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    SolennelBern reacted to Lepusek in Pinning multiple disks question.   
    top disk is pined and can be attacked, lower disks canot move or be attacked by disk that pins the upper
    best explained rules are on this site 

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    SolennelBern reacted to Julia in You are all busy playing the game and deserted the forum?   
    Yes, draft rules are cool. May I just say that this one is the worse rulebook in the whole FFG history? Terrible organization, horrible explanations and fundamental facts not clearly stated. Bah.
    Anyhoo, played three games so far, not so sure if I like it or not.
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Julia in Game board crease   
    Yes it's a known "feature"
    It's part of the manufacturing process, the way the board is made it looks like it's inevitable.
    For me, I don't find that annoying at all when I play, cause I play the game and don't try to find every defect on a product (I don't say that's what you're doing ).
    When I got serious with building an awesome gaming rig a couple years back I was always launching games and stared at the screen.  Guess what, I found glitches here and there, everywhere.  But then I started to play the game and those glitches disappeared!
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Vala_Melkor in Game board crease   
    Yes it's a known "feature"
    It's part of the manufacturing process, the way the board is made it looks like it's inevitable.
    For me, I don't find that annoying at all when I play, cause I play the game and don't try to find every defect on a product (I don't say that's what you're doing ).
    When I got serious with building an awesome gaming rig a couple years back I was always launching games and stared at the screen.  Guess what, I found glitches here and there, everywhere.  But then I started to play the game and those glitches disappeared!
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    SolennelBern reacted to Steve-O in Descent Automated Overlord: The D6 Variant   
    Good work, Nerdook!
    I must say, having been into Descent since the launch of 1E, you've been a revolutionary influence in the area of automating the OL player.  I enjoy your previous variants, and this one looks equally ground-breaking. =)
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    SolennelBern reacted to nerdook in Descent Automated Overlord: The D6 Variant   
    Hey everyone! I'd just like to share a variant I made for those times when nobody wants to play the Overlord, but the Heroes still want to have a challenging experience.Basically, you replace the Overlord with a single D6, aided by some additional rules that I've compiled into a document.
    Whenever a monster figure is activated, roll a D6 and resolve the monster's actions using the chart below, triggering the first two actions you find from the top:

