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  1. I'm lost If ten numb says crits can't be cancelled and auto blaster that normal can't be cancel.....why is it that crits can be cancel???
  2. Well...this is the most views and posts a thread has gotten since the rebirth xD
  3. Also...for more rule lawyering....even the "may" passives must be resolve. So the player with a vigilant character MUST have the option of standing his character. On the topic of rushing....it would depend on the match. I remember watching the streamed match of Dan with Bruno. At the end some where saying that john was rushing and skiping things (by chat). But there was the other point of view that Dan was playing slow on purpose....i have seen both play in person, and although i don't really know whats in their heads, i didn't feel anyone was cheating. It's just that when you are playing fast paced things get forgotten and when the slow pace at the start is lingering in the foreseable future of the match things also get forgotten. My two grains of salt/suger...or whatever you say. See you all at gencon....and i would definetly like to taste the brew!!
  4. How strong would it be if it was the way it's clearly not intended???
  5. Thats exactly what i meant!!! It's clearly not the intention but when this appeared there was less problems with templates and changing of rulings…. it could go either way and it would be very funny….and maybe strong?? ….btw, i reread this because of naval since it's easier to defend without stealth now if you can naval big strength chars.
  6. ~Who are this people?……i've never heard of John Bruno or Erick….. xD. I think the Each meta chooses their champion is a good idea. It's sort of like elections primaries. It would be better if each meta had 2 champs send and in the first round they had a best of 3 match to see who compites and the "losers" play the sidekick tourney. Also it's not the best of the best…it's the best of EEUU/Canada since i don't think you'll have europeans (they say swiss and spaniards are crazy good)
  7. "If you control at least 1 Kngsguard character, claim 1 power for your House each time you successfully defend a challenge. Each time you lose a challenge as the attacker, kneel a standing Kingsguard character you control or discard 1 power from your house" So how do you guys play it? I've always played it that if you win as defender you claim 1 power (having a kingsguard) But having a second look, wouldn't you claim the power if you declare defenders….."succesfully defend"…..especially since the second paragraph says "Each time you lose a challenge as the attacker" and the first one doesn't say "claim 1 power for your house each time you win a challenge as the defender" Just wondering…
  8. Well comparing her with lost oasis she is a lot worst…..both get to kneel a char but one gets you unoposed power. (i notice for the first time that the ability to kneel is granted to the char and the viper is immune!!! ….**** mirror match). Also, Brienne is by far better than a lot of those 3 cost chars .
  9. Have you notice that having so many TLV decks opens for alliance decks to be competitive….since they are already drawing a lot and probably have the resources what will more water do to the fish!!
  10. I miss the city that kneels and threat from the north
  11. It was answered in another thread that each and all was diferent. each- One of every trait all- Multiple copies
  12. Well Varys doesn't work with phase trait manipulation and doesn't discard mercenarys (long lances) and refugees
  13. TinyGrimes said: Hey gang just wanted to let you know I love the show. The banter made me feel like I knew you guys well even before I met you guys. I feel like Daryl and I are besties and I'm sure .he agrees. Btw I agree those guys doing summer is coming and the smugglers den are great! Keep up the good work 2c1c hahahahaha i hope the guy that posted after you knew that you make both!!! xD
  14. long lances should be limited response at least and also shouldn't work on chars with att just like castellan.(it's like castellan but in reverse)
  15. It is considered played in agot…..thats why you can't play another limited response event even when canceled or 2 narrow escapes if the first is canceled (limit 1 per phase)
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