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    SolennelBern reacted to Timpro in Best Use Of Two Basic Sets   
    It kind of depends what you want to do with it. If you want to be able to have 2 games going parallel at a club for example, then you should probably keep everything as it is. If you're like me, however, and just wanted more options for your regular games, then you should probably take some stuff out before you throw the two core sets together.
    I also have two core sets and here's what I did:
    1. If you want to play mirror matches (i.e. Empire vs Empire etc.) you don't have to do anything with the disks. I personally don't like mirror matches so I took out all the hero disks from my second set.
    2. Keep the command cards, but keep the sets separate so
    Both players have one complete set to choose from.
    3. Keep the terrain cards so you can have for example both the windmill AND the watchtower in the same match
    4. I personally don't think you need the extra mission cards and the extra deployment zone cards so I took those out.
    5. I also took out the second set of initiative markers and race effect tokens (the four oval/rectangular ones) as well as those corner markers etc. as well as the second rulebook.
    6. Keep the rest and enjoy having some killer possibilities with army building
    You most certainly did not throw away your money!
    Hope I didn't forget anything...
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    SolennelBern reacted to Carbini in Descent is gathering too much dust...   
    There are a lot of solid numbers  and percentages in this thread, and for the most part they are right, but also remember that there can be "stat holes" in a 3 party group. For instance, if you take a Warrior/Healer/Mage then your Awareness stat across the party and overall party movement (Scout types tend to zip around the map, I'm looking at YOU Jain) might be pretty low, and the overlord can exploit that.

    I've personally played 1v1 games with both 3 and 4 hero setups and honestly the 3 hero campaign was much more satisfying. I'm a pretty heavy gamer who loves to combine all aspects of his characters, options, items, etc and even I was losing track of what my 4 heroes could do. You CAN play with 4 heroes in 1v1, the book recommends 2, but I recommend 3. I think its a good balance, having strong heroes but giving the overlord at least one weakness to try to exploit, without overwhelming you. The first time you go "Oh $#@$ I could have used that ability first to give that guy more dice and come out with an extra stamina" or something similar, you will see what I mean.
    Also, it leads to much faster rounds when each player has not only less figures to move and act with, but less figures to think about what to do with. I find in 1v1 games you don't want anyone's turn going too long. Even if you think this isn't the kind of thing that might affect you, trust me it can.
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    SolennelBern reacted to griton in Descent is gathering too much dust...   
    The general consensus is (or at least used to be with the base Campaign) that 3 Heroes is the most in favor of the Hero Party. This is largely due to any use of large monsters.
    Going from 2 to 3 players gives the heroes a 50% increase in power / actions, and the Overlord often just upgrades a minion to a master (in the case of large monsters) or adds a minion (for smaller ones), which isn't as big of an increase in power, and doesn't change the # of actions by much.
    Going from 3 to 4 players gives the heroes a 33% increase in power / actions, and the Overlord suddenly can add a minion large monster to their master monster, which is probably closer to a 50-75% increase in power and up to doubling the number of actions.
    It's also widely assumed that FFG tunes things around a 4-hero party for the best balance. This puts a 3-hero party at favoring the Heroes and a 2-hero party favoring the OL.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Whitewing in Descent is gathering too much dust...   
    Having played every campaign multiple times now, 4 heroes is definitely the more solid experience.
    It also has the advantages of being able to play with fewer players if someone no shows (just have someone take over the extra hero), or if an extra player shows up, have them take the extra hero.
    It's a more balanced game and everyone has more options. The heroes have less of a weakness (an entire role missing), and can be more well-rounded, and the overlord gets full use of his monsters. Heroes have more options for solving problems that face them, instead of you just being able to throw a problem they can't solve at them. An example: I played a 3 player game where they didn't have a healer (warrior, scout and mage). They could kill everything I had extremely fast, but had no good way of removing conditions, so I just hitting them with condition after condition.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Kunzite in Descent is gathering too much dust...   
    Awesome of your brother to take on the roll of so many heroes. But...
    I have played with four heroes in a campaign. I feel everything is more solid in four heroes. The OL has allot of great tools and doesn't run out so quickly. The heroes can have an even party where they aren't lacking in any one area. This is all assuming that each hero is played by their own player. Not so many played by one person.
    This is where I cringe.
