man, if I was this slow getting product out my bosses would kill me. The anticipation is killing me. I'll preorder the day it is off the boat
  9. Do we have a general idea when the book will be released, I can say I know of more than a few people I know can't wait for this book.
  10. I want Stats for the ARC-170 and I will be more than pleased. I have to admit this game is going beyond my expectations and keeps growing and expanding. Here's to hoping they have the license for a very long time.
  11. Hate having to wait til Thursday to get the book. The pain, the pain.............
  12. Thanks, it is at least something.
  13. Any word on the release date? Amazon says sometime in August. Thanks!!!!!
  14. So is there an official release date, or even close to a release date? Amazon says sometime in August
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