    That way, the Overlord is still able to use Overlord cards, go for Objectives, etc, but without the hassle of finding someone willing to be constantly beaten up by four buffed up Heroes.
    You can grab the file needed (or read more details on this variant!) from here:
    or from BGG here:
    Enjoy!! Feedback welcome...
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    SolennelBern reacted to VladVoivode in Group Positive Thinking   
    Okay all, we have three pages just in this thread. I am going to do one last scour of the rest of the Runebound forums this week and then get the petition site ready to go.
    I truly believe we can get this done and strangely, it was the announcement of a new edition of Dungeonquest that I think is an encouraging sign that FFG has not abandoned older games.
    So please contact any gamers you know that you think would be interested in Runebound - either a 2nd edition reprint or a new 3rd edition and get them to add their voice here and to the petition site that I will link here hopefully next week!
    Terrinoth awaits!!!!!!!
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    SolennelBern reacted to Sixko in Potions - do they reset?   
    Welcome to boards!
    Not all of us are grumpy
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    SolennelBern reacted to XehutL in FFG: Print On Demand Scenario please!   
    Although I have received the following (and standard?) reply on a similar question via email already:
    I would like to start this topic again, now more openly.
    IMO, the POD product series can be easily utilized for RA and there are many players out there who would appreciate such addition. I know that its cards are somehow of a lesser quality, and thus cannot (or should not) be combined with the rest of original cards. But it is not necessary, actually:
    - the Event cards are all stand alone, so no mixing here
    - the scenario Neutral cards can be either reused from the current ones (a lot of options here) or they can run in a similar way like the Promise of Riches (from the O&A expansion) is designed
    - and also, there are still other interesting options on what can be added here (like buildings, heroes, lairs/dungeons etc.)
    And, there is already some fan-made stuff that can be incorporated somehow (be it found under this forum, on BGG or somewhere else). In example, I would love to see the polished Civil War in Terrinoth scenario as the original one (by Brian, see here or here). It provides a full solo experience, yet with the PvP abilities. Some work is still needed there, of course.
    The other interesting way(s) for any POD expansion could be the addition of buildings or heroes to neutral area, which can be then bought for the gold instead of influence (or both) and which could provide various effects for the player (be it in combat or outside it). Also, I would love to see some kind of "raid" scenario, in which the player(s) would be attacking some neutral dungeon or citadel controlled by one of Enemy, which is hiding behind its minion first... (some interesting ideas could be find here or here).
    But - this topic should not be about what should be added primarily (I respect the above "policy" here) - it is about pointing out this option more publicly and to see whether it is possible to open further discussion/support for it.
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    SolennelBern reacted to WatchItPlayed in New Custom Desgned Unit Cards - Looking For Suggestions!   
    The complete Core Set is complete!
    When I print them through Photoshop they come out as 6.5" x 4.5" (or for my fellow Canadians: 16cm x 11cm).
    I am also including links to the PSD files for each so that you can do whatever you like with these - but mainly I'm hoping you will help us complete more unit cards!
    If you don't know how to use Photoshop this may be a little hard to figure out, but you can still help by seeing what people upload (including me, and double checking for mistakes). It's easy to screw up a weapon state line or a rules detail.
    Tips: I have layers for all the different items and I've included the fonts in the Drop Box folder with the PSDs.
    To add the unit picture:
    1. Find a high quality picture of the unit (Google Image search with Large Image selected is your friend).
    2. Copy the unit picture you found to the Clipboard.
    3. Then go to the Unit Card you are working on and go into the Unit ID layer group and select the Polaroid layer.
    4. Then click in the area where the current picture is located on the card using the Magic Wand Tool, this should highlight the full square where the pictre is.
    5. Then go to Edit / Paste Special / Paste Into. This will ensure that the image never extends beyond the photo square. Now you can move it around, hit Control-T to enlarge, shrink or rotate it.
    And of course, ask if you have any questions. Most importantly though, please upload the full PSD and the JPG so that other people can have the PSD (and the text and stat lines) to copy and paste into other cards. Plus, if I have all the PSD files I can update any cards that might need it in the future.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Tickosity in Group Positive Thinking   
    Ok I know how we can make FFG announce Runebound 3rd edition.
    We have to set a day, hour, minute and second of a point in the future where EVERYONE that want Runebound 3rd edition to happen get in mesmer mood and think they're holding RB3 in their hands.
    I can easily see 1k people at a fixed day and time sending to FFG all this overwhelming positive thinking and a few weeks later we read on the front page: "Announcing Runebound 3rd edition".
    You all with me?
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    SolennelBern reacted to sigmazero13 in Really really want to like this game...   
    There are some scenarios where you get points for killing opponents.  And both Lore decks have 2 cards that give you VP for killing a unit on a certain half of the board.
    I think if you made the ability to score points for outright kills too heavy, though, it would reduce the purpose of the VP hexes on the board.
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from LETE in Why do you need to insult others?   
    It's certainly not unique here but it sure came in quite quickly compared to other places, and more agressively.
    But hey, i'm just the type that utterly hate these kind of insulting replies, I just can't fathom why some feel the need to puke stuff like that.
    But everything seem well and cool now.
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Vala_Melkor in Where are rules for the expansion   
    I think there's a copy in the expansion
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Ex Nihilo in Was so excited but now am sad. :(   
    I want you Conquest, I want you so bad...
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    SolennelBern reacted to Dimax in My painted set (base + FA)   
    Hi all,
    I recently finished my paint job as well and thought I could share the result. I hope you like it =)

    A noob painter question... Is it normal that matt varnish looks glossier than satin varnish? What did I do wrong?
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    SolennelBern reacted to Dimax in My painted set (base + FA)   
    BTW! I made a custom box too 


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    SolennelBern reacted to Ser Folly in What exactly happens when a lieutenant stands up?   
    From this BGG thread: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/863073/ffg-sez-thread-link-to-wiki-in-1st-post-unoffici/page/8
    "Q: Certain quests allow the lieutenants to stand up, similar to heroes. Are class tokens (hex, elixir, trap, etc.) discard when the lieutenant is defeated? If not, this could potentially be a huge advantage to the heroes given that usually these quests that allow lieutenants to stand-up involve the lieutenant being part of the win condition.

    A: When lieutenants or allies are knocked out, it only takes one action for them to stand back up. The rules refer to it being the same as heroes in that they are "knocked-out" meaning they are not discarded from the map.

    Regarding the tokens, however, they would be discarded when the lieutenant is defeated or knocked-out.

    I also wanted to mention that I do understand that this is a bit of a sketchy case, and my decision was most influenced by the fact that it could create a very difficult situation for a quest-vital figure to escape from.

