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  1. I have tried the elves in all the scenarios except the head to head conflict, and I couldn't get them doing much. Using any of the other races, I can put a lot of cards into play and have success. Either I'm playing the elves totally wrong, or they don't work as well as the other races... Thoughts? Suggestions?
  2. Good stuff, big thx for the insights. I think part of the choppiness of the first games also came from decks with only one card of each type, so you had something different happen every game. But that also has helped show some of the strengths and weaknesses quicker, so I'm looking forward to plugging in some deck work to shape the game more.
  3. So we've played maybe a half dozen games using just the core set, and I've had my entire board wiped in 3 of those (living Mummy, etc.)Followed by my opponent winning all the stories unchallenged. I haven't sorted out my strategies yet, but as a veteran ccg player, I was surprised how brutal the starter games could be. Is this typical of the game? Also, it seems like when just learning, Terror and Toughness are pretty big factors for or against. Any recommendations? I don't want to add cards until I grasp what each faction can do, so that's just getting familiar at this point. Thx for any input - liking it, just not liking losing so violently, so often
  4. Gotta chime in after my first game... this is the mini game I've been wanting and waiting for. The game really sucks you in - it's eye candy, the polish is all over every component. It has a cool setting, and it plays so smooth. The rules are clean and elegant, and moving from the quick start rules to the full game is a breeze. The game was a blast, and surprising in how brutal the damage was. It's refreshing to get into a game and not be buried in rulebooks. It respects a gamers time - my biggest peeve of most games. Painting these is going to be fun too. I don't know anything about the Dust universe yet, but I like what I see so far... I hope FFG continues to 'go big' with this game. Production value - 10 Gameplay - 10
  5. thanks for that - I've been looking at Dust Tactics recently and am interested, so I appreciate your perspective. Cheers
  6. Just picked up Tannhauser - base set, revised version - and the only Story modes available appear to require expansions. "Story Mode" is a selling point, so I'm wondering where examples are for those just getting going?
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