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    SolennelBern reacted to Julia in I think i'm gonna buy this game...last one needed in my Lovecraft game collection...   
    Yup, I'd have suggested him too to get a big box; but in his original post Dave mentioned he wanted a small exp. If going big is an option, then, I'd recommend Kingsport. I agree with Soakman about PS being good, but they can be proxied easily (everything's available on arkhamwiki.com), while Kingsport comes with a load of small cards, and is (imo, at least) the perfect complement for DH. Also, Innsmouth raises a lot the difficulty bar, so, better going step by step
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    SolennelBern reacted to Klutz in Starting from scratch with the Scum and Villainy faction   
    Concerning Push the Limit: try and find a store that's running a tournament with a Spring 2015 kit. It comes with 32 promotional alt-art PTLs!
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    SolennelBern reacted to failedparachute in Starting from scratch with the Scum and Villainy faction   
    If you're getting 2 IG-2000s you're going to want at least one StarViper to get two Autothrusters for the IGs. Easily the best modification for the pair of them. You may want a second Most Wanted pack as well to if you want to run Xizor and a bunch of Binaryes to soak some damage from him.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Marinealver in Starting from scratch with the Scum and Villainy faction   
    If you are starting only with the core set and you want to go S&V faction only then the 2 Aggressors and the Star Viper is the way to go. You should have enough to make a fairly competitive 100 point list.
    The Most Wanted pack is only if you already have a collection and want the cheapest way to squeeze 100 points into a 3rd faction but it won't be that competitive. However starting from nothing the Most Wanted pack ends up being the most expensive option as it requires you to invest in Rebel and Imperial expansion packs.
    If you want more options than Aggressors and a Star Viper then you may go for the MA-3 interceptor or wait for the new ships from Wave 7.
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    SolennelBern reacted to LordBlades in Starting from scratch with the Scum and Villainy faction   
    I was in the same spot as you are currently a few months back(this is the advice I got https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/136913-looking-at-starting-x-wing-trying-to-gauge-whats-needed-and-how-much-it-costs/#entry1477906).
    In the end I went with Most Wanted, HWK-290 and a M3-A Scyk. This (plus a core set ofc, as it's needed to run the game) gave me all I needed to run:
    I consider it a decent list and a good learning one (it has turrets as well as non turrets, ships ranging from very maneuverable like the m3-a to not really maneuverable like the y-wing). In the future I'm aiming at buying a StarViper and then waiting for Wave 7, to see if I can do anything interesting with the Hound's Tooth. If not, I will buy an IG-2000 and a Firespray.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Radarman5 in Starting from scratch with the Scum and Villainy faction   
    Advanced Sensors and Fire Control System are two System Upgrades that are amazing on the Aggressor, depending on how you build them. AdvSensors comes with the E-wing and Shuttle, Fire Control comes with B-wing and Tie Phantom. Predator is a good Elite Pilot Talent, that comes with the Tie Defender i think. Honestly I think the Aggressor is the most dependent on having other faction expansions in the S&V. 2 Most Wanted, a StarViper and a Firespray can make a lot of solid squads and don't really require any other expansion packs.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Chief Hugh in Starting from scratch with the Scum and Villainy faction   
    I'm assuming you know this is a costly game to start from scratch...
    Which is why I don't mind suggesting 3 most wanted packs and 1 viper expansion. 
    Playing Xizor with 5 Z95's is a very strong list and everything you will need is included. 
    If you add a firespray and a hwk, you will have tons of options. 
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    SolennelBern reacted to Millennium Falsehood in Starting from scratch with the Scum and Villainy faction   
    Well, for starters you'll be missing one of the single most important cards in the game: Push the Limit. You can only get it in the A-wing and Imperial Aces expansion packs, though you get two copies in Imperial Aces.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Budgernaut in Where's the Love for Runewars?   
    I don't want more expansions -- I just want more people to play this with!!!! I think I've played it only 4 times since I got it in December 2013. Sad, sad, day.
    Well, I guess that's not true. I would like another expansion, I just think it'd be nice for this game to see more play first. That 3-4 hour estimate really scares people off.
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    SolennelBern reacted to simpatikool in Basically Starcraft the boardgame with a Warhammer 40k reskin?   
