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  1. So, seems Asmodee has moved Star Wars to Edge Studios
  2. bblaney001


    They won't respond, sadly.
  3. Though I could remove one purple and make an melee attack a difficulty of 1, yes?
  4. If I am reading this right, I can downgrade the difficulty of an attack to basically zero, if there are enough LS Destiny points available and I spend 1 strain, yes?
  5. They can leave the ship, though can't wander outside of whichever hangar or landing pad they are in. All for Defense.
  6. The party is looking like 4 additional PCs at most I will have some repurposed salvage, droids, from the CiS genocide on Dathomir A number of B1 droids that have been rebuilt and reprogrammed to do specific functions The big surprise is 2 Droidekas that will be held in the cargo hold as ship defense, this was the GMs idea and I am ALL for it, though they can't be used far from the ship THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. So my GM is letting me have a ship of my choice, within reason and I am wondering what y'all would pick and what attachments you all would add attachments to it? I am a Nightsister Bounty Hunter (Assassin)/Nightsister/Operator She is one of the few surviving Nightsisters in the galaxy and is NOT a force user, well yet, as I haven't chosen Force Rating 1 from the talent tree so far She would have 3 salvaged droids from the CiS invasion of Dathomir that are her crew.
  8. So, between Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion, how would YOU build a character that makes the rest of the party more effective? Any species and an additional 250 XP to boot. Thanks!
  9. Ok question. When using the basic power for it, and you have the control upgrade that lets you heal crits, do you make ONE check that heals both wounds and the crit, or 2 separate rolls, one for healing, and one for the crit? To activate it you roll discipline/willpower plus force rating against a difficulty of 2 to heal, yes? And if they are separate rolls, does that mean you can only do it once per round, as using a force power is an action.
  10. Ok, when rolling the discipline check, do the successes effect damage?
  11. I have the same problem Talley Darkstar has, no idea why and I gave up trying to figure it out. I do love the program regardless.
  12. Also what attachments can increase defense please. So many things to look through in Gear and Gadgets.
  13. Hey guys and gals I am looking for armor that gives defense bonuses over soak and can increase said defense bonuses. Looking for something that would fit a Miraluka Nimian Disciple. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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