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  1. Same problem. iOS 6.0, iPad 2. Originally I had gotten the bad ending, but eventually (after *lots* of attempts thanks to that 'all supplies lost' event happening every other game or so) got a good ending that said she was unlocked. During that campaign only 1 of my 4 investigators survived (Joe Diamond), but having lots of clues available, he succeeded without any failures. Got the investigator unlocked notice message, but when trying a new game she shows up as still locked.
  2. It seems like they can, just making sure. It says that a werewolf can only cast counter spells.. Just making sure items are considered played and not considered 'casted'
  3. About 2): Kevin Wilson at the same Arkham Nights event mentioned that the red wild card was intended to be usable as 4 investigation (again, a contradiction of the rulebook). About 3) (multiple investigators assisting): I'm fairly certain that its implementation in Omens is a change from the full size game, though that's not to say they couldn't add it as errata for the full game anyway ^^.
  4. I heard about how (unlike what the rulebook said) scrolls are meant to be played after the dice are rolled, but while playing Omens, one thing is making me wonder if I'm making a different mistake: If you fail a mission, as long as the die (dice) aren't used, the dice remain on the scroll card for other players to use right (or you again on a future turn)? Just making sure since it appears you can't in Omens. Not that there's not other changes to the game, but they clearly stated all the other changes I can think of. Side note: Omens was very well done. I look forward and am ready to buy expansions for either/both the card game and the app
  5. I'll be at FFGEC on Wednesday night (around 6 if I don't hear from anyone, but I have the day off work and could show up anytime they're open if someone wanted). No particular preference, if someone else is looking for someone to play a game, I'm willing to try new stuff if you're willing to teach. Or I'm willing to teach if someone wants me to bring something. A tiny portion of some stuff I have around and am interested in that I could bring (no, I'm *not* bringing them all, just saying I could bring a couple of them): Alien Frontiers Anything in the History of the World series (History of the World, History of the Samurai, or a Brief History of the World) Defenders of the Realm (w/ Dragons expansion) Mermaid Rain Power Grid (w/expansion maps) Dungeon! (err, from like 1980 or so) Small World (w/ expansions) Starfarers of Catan Chaos in the Old World .. or I'd be interested in the scheduled stuff (Fantasy Flight's Civlization game, though it'd be my first time playing it, or Battlestar Galactica)
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