    My boyfriend and I played often. He insisted on playing four heroes and I played the OL. First campaign was through SR. We had a nice even match till I started to predict his moves harshly (and after Quellin took Zak's Shadow Rune, he missed 50% of the time. I do not joke. It was painful to watch. Note to all you heroes. Don't take the big bad guy's toy. It's cursed). The final came around and though he won the first part, I beat him pretty badly with only humor to buffer his defeat.
    The second campaign was worse. It was LoR in which I won every quest. We got to the interlude in which I put down three heroes in one turn. I then took out his heavily shielded guy with Outbreak. Anyone that stood up was then killed. He could not finish that campaign.
    Moral: Heroes are designed to be played with many people thinking, not one. My group that I play with are three and one person plays two heroes. It works great. Their thinking together is awesome. They come up with some really great things and can out think me very well. And I am no saying Brigg (my boyfriend) is a poor thinker. On the contrary! But it's allot to remember for one person.
    Solution: GO WITH THREE HEROES! It puts the OL at a disadvantage for sure, but when you only have one mind for three heroes, I feel it might be a little more of a level playing field. Particularly if you are playing with plot decks. Also, if you are the one that can lose without being discouraged, then in the long run it's better because then you will play more often.
    If your brother feels it's too easy for him with three heroes, you guys can always "recruit" another hero to play along. Just add the XP from hero won games and keep going ^.^ I know it's not in the rules, but you can make it so. ^.~
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from MechaBri.Zilla in Theorycrafiting   
    I'll ready my keg and bash some heads with them, can't effing wait for this expansion.
    The two new armies are really unique and sound equally fun to play but i'll always cherish my midgets or doom before anything else!  
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    SolennelBern reacted to Husker949 in Rules I'd like to clarify   
    I always choose random investigators, and then a random AO. I have yet to lose playing this way, but I have also played with people that are quite good at Arkham and other similar games.
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    SolennelBern reacted to C2K in Rules I'd like to clarify   
    In my group, we deal two random investigators and choose 1 to play.  We also do random AO after characters have been chosen. 
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from MechaBri.Zilla in A general thank-you to FFG   
    Well said mister Magnus.
    When Diskwars was announced I was one to laugh at it's face, thinking how silly it would be to flip disks and call them units.  But the theme and the amazing comments this game received when it launched made me reconsider my thought and actually look at it with a more serious eye.
    And then I bought it and not looking back...and Dwarves and Vampire Counts are coming...**** that'll be awesome.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Julia in Hello thinking of picking this up . . .   
    Hi Guards!
    There are several (7) reviews of Fortress America at BGG (here). I strongly recommend you to read Pete Belli's review; it's very critical, and interesting.
    Hope this helps
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    SolennelBern reacted to Magnus Grendel in A general thank-you to FFG   
    Finished a first week of gaming after getting the core set, and I must say I really, really like Warhammer: Discwars.
    The game is very simple - the learning scenario works perfectly and we were able to jump into full 2-regiment games with confidence immediatley after. But it still feels a lot more tactical than I expected with the fixed stats due to the choice of strategy*, the ability to empower discs, and the ability to shoot into a melee (assuming it doesn't go horribly wrong with scatter results, of course....) 
    Most importantly, it feels like warhammer. Characters and units behave as you think they should do, and you get quite a lot of 'cinematic' moments in the game. Examples from our last game:
    Tyrion challenges Archaeon. "But first," He says, "All the enhancing magic in the world!" as Teclis dumps an empowerment token and shield of saphery on him. "Right. Now, where were we? Oh yes, a 'fair fight'. Ready?" An empowered sun dragon slams into the bloodthirster, incinerating a unit of kurgan marauders as it charges. Valkia herself flies up and the bloodthirster becomes empowered, decapitating the dragon in one easy sweep. Teclis and an accompanying high mage simultaneously 'hadoken' the wounded valkia straight off the board**. Turning to high-five one another, a huge shadow spreads across both of them and the bloodthirster flies over the battle line and drops from a great height and lands one foot on each of them. (Turns out they weren't quite as far apart as intended)  
    Having great fun, and really looking forward to Hammer and Hold. Considering a secont core set too, so we can play Strongholds missions.
    *I swear on the last turn last night we spent more time staring at one another over a command deck playing mental poker over strategy choice than we did flipping discs!
    ** Teclis. Just as nasty as in Warhammer FB. But slightly more balanced.
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Knchambless in Really really want to like this game...   