    Huge fan of both StarCraft and Runewars (And TI...) Can see some similarities but that is it so far. So they may borrow from past success does not mean it is exactly the same game. There will be some new components, ideas and all that as well. Look forward to more information about this game.
    Wish it was 40K Armada!
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Malev Da Shinobi in Descent Second Edition - New Co-Op - Dark Elements   
    I played Dark Elements earlier this week and I think the balance is a bit weird.  There's a room in DE that ask you to activate some stuff in the middle of the place, and this stuff is surrounded by 4 monsters.  The number of monsters change with the number of players but not the stuff you need to interact with...
    I think this particular room is not feasable with only 2 Heroes...we tried and tried and tried but we couldn't find a way to do it in the short time we had too...
    But the thematic is really present and each room offer something cool thematically and mechanically.
    My favorite is Nature's Ire though, then FS and lastly DE...
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    SolennelBern reacted to Solan in If you were starting with Talisman, what would you buy past the base game?   
    Reaper IS a must-have; Blood Moon is most certainly not.  The Night and Day mechanic is fiddly, Lycanthropy is unbalanced, and I find the Firelands to be a much greater challenge while being just as strong as Blood Moon thematically.  Of course whether you should get the Firelands depends on whether or not you WANT your Talisman game to be challenging.  
    Sacred Pool actually has a lot of good cards, not to mention introducing the interesting idea of Quest rewards and new Warlock cave tasks; I would get it if I were you.  
    The Nether Realm is VERY cool and I highly recommend it, though keep in mind it is only useful if you use either revealed or unrevealed alternate endings.  
    Dungeon for difficulty and theme, right on!  
    Woodlands, however, is honestly an even better corner expansion than the Dungeon!  It contains great dangers, but equally great rewards, and most importantly it allows you to obtain a Destiny card!  Each Destiny card provides a new and powerful way for you to use Fate, and they even pass on to your next character if the current one dies, thus making them an advantage for the rest of the game, no matter how many characters you go through!  Oh, and the Woodland characters are terrific!  
    Harbinger looks awesome; I will definitely be getting it when it comes out.  
    I would recommend against getting Frostmarch; it's quite weak thematically, with less than half the cards relating to the theme, and most of the cards are redunant or not sufficiently interesting.  I  use only twenty cards from Frostmarch in my games, no more.  
    I concur with your decision to purchase neither the City nor the Highland.  We do  use the City, but with a number of alternate rules to keep it from unbalancing the game.  Removing it altogether is probably the better solution.  
    I like the Deep Realm, but you can't use it without the City so there's no point in you buying it.  Dragons I have not yet tried, but word of mouth is extremely negative.  
    Hope this helps! 
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    SolennelBern reacted to Nioreh in If you were starting with Talisman, what would you buy past the base game?   
    If you feel like it, read up on some thought on the same subject in a previous thread
    I'm agree almost fully with you. I didn't like the city much either, too much gain and too little risk and the highlands is my least favorite corner of the other three.
    I'd definitely recommend you to go get a copy of The Forest expansion though, if I'd buy everything from the start again this would probably be my first big box, the added fate mechanic is great!
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    SolennelBern reacted to Julia in Release Date?   
    Like... a wasted evening? :p
    (joking, sorry... it's just not my cup of tea. Respect for all those enjoying the game, tho)
    Yes, this is true. I think both Relic and Talisman require players to basically accept what you said: you're there for the story, for the fun of the encounters, and for an evening with friends. When I look at the game in this way, I'm ok with it But I know I'd be ok for one evening in a while, and not for continuous play (i.e. I don't see myself setting up the game every night and play more and more)
    Just  question of personal taste, I guess.
    I'm curious to see the new exp, since Sam Bailey worked on that, and he's generally very good at adding mechanics or bending games in unexpected directions (see Gates of Arkham for ES). Let's see
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Red Die Guy in Relic: Halls of Terra   
    **** my wish came through, a side board and not a corner board!!
    And the thematic is awesome, really love what this will bring to the already immersive Relic+Nemesis.
    Can't wait to put my face in the box and smell it hard...
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    SolennelBern reacted to Julia in The Tattered King - Act II (session report)   
    Time to return to the Streets of Arkham and see if Michael, Darrell, Finn and Marie could have their revenge on Hastur.