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    SolennelBern reacted to sigmazero13 in What exactly happens when a lieutenant stands up?   
    I would not have a problem with the "can still use a second action" bit, because unlike Heroes, they can't be revived, so it helps balance that aspect by allowing them to do something when they stand other than just get beat down again.
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Captain_Arrr in Frustrated with X wing.   
    I feel the same and didn't played the game since January...
    I've always been quite "good" with dice but with X-Wing it's a complete disaster games after games after games.  It's horribly frustrating to the point where I don't feel like playing the game anymore.
    I know it's not a flaw with the game, X-Wing is amazing and fun but when your last 4+ games were horribly lost, not because you manoeuvered like a  newborn baby but because you can't roll s***, it can get on your nerves pretty bad.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Glaurung in Expansion, Still Yig   
    Yes I understood your point. If your Lovcraft lore is so deep you can get angry aboit certain things. My lore is much less anyway so im pretty happy with FL
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    SolennelBern reacted to hobbitshire in Expansion, Still Yig   
    (Spoilers Alert)
    I've got hold of the new expansion and tried it out with the basic game. While I am pleased with the material and believe FFG has done a good job in expanding the game, I have to say I still hold the same concerns raised in my earlier topic, 'Expansion Content, Why Yig', started 11 April 2014. My view is still that Yig is not an appropriate choice to be a major Ancient One.
    FFG have to be careful as to which monsters are chosen as Ancient Ones, and which are the apparently lesser Epic Monsters. Many of Lovecraft's stories don't deal with schemes by Ancient Ones to bring about the end of the world, or something that affects the whole world. 'The Call Of Cthulhu' is one that does fall into this category, but most deal with the horror of humans encountering Lovecraft's creations. (Certainly some races would love to see the Earth destroyed, like the mi go and the Insects of Shaggai), but these are not Ancient Ones.
    I have already mentioned about Athlach-Nacha (the Web-Spinner) and Ithaqua (the Wind-Walker) being included as Epic Monsters, despite the fact that they are more dangerous than Yig, and have an effect over a much wider section of the world. The expansion introduces Tulzscha as an Epic Monster. Tulzscha is a God, a member of Azathoth's court, much more potent than Yig. While he can't move when summoned to Earth, this is not the case when he is in space, and can impose his powers of corruption, death and decay over the whole Earth. If Doom reached zero, then Tulzscha can appear as an Epic Monster, needing to be defeated for final victory.
    Well we have Yig now, unfortunately. His research cards don't appear to add anything except serpents and the wide spead use of the Poisoned Condition. The special encounter cards would be more appropriate to someone that is underground, like Nyogtha, Tsathoggua, Abhoth or Ubbo Sathla.
    FFG have to really think about what to put in future expansions, and make sure the additions aren't just close repeats of what's already in the game.
    I've already made some suggestions in the previous article. I'll mention a brief updated list now.
    1. Ancient Ones.
    Abhoth. God. Danger to the world is his spawn and ability to depopulate an entire area with an illusion of paradise.
    Daoloth. God. Danger to the world is his ability to expand indefinitely, like Azathoth, sending people to distant places,and his appearance causing continual madness.
    Ghatanothoa. Great Old One. Danger to the world is his ability to petrify on sight and his connection to lloigor.
    Groth. God. Danger to the world is if this planet-sized deity draws near to Earth, earthquakes, wave surges and volcanic eruptions will occur on a planet-wide scale.
    Hastur. Great Old One. Danger to the world is the spread of madness by 'The King in Yellow' and the wide spread reach of his servitors, the space-faring byakhee.
    Nyarlathotep. God. Danger to the world are his Masks, and the various means he uses to make mankind bring death and destruction on itself.
    Shudde M'ell. Great Old One. Danger to the world is his connection to chthonians and ability to destroy any part of the world with his earthquakes.
    2. Possible Epic Monsters, (perhaps appearing through rumours).
    Chaugnar Faugn, Asia, (especially with the Children of Chaugnar Faugn).
    Cthugha, random space (city or wilderness).
    Cyaegha, Germany
    Eihort,  England, (especially with the Brood of Eihort).
    Glaaki, England, (especially with the undead of Glaaki).
    Nyogtha, random space (city or wilderness).
    Quachil Uttaus, random space (city or wilderness).
    Tsathoggua, N'Kai.
    Ubbo-Sathla, Antartica.
    Zhar, Asia
    Zoth Ommog, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
    3. Possible Rumours
    The Insects of Shaggai are close to creating a devise that includes a part of Azathoth. If detonated, the shan will finally be able to leave Earth, which however will be utterly devastated,(investigators lose).
    The Mi-Go are close to completing Charon, their ultimate machine of war orbiting Yuggoth. If the rumour is not solved then the machine is completed and Earth is conquered, (investigators lose).
    I hope others find these comments interesting.
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Julia in New Expansion!!!!!!!!   
    I see what you did there
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Julia in Where are rules for the expansion   
    I think there's a copy in the expansion
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    SolennelBern reacted to VladVoivode in Group Positive Thinking   
    Letter in progress to FFG; petition site almost ready!
    I saw the comment about Runebound being PvP. Wrong! As stated, in multiplayer it's a race and if you waste time engaging in PvP combat remember that the world's "clock" is ticking; this isn't Talisman where you have all the time in the world to screw over your opponent.
    Lastly, Runebound plays beautifully as a solo game. Try it using the Doom track or the Threat counter. You have to balance between leveling up in encounters and getting to cities to get good loot. I wonder if the person who mentioned Runebound as being meant originally for PvP was thinking of Runewars as that game is absolutely PvP.
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