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  1. Suberversive Tactics really seems to be the best deck. It hurts the heroes exactly where they excel: Strain. I am using Technological Superority and Im surely not feeling very superior to the weapons they are buying with their cash
  2. Although, if it had required 2 successes I'd assume even an elite unit can't pass it...... Interaction Tests are actually cumulative, so an elite figure could spend two activations to do it. Read the bit where it says you put down counters after partial success
  3. Cheers Reorder. I've been painting for years and make sure not to let my own preferences dictate what everyone else should do. I have my advice, but whatever works, works.
  4. As far as I know there is no real issue Reorder. Probably just personal preference. I spray because it's quick and it gets me an even coat. But I really don't see why painting the varnish should be a bad idea if you prefer that.
  5. Visionvoid: Something like 60:40 in favour of water? I'd always err towards water, that way you don't ruin anything. Forensicus: I have indeed thought about it and might do it. But not now. I've been doing all that painting, I am lazy now
  6. Vallejo Game color is better suited to gaming and models being picked up than the Model Color. Having said that, if you varnish your miniatures with a good spray that should not be a problem. I personally spray with Army Painter Anti Shine Matt Varnish. In my opinion gloss always looks weird and unrealistic on miniatures, even on Stormtroopers, that look pretty plastic in the old movies
  7. Indeed zbooth21. White spray directly over the plastic. Then you let them dry thoroughly and wash them with thinned down Nuln Oil from GW or Dark Tone ink from Army Painter. Both those inks do not stain if you water them down enough.
  8. Well, I thought he had blonde hair, but when I checked all the pics I could find I noticed he was more brown actually I had so much fun doing the picture research to make sure my colors matched!
  9. Hey Reorder, Thanks for your kind words. I was actually happily surprised how those Storm Troopers came out. I actually just sprayed them white with Skull White spray from Games Workshop and when they were fully dry I washed them with thinned down Nuln Oil wash. Afterwards I filled in the undersuit and some details with rather thin Abaddon Black. I've actually not done any fixing with white after. Because I thinned down the wash quite a bit with water, the models stay looking white. Remember, you can always redo a layer of wash when its too thin, but the other way around is not really possible.
  10. I just got this game and I love the idea of it. The campaign system seems to be very robust and feature lots of re-playability. I am certainly hoping we will get many new models, card tiles, scenarios and cards.
  11. Cool stuff bud. Those bots are painted quite well./ I wish I could airbrush like that. And those zombies…oh dear…thats fitting yet very disturbing. Nice freehand on that white shirt of the special character too !! Great work matey !
  12. I have just finished my Laser Grenadiers. I decided to paint the weapons and powerpacks Middlestone, much like the Panzerfausts and yellow that goes on german Panzers. Next are the Kommandotrupp, The Beobachter team, the Snipers and Sigfrid. Bots will be done when I get the chance to learn to airbrush It's turning into an army yet ! [/img]
  13. Thanks for the feedback peeps !! I just finished my second squad, the Battle Grenadiers. I am very much enjoying painting these guys. The plan is to first paint a 150pt German army and then follow that up with a 150pt Allies army. I am also halfway through the Laser Grenadiers. Next will be the command quad, the snipsers and the spotter team. And when that's all done I'll try my hand on the vehicles.
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