    The game opened with Silver Twilight Aid / Heralds the End
    ES: 0, Doom: 0

    Day 1:
    Only easy or mid-difficulty cards in play; Michael passes Police Raid without any problem, while Darrell uses Flashlight to turn faceup a Black Cave adventure, then moves to the Science Building; the event he has to resolve there allows Michael to join him and trade items. In this way Darrell gains Dynamite and a clue and passes Alien Dissection. Finn uses the Cross to bless himself and then passes The Coven, gaining the first ES of the game. Marie passes Cold Case and then finally Michael passes Strange Heirloom and becomes Blessed.
    Mythos: Man Struggles / Amid the Stillness (-1 ES due to "At Midnight" effect of Independence Square)
    ES: 0, Doom: 1

    Day 2:
    Darrell passes Shipment from Innsmouth; Finn passes Archaic Collection and finally Marie passes A Warm Meal, advancing the clock.
    Mythos: Shattered Worlds / For a Dark Future (yellow lock)
    ES: 0, Doom: 1

    Day 3:
    Two OWs in play at this moment of the game; time to start working on those, so that Michael passes Lost Carcosa (+2 ES; +1 doom) and Darrell, spending all his clues and remaining resources, manages to pass The City of Gugs (+2ES, -1 doom; +1 doom). Gates would have kept on appearing due to the At Midnight effect of a Witch House adventure, so that Finn moves there and manages to pass The Forbidden Library (+1 ES). Finally Marie passes Stormy Crossing.
    Mythos: Strange Sights / For a Dark Fate (red lock due to Mythos; monster spawned by Strange Sights locks the yellow die)
    ES: 5, Doom: 2

    Day 4:
    Michael passes Wheeling and Dealing; Darrell moves to the Ma's adventure where the Ghost is locking the yellow die; the adventure revealed resulted in being Room 13, hence, an additional red lock, and the event makes appear a Spectral Hunter. Darrell uses the Flute of the Outer Gods to clear the Ghost while he rolls well enough to remove the Spectral Hunter, but fails the adventure. Finn passes Breaking and Entering
    Mythos: Common Ground / Tempts Fate
    ES: 5, Doom: 2

    Day 5:
    Marie comes to help Darrell, and she passes Room 13 (+1 ES); Michael moves to Death at the Docks, but the location results being unstable, and he so arrives in the City of the Great Race. The event (triggered by the last Mythos lingering effect) results in a Gug appearing. Michael clears the Gug and passes the adventure, remaining with 1 Sta (+1 ES; +1 doom). Darrell passes Prayers for the Loss and is Blessed.
    Mythos: Dark Portals / Reveal Terrifying Worlds
    ES: 7, Doom: 3

    Day 6:
    Finn passes Death at the Docks (+1 doom due to Event), while Marie passes Lost in Time and Space, closing the last open gate (+1 ES; +1 doom).
    Mythos: Strange Sights / Herald the End
    ES: 8, Doom: 5

    Day 7:
    Michael gains a Sheldon Gang Membership before attempting Back Alley Battle; he passes the adventure (-1 doom). Darrell passes Open Graves, then uses the Roadster to have another turn; he then passes Necromantic Rites. Finn uses Flare Gun to summon Michael and exchange some equipment, and then passes The Ornate Chest (also thanks to recovering two dice with the Cabala of Saboth).
    Mythos: Shattered Worlds / Herald the End
    ES: 9, Doom: 4

    Day 8:
    Marie enters the South Church and stipulates a Devil’s Bargain; she passes Sanctification (-1 doom; +2 doom due to event); Michael passes Ancient Egypt (+1 ES; +1 doom).
    Mythos: Man’s Descent / Tempts the Fate
    ES: 10, Doom: 6

    Day 9:
    Darrell passes Police Assistance, and Finn passes Cryptic Messages. Marie moves to Another Time, but the event (triggered by the lingering effect of the Mythos card) would result in no reward for passing the adventure. Marie opts to fail, advancing the clock.
    Mythos: The Stars Align / While Tme Sleeps Away
    ES: 10, Doom: 7

    Day 10:
    Michael passes Another Time (+2 ES; +1 doom); Darrell enters the Silver Twilight Lodge; the entry triggers 1 doom, that summons a Shan, flying to the Train Station and locking a green die. Darrell then uses Sigil of the Order to gain a Silver Twilight Membership and the right to bypass the last task on the adventure card. He passes the adventure, winning the last ES needed.