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Fenyx in Forsaken Lore is here!   
    I could see remote locations depicted with large tokens the shape of the current locations on the board that we could have access by boat or maybe planes (with new plane ticket tokens) via cities.  It wouldn't add new rules, just new means of transport and new locations.
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from MechaBri.Zilla in On the Boat   
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!??!?!?? Dwarves rules man and if you can't agree with that we're done
    I'm equally thrilled about the Counts too, love undead races and Vampire Counts are close enough.
    Can't **** wait for those two boxes!
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    SolennelBern reacted to MechaBri.Zilla in On the Boat   
    Um... gotta disagree with you there.  Dwarves aren't even close to the best fantasy race.  
    But honestly, I have to say, this game doesn't really feel complete without dwarves.  They may not be the best race *cough* Tomb Kings *cough* Orks *cough*, but they are so integral to the setting they are very missed right now.  I"m so geeked to see what they will bring to the game, and I honestly can't wait to see the Vampire Counts either.  I think it's going to be a very good summer for us Diskwars fans.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Beren Eoath in So, DungeonQuest 4...   
    Ok, thanks, I will give my suggestions there.
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from MechaBri.Zilla in On the Boat   
    Finally i'll be able to play the dwarves!!!!! Dammit best fantasy race ever!
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    SolennelBern reacted to MechaBri.Zilla in On the Boat   
    Apparently, That's where our expansions are.

    Too geeked for words.
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    SolennelBern reacted to icarr757 in Forsaken Lore is here!   
    Was in my friendly (not so) local gaming store, and they had 1 copy on the shelf, SNAG!
    Tons of new cards!  Only 8 new encounter cards for each color (purple, green, orange) and only 4 new generic encounter cards.  6 new expidition cards (love them, never have time to go after them!).  2 new mysteries for existing old ones, 6 for Yig, 24Yig clues so 16more clues for existing old ones.  Yig has 8 special encounter cards, C'thulu gets 2 new special encounters, Yog gets 10! new special encounter cards!  Go Yog...
    Do not know why, but the cards feel slightly different.  Dunno, maybe its just the voices...  Lots of new artifacts, many let you spend sanity to buy off conditions in game, or other effects.  More conditions with new flip effects, got to love them and a few new spells (healing!), as well as old spells.
    Awesome value for the price, imho.  Now if my store would only !#$%^ restock #4 card sleeves!
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    SolennelBern reacted to Knchambless in Really really want to like this game...   
    I'm an old infantry officer, fought in 3 wars. When we were in combat there was always an objective, always a piece of terrain. So this game makes a lot of sense to me. And when I play games that give points for unit elimination, weak units just run away. Not very realistic. I like this game just the way it is.
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    SolennelBern reacted to VladVoivode in Group Positive Thinking   
    Hi all,
    I am readying the petition, the letter, and I'm even going to phone - and international rates are expensive. But, I think we can do this folks! I would like to ask for the next two weeks for everyone here who has stated that she/he will sign the petition to get the word out to gamer friends/acquaintances/enemies who are not registered on FFG but who you think would like to play Runebound to create an account and add their voices here.
    Also, when you see other threads about a reprint, PLEASE direct the poster to this thread? I really think it would be a good strategy to have a huge thread to show to FFG.
    I really have a LOT of faith that this can happen.
    What I will do also is post the letter I will send to FFG here first for community approval and suggestions for editing before I send it to FFG. By then I will have the petition site set up as well.
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Sketchpad in Conversion Kit   
    I'd really like to see FFG release a Conversion Kit in the form of a POD expansion.  That would be awesome.
    But unfortunately I have the game in french so it may take a while before I see this translated if that actually becomes a release.
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    SolennelBern reacted to MechaBri.Zilla in Is it just me?   
    Excellent reply. We are all stunned by your wit and intellect.
    Thank you so much for putting me in my place.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Steve-O in Group Positive Thinking   
    Can't it be all three?
    Seriously though, between RB and DQ I would've expected to see a new edition of RB.  So, the fact that they're making a new edition of DQ is certainly promising regarding the odds of a new RB.
    On the other hand, between DQ, BL2 and D2E they might feel there's enough product going into Terrinoth for now and lay off for a while...
    Just gotta stay positive, eh Sol?
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    SolennelBern reacted to meggypeggs in Exploration!?   
    Well this sucks!

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