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  1. Thanks for your input everyone. Remember, that the endings and bosses that you use can always be adjusted to whatever you want. You can make up your own rules. If you use the bosses i created in the orginal post in this thread but lower the strength/craft, go for it. If you want to use the Holy Grail idea and change it to just rolling a 6 or be able to use Fate to reroll, go for it. i created the Holy Grail to make it harder for the first person that gets super strong and gets into the CoC first. sometimes everyone dies when we use the Holy Grail but that is kind of funny anyways lol. When i play, we just vote on if we want to make any changes. We usually play with a lot of people so we use 5 points of trophies to gain a stregth or craft to make the game go faster. I would love to hear more ideas for new endings. i know there are some on the talisman island website bit its kind of hard to look stuff up on that website. Keep the ideas coming.
  2. I have been playing Talisman revised 4th edition regularly for a year now and I have all the expansions. I quickly got bored with the alternate endings that came with the expansions. I do like having to fight something at the end, but usually by the time you get to the crown of command, your strength or craft are so high, you don’t even have to roll to beat the Eagle King or the Ice Queen. I am sending out a challenge to all Talisman fans to come up with new endings ideas. Post your ideas here and who knows; maybe the makers of talisman will use some of these ideas for their next expansion. I created some new endings and made little cards with cool pictures to go along with them. It has made Talisman like a whole new game with new endings. Please post your ideas for new endings on this thread. I would love to hear your ideas so I can use them when I play. Here are some of the new endings I came up with that you can use: Master Assassin Strength: 15 Craft: 15 Life: 4 If the Master Assassin rolls a 6 on a battle or combat roll, he automatically wins the round regardless of what you roll. Damage from the Master Assassin cannot be blocked by armor. If you lose a life in a round of battle or combat to the Master Assassin, you are poisoned and will lose one life at the beginning of your next turn before you engage in battle. Doppelganger Lord Strength: * Craft: * Life: 4 The Doppelganger Lord has an equal amount of strength and craft you your character including bonuses from any objects or followers, but not including bonuses from any spells or one time use objects. The Doppelganger Lord has a crystal shield that will block damage from battle or combat with a roll of 5 or 6. Arch Angel Strength: 12 Craft: 12 Life: 4 At the start of the Arch Angel’s turn, roll a dice. If you roll a 6, the Arch Angel gains 1 life. When you fight the Arch Angel, you must use your craft if it’s lower than your strength, or your strength if it’s lower than your craft. The Arch Angel has a Magic Shield and will prevent the loss of life from Battle or combat with a roll of 5 or 6 Great Lich Strength: 15 Craft: 15 Life: 4 At the start the Great Lich’s turn, the Great Lich draws the top spell on the spell deck and casts it on you or on itself (whichever is most beneficial to the Great Lich). If the spell is one that doesn’t affect you or the Great Lich, discard it and draw another one. If there are any questions about how a spell should be used, all other players not in the crown of command get to vote on how the spell is used. Vampire Lord Strength: 12 Craft: 12 Life: 4 If the Vampire lord, rolls a 6 for its attack roll in battle or combat it will automatically hit. Armor cannot be used to prevent the loss of life from battle or combat. If that Vampire lord successfully talk a life from you, it gains one life and it also steals one of your strength or craft counters (whichever you are fighting the Vampire Lord with) The Holy Grail You are in a room with many challises and you must find the Holy Grail to gain eternal life and the glory of victory. You must roll two dice and get a pair to find the Holy Grail and win the game. If you don’t roll a pair, you lose one life. Armor cannot prevent this loss of life. You cannot use fate to reroll when attempting to roll a pair. If you roll a pair, you have chosen wisely and you win the game. Those are my new endings. Post on this thread and let me know what you come up with
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