    Final outcome: victory by Elder Sign in 75 minutes, with Doom at 7
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    SolennelBern reacted to jlhorner1974 in First Impressions   
    Wow, it feels like this is the game that Elder Sign always wanted itself to be. Love the new mechanics. Having the adventures be face down and also having effects to buy things or restore health/sanity on the backs adds a lot of strategy. Do I take the chance or the sure thing? The new mythos are much nastier, as they should be. The events are really a truly random mix of things good and bad, which add to the unpredictability. Somehow the difficulty seemed to be about right. Tough, but not impossible. Man, though, the mythos can really pound on you when you're down now. I had a case when an investigator was devoured which added a doom token, which opened a gate; an effect from the previous mythos triggered, a new mythos effect added doom tokens, which opened another gate.. it was diabolical. I also love how the adventures were themed to the Arkham locations as well. It's also nice that there is a wide variety of difficulty present in the adventures. Some are a cakewalk. Some are f**king impossible! Allies are more common now, which is nice. Like the skills - they are needed to combat the increase difficulty. Also *really* love the items that can be used to help others so the game feels a bit more cooperative - why weren't there more of these from the beginning? Only thing I didn't like is when all three Gates are placed in Arkham and there are still unsealed Arkham adventures, another gate opening only adds a monster. This seems too generous. I would have expected a doom token instead. I don't mind that this game took the series in a new direction. I loved the original Elder Sign and this is even better. I'm already excited about new Streets of Arkham style expansions.
    First game: Yibb-Tstll against Jenny, Jim, Amanda, and Skids. Steadily progressed. Got on a good run and got a number of Elder Signs and items, but Doom Track filled up steadily too. Thankfully a number of chances to retreat doom kept things under control. Still, the events wreaked havoc and the higher failure rate of adventures was apparent. Not enough to be frustrating, but definitely noticeable. Eventually got the final Elder Signs I needed to put the ancient one away. Without several chances to retreat doom, Yibb-Tstll might have woken up. Result: Victory by Elder Signs at 7 doom.
    Second game: Ghatanothoa against same team. This time the mythos was furious and out for revenge. It started out ugly and got worse. Got FIVE red cards for the initial draw. Failed a couple of adventures early. Green die locked straightaway. Finally cleared it but the red die got locked and yellow doubly locked soon after. Gates opening everywhere - started looking like Yog Sothoth's back yard. After the initial items were used up couldn't really get any more. Jim headed to a face down other world to try to close and it turned out to be the Great Temple. He failed and midnight came up so he was devoured. Clawed my way to a couple of Elder Signs but a mythos forced me to lose two them or pay a hefty price. Monsters popped out. Never did manage to close any Gates so never faced the ancient one's deathly visage. Two more investigators devoured after losing health and going insane. Ghatanothoa awoke with only *1* Elder Sign collected. Fortunately this was just after someone was devoured so they had fresh items, and the previous mythos effect gave everyone an item. Most investigators had a clue or two also as rewards for completing easy adventures last turn - I had abandoned a seal victory given 1 Elder Sign showing and the doom track almost full with 2 more doom tokens coming at midnight. Final battle time. With the way the mythos had been screwing me over, I feared defeat was looming since I can't even focus during the final battle. Amazingly, after a game of abysmal dice rolling and brutal mythos effects, karma had had enough and was pissed. Suddenly everyone got red hot at just the right time. Ghatanothoa needed a peril + terror as his task. Amanda was up first with all eight dice, and she rolled the task three times! Finn was up next and he had a Sword of Glory. With a clue and eight dice he ripped another three doom tokens off the ancient one. Jenny was up next, discarded a common to get all eight dice, and she completed the task twice. One to go. Trish had a red die and a clue, but she didn't need either because she got what she needed in one roll. After some absolutely unholy dice rolling, Ghatanothoa was out for the count. What an amazing finish! Result: Victory by final combat
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    SolennelBern reacted to Julia in question regarding unseen forces + base game   
    Midnight effects are never triggered during setup. Hence, having a dual chance, you were forced to choose the one that was resolvable, i.e. returning the Ally deck to the box.
    I don't remember if in UF there was a clarification about this, but this is a standard rule in many FFG games and a rule that appears also in Gates of Arkham (regarding the split rewards / penalties), so, I'd rule this way. Thematic-wise, look at the thing under this point of view: cards offering you a choice always come with particularly nasty effects, so that you actually have to choose the "lesser of two evils"; if one of the effects is not resolvable due to rules, then you should automatically choose the other
