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  1. This is why I don't bother defending the dice app any more. After thousands of games, I came to observe the same effects.
  2. What happens when you do a march primary action and a charge modifier while engaged with an enemy that you would otherwise collide with again? That is, it should cancel the primary action per the RRG but do you take a panic token? Do you get to perform an attack per usual? Seems like you might be extraordinarily punished for choosing a charge when your opponent charges due to initiative and you lose the ability to attack back. Is that right?
  3. Oh please. I do not have a need for 400 shield tokens.
  4. Yes, I used to buy enough ships to field an all generics squad but I've stopped doing that. Part of it has to do with the fact that generics are far less compelling but also because it will cost significantly more to do so. While I do some shopping at my LGS, it's more out of guilt and a requirement to keep them afloat. If I ever lose interest in playing there, I will probably just stop shopping there entirely.
  5. If no one does by time I get to it, I will.
  6. I haven't listened to this podcast (ever), but if they discussed the details of what they tested, they have violated their NDAs.
  7. I couldn't agree more. Once you've eliminated range restrictions and really any restrictions at all, you've committed to that design space that cannot be easy to undo or counter. It's fundamentally bad design to have such strong effects that are not restricted in any way. Time will tell, but I suspect if there is ever an errata or second edition, more care will be taken for things that can apply without restriction (x7, Zuckuss, Palpatine, Manaroo, etc).
  8. When that happens, I will promptly sell all of my stuff and move on to other things. That sort of thing brings out the worst in people.
  9. I play netrunner too and I must admit that the MWL is an excellent way of balancing the game as tine goes on. I would love to see something similar and point cost is reallu the way to go. That being said, I think the biggest design mistake in X-Wing are big bonuses without restrictions. Autothrusters is great but Manaroo is not. Really good benefits should have a downside and if it isn't correctly priced, a MWL can fix that.
  10. Straight from the RRG "Guides Each ship's base has two pairs of movement guides, one pair on the front and one pair on the back. These guides are ignored for all purposes except executing maneuvers and overlapping obstacles and other ships. In those cases, the guides count as part of the base." Also, the section on Range states clearly that you measure base to base: "Range Range is the distance between two ships as measured by the range ruler, which is divided into three range bands. To measure range between two ships, place the range ruler over the point of the first ship that is closest to the second ship, then point the other end of the ruler toward the point of the second ship's base that is closest to the first base. The range is the band of the range ruler that falls over the closest point of the second ship." If it's an official event, they should only change the rules when they find a contradiction or error, but this isn't really one of those cases. If he's doing this because of one malformed base then he should request a replacement of the base and randomly check bases (but that seems like major overkill).
  11. I'd gone for 4 x Omicron Group Pilots, FCS, 2 with Tactician, 1 with Intel Agent and for ***** and giggles the other one has Vader, because why not.... Or, (but less ships) 3 x Trandoshan Slavers, Inspiring recruit on all, Maneuvering Fins on all, Outlaw Techs on all and Zuckuss on one... because you can't take Zuckuss 3 times. Yeah the stress management would be rough... but if you only reroll 2 and 1 forward..... 36 hit points behind 1 agility though, but 180 degree fire arc.... Done the OMGs before, the 4x U-Wing sounds a little less scary. Hell, you can get them up to a total 44 HP by adding Shield Upgrades to each one.
  12. Your friend is a troll and this post is as well. My opinions of trolls are about as low as my opinion of Attack Wing.
  13. I don't like the ball magnets and the tilting of the ships. Which magnets should I use if I want them to clip to the pegs the way they normally sit?
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