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    SolennelBern reacted to Camelorn in Choosing command cards for your army   
    There is a limit: It is the sum of comand points of your heroes.
    Only when playing with only one regiment on each side, the resulting two command cards in an army feel somewhat bland.
    Thus a houserule came up in Bright Wizard's game group helps here: 3 cards on hand, but only two may be played each round. I like that a lot by the way.
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    SolennelBern reacted to garhan in Expansion Wishlisting   
    Same here. But i would really preffer expansion every second month just to keep game in pace...i really want new heroes and command cards now...GIMME !
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Tickosity in Group Positive Thinking   
    Ok I know how we can make FFG announce Runebound 3rd edition.
    We have to set a day, hour, minute and second of a point in the future where EVERYONE that want Runebound 3rd edition to happen get in mesmer mood and think they're holding RB3 in their hands.
    I can easily see 1k people at a fixed day and time sending to FFG all this overwhelming positive thinking and a few weeks later we read on the front page: "Announcing Runebound 3rd edition".
    You all with me?
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    SolennelBern reacted to spirited2 in Group Positive Thinking   
    You have my sword..!
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    SolennelBern reacted to VladVoivode in Group Positive Thinking   
    I am with you, but, being a magician I have a strong sense of pragmatism. [sleight of hand artists are very pragmatic and more than a bit skeptical]. But, how about in addition to your idea, we set a specific date and (I am being serious now) have everyone post her/his interest in RB 3rd ed.?
    It seems that requests for a new Runebound are scattered all over these fora, but, perhaps one thread which attracts a huge number of posts just might wake FFG to the fact that there IS a genuine interest in this game? 
    Runebound is a great game and perhaps an effort could also be made to attract PC gamers. Many boardgamers are already avid PC gamers like myself but I think there are many more who have not realized the richness of the board game world. As I write this, I am thinking of classic PC games that are similar to Runebound's mechanic and the following PC franchises are classics:
    Heroes of Might and Magic, Age of Wonders (the fourth iteration, curiously referred to as Age of Wonders III is due out very soon), Disciples, and King's Bounty immediately spring to mind. None of these games are one offs and none of these games ceased after a second "edition." 
    King's Bounty includes the original, the remake in the mid-2000s, King's Bounty: Armored Princess and its expansion Crossworlds, and 2013 saw King's Bounty: Warriors of the North. [N.B.: Off all these games, King's Bounty is perhaps the closest cousin to Runebound].
    Heroes of Might and Magic is now in its sixth iteration and that sixth iteration even has an expansion.
    The Disciples series has three main editions, and the second and third editions have significant "expansions."
    Additionally, if FFG reads these boards, it should realize that there are a LOT of people who have recently found out about Runebound but simply cannot find it in their gaming stores, so, they are paying exorbitant prices on eBay for the game and its expansions. FFG must realize that this is lost revenue.
    I would be willing to draft a letter and a petition to Fantasy Flight Games and attempt to contact the company directly. If I receive enough responses in this thread, I will set up a petition for all to sign that will be sent directly to FFG.
    If we want this, we need to make a concerted effort such that FFG sees the financial feasibility in creating a third edition. The mechanic of the game is sound as evidenced by its popularity here as well as other boardgames like MageKnight which have taken the Runebound experience and reaped the benefits. A quick look at Board Game Geek shows that MageKnight is still one of the hottest games around. That coupled with the strong success of PC games with the same or similar mechanic as Runebound plus the community's desire for Runebound could coalesce into a powerful and persuasive argument that would appeal to FFG. It could well be that from their point of view, a new Runebound could be a financial risk; they are of course correct. But, if the company can glean a truly coherent sense that the demand is there, maybe, just maybe, it could happen.
    There is precedent, albeit in mass media. In 1969, just a few months before Neil Armstrong set foot on Earth's moon, NBC cancelled Star Trek. A small but very determined cadre of fans began a letter writing campaign that ultimately resulted in Star Trek becoming one of the most storied sci-fi franchises on television, at the movies, and in books.
    So, SolennelBurn, if you will forgive me for possibly hijacking your post, I propose the above idea. I am with you; are you with me?
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    SolennelBern reacted to Apollwn in Expansion Wishlisting   
    I would like to see a bretonnia expansion
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from MechaBri.Zilla in Expansion Wishlisting   
    Yeah I took the plunge ad **** glad I did.  I wrote some kind of session report over at BGG.
    Best game I played in 2014 so far
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from garhan in Expansion Wishlisting   
    Yeah I took the plunge ad **** glad I did.  I wrote some kind of session report over at BGG.
    Best game I played in 2014 so far
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    SolennelBern reacted to MechaBri.Zilla in Expansion Wishlisting   
    As I recall from some of your other posts, you weren't so sure about this game to begin with.  
    So happy you have come to the dark side!  Hope you get as much fun out of it as I have.
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from MechaBri.Zilla in Expansion Wishlisting   
    The format of this game will give us super awesome expansions imo.  The game is made up of disks and tokens so it'll be easy to produce really cool expansions ranging from armies to terrain packs.
    **** i'm glad I bought this game!
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from GroggyGolem in 2 ORS + 2 A-Wings = 4 Wins   
    That is what I love to see, out of the box ideas for new and unique squads.
    I'm so tired of facing the same setup every games like Fettigator or Doom Shuttle...or both, TIE swarms and other flavorless squads.
    Thanks for being original and posting your ideas here so that others can get inspired to de the same!
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    SolennelBern reacted to Eltnot in 1000   
    I don't know, but this game would be closeish:

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    SolennelBern reacted to Julia in Do I get all 3 payouts of a highlight if I'm unopposed?   
    And I said that the underlined part doesn't make the sentence any clearer because the direct logical implication is a paradox: it implies that normally a team gains both the team zone and the central zone, which is obviously not true.
    Nonetheless, more or less everybody here gave you the same answer: all means all. If you're not happy with the way the community reads the rules, then play it your way. If you believe we are all struggling for an official ruling about this non-issue, feel free to use the "rules question" button of this very site and ask FFG an official answer. Easy peasy
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    SolennelBern reacted to markcsoul in 4ship wedge builds   
    My Wedge squad is my best rebel squad
    Wedge + Swarm
    Roark + Recon + Blaster
    100 points
    You initially will shoot 12, 9, 9, 4.  Very strong possibility of killing a ship before it fires in first engagement.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Jobu in Rebels: 3 great ships or 4 ok ships?   
    I played in a tourney last weekend, went 2-1 and flew a three rebel squad.  One of my wins was against a 7 Tie Swarm, losing only 1 ship to his 7.
    I was very happy with the performance and enjoyed flying it a lot.  With three ships, you end up taking the fight into the asteroids a lot which is a ton of fun.
    Luke Skywalker - Proton Torp
    Horton Salm - Proton Torp, Ion Cannon Turret, R5 astromech
    Tycho Celchu - Concussion Missiles, Push the Limits
    The secondary weapons are key on this list, I always took out one enemy ship at the Range 3 initial volley before it even got a shot off.  Luke's Proton is kinda mey, but Horton and Tycho have good abilities that enable them to hit hard with the secondaries.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Captain_Arrr in Rebels: 3 great ships or 4 ok ships?   
    Just adding another ship just to add it unfortunately is necessary.
    Just adding another ship just to add it unfortunately is necessary. I am sorry but a build like this will lose the war of attrition. Biggs has the most defensive dice. A 4 ship build with 2 Bs and 2 Xs will eventually win. A 5 ship build will eat it for breakfast.Sorry but I am in the camp of SolennelBern. After getting wiped at Worlds I realized this game is all abput hull. Especially when a ist with 5 TIE bombers and Howlrunner is a hair breath away from getting into the top 16. The player who can fly 6 plus ships wins. Period.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Stone37 in Rebels: 3 great ships or 4 ok ships?   
    This has not been my experience.  And I've enjoyed winning with this build.  Biggs, when flown correctly, is a Tie swarm pain in the butt.  R2-D2 keeps him around and I've played several games were I haven't lost a single ship.  This is a very balanced and well made game.  ANY 100 point squad has a chance of beating another 100 point squad.  The ships and their abilities do not decide the outcome of a game.  The player's skill does.  That being said, It is much harder to run a 3 ship squad than a 4.  There is little to no room for error with the build I suggested.  For players building squads to take to a tourney:  Know your strengths and weaknesses and build around them.  Also, repeat this montra: IT'S A GAME, SO HAVE FUN WHILE PLAYING IT! 
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    SolennelBern reacted to Stone37 in Rebels: 3 great ships or 4 ok ships?   
    As a Rebel player, you have the advantage when it comes to movement.  (I can hear people screaming about the superiority of the Tie dial now. lol)  If you don't understand this truth, I suggest you learn the "Rule of 11".