    (in any case, I'd be curious to hear the rationale behind your choice: you don't need Allies to win, and rarely they are given as rewards, while on the other hands an "everyone's cursed" with zero trophies to clear the curse appear to be incredibly tough on investigators)
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    SolennelBern reacted to zealot12 in Dose the new expansion not integrate at all?   
    One of the best expansions FFG has released to date. It's a total redefinition of the game.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Julia in Dose the new expansion not integrate at all?   
    Zealot scored many good points in his post. Integrating everything shouldn't be particularly difficult, both if you want to mix stuff from the beginning or if you want to have a "campaign" a la Omens (a part in the museum, a part outside). I think the key in GoA is that there's 100% compatibility between investigators, AOs, and small cards; the way you use the Adventure and Mythos decks is consequently 100% customizable, allowing you to shape the game in the way you like the most
    (which is something I expect to happen quite often, since not everyone could be ok with the new level of difficulty or with getting rid of the previous adventure cards, so that, variant, houserules, different setups and so on should start appearing as often as we had houserules to boost the difficulty for core ES)
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    SolennelBern reacted to Julia in Dose the new expansion not integrate at all?   
    Additionally, you keep in all the small cards, investigators, AOs and OWs.
    Anyhoo, if you skim the main page of this very forum, you'll notice many threads about the new expansion and you can have a general better idea of what's going on with Gates of Arkham
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Malev Da Shinobi in Descent Second Edition - New Co-Op - Dark Elements   
    I'd have liked that some coop quests included in the campaign book...but i'm a dreamer so...
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    SolennelBern reacted to Artaterxes in If you were starting with Talisman, what would you buy past the base game?   
    Generally with FFG products I recommend getting the first expansion released (eg Reaper). Then go in chronological order.
    If you dive into later expansions, they may be for more "seasoned" players... Imagine if you got base plus Firelands.
    But really it's a matter of taste... You can't go wrong with any of these great items...
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    SolennelBern reacted to Nemomon in If you were starting with Talisman, what would you buy past the base game?   
    I think all the expansions are worth purchasing. Even if You won't play them, You at least will get some interesting characters and/or Spells.
    Plus, the Talisman is a game of imagination. If You don't like how the expansion looks like, You have all the rights to change it however You will want it to look. Sometimes it is even more fun to sit with the cards, and think how I would want to use them, during which events and what I would like to change in them than play a session of Talisman. If You will sit with the cards, You will learn them, and perhaps will come with some situations during which these cards will be played with the best efficacy. But that also matters if you actually can find a spare time to sit with the cards....
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    SolennelBern reacted to DomaGB in If you were starting with Talisman, what would you buy past the base game?   
    If you are afraid of the size, you can do what I did, use the 1st or 2nd edition board with the 4th edition rules. The boards are much smaller, and only about 4 changes which I wrote down on a paper.
    If you did this you would have room for other board expansions.
    I would suggest Highlands for gold for the city and for early leveling but you don't like City. You seem to not want any advice on big boards which I prefer so I won't give any, but to warn you there is a small expansion (Deep Realms) which connects 2 board expansions (City & Dungeon), and I like that a lot.
    1st Expansion Reaper.
    Reaper expansion if you want a small expansion and no board. The Reaper adds more basic Adventure cards and a cool NPC character that runs around.
    Next, I recommend the Sacred Pool. As it gives not only great basic Adventure cards but also items from a stable deck you can purchase without having the city.
    At this time, while it isn't out yet, I think the yet to be released expansion The Harbinger, seems to be awesome. I love the theme.
    Next, I would recommend Frostmarch next as it also has a generic addition to the Adventure deck.
    Next recommend the Nether realm. This is a new different kind of expansion and gives you a really cool alternate ending, Pandora's Box.
    The rest I would get in this order:
    Firelands: has some really cool effects. And can be very dangerous if you have few expanions to water it down.
    Bloodmoon: A very Halloweenish type expansion. Very strong in theme. I like the theme but only in the fall. It also has a game changing effect of creating day/night. In the day players get a +1 in battle at night enemies get a +1. You also get a werewolf NPC and Lycanthropy effects. I use only about 1/3 of the expansion (I don't use +1/-1 nor Lycanthropy). Others like it, but there is a strong percentage who think its fiddly.
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