    That being said, SP is important to rebel fleets.  Four is not better than three if the 4th is just an added ship for a 4th's sake.  Here is my 3 ship fleet that has yet to loose in both casual and organized play.

    Biggs+R2D2+Shield Upgrade
    Jan+Ion Turret
    Ten+Adv. Sensor+Marksmanship
    Keep Biggs at 2-3 range to draw fire away from Jan and Ten.  Jan will set up easy shots and provide re-rolls while Biggs and Ten should be killing something almost every round.
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    SolennelBern reacted to AlexW in Rebels: 3 great ships or 4 ok ships?   
    Everything is playable, but even in casual play there is going to be a disparity in the game due to list building, which I think is what you mean by viable. In fact when two players choose things based completely on what seems fun to them without worrying about how competitive the list is. I think that you are actually more likely to have that disparity than two players who at least keep competitive balance in mind.
    I try to strike a balance. I love the Awing but realize I can't fly a full list of them if I want to keep things competitive. So then I try to figure out how many I can include to still keep games interesting, since I also don't care about completely min/maxing my list for a competitive edges.
    Anyway, I get what you mean, but I thought I'd offer that perspective.
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    SolennelBern reacted to Englishpete in Rebels: 3 great ships or 4 ok ships?   
    This is it

    Wedge Antilles (33)

    R2 Astromech, Push the Limit

    Ibtisam (32)

    Advanced Sensors, Veteran Instincts

    Jan Ors (34)

    Determination, Blaster Turret, Nien Nunb, Moldy Crow
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    SolennelBern reacted to Janson in Yeah squad advice again...BBAA   
    I firmly suggest if you are going to use two A's in a 4 ship list, try the Green Squad with PTL. It was one of the first ships I got extensive experience with and I just can't really bring myself to ever downgrade. Just focus and evade till you get used to keeping them alive, and then expand your action selections. In my AABB experience it's the slippery A's that have my opponents pulling their hair out, but that may be because I'm just less experienced with the B's (though B's are failry easy to focus down).
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    SolennelBern reacted to Davor in Rebels: 3 great ships or 4 ok ships?   
    How about what ever is most fun? 
    I played with my son today. I asked him do you really only want one ship. And he reminded me of something. "I want to have fun Daddy and learn how to use this ship."
    Sometimes it's nice to use more powerful ships and loose and have fun than have 4 boring ships and win. 
    I guess been hanging around too many 40K forums where people need to win with plastic toy soldiers. Nice to have fun and loose. 
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    SolennelBern reacted to SableGryphon in Rebels: 3 great ships or 4 ok ships?   
    Forget that, 6 rebel list FTW!
    6x Rebel Operative
    That gives you 4 points for initiative!
    Ok, I'm not buying it either.
    Yeah, generally 4 ships is preferable to 3. It means losing one isn't a serious blow to your chances of winning. 3 Ship rebels can be quite potent, granted, but it takes a lot more skill and a bit of luck to pull it off.
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    SolennelBern got a reaction from Khyros in Yeah squad advice again...BBAA   
    I must be getting annoying but **** if I could try 23 squads tonight i'd do it...
    The 3 Pewpews from Hell
    Ten Numb + Fire-Control System + Autoblaster (38) Blue Squadron Pilot + Fire-Control System + Heavy Laser Cannon (31) Wedge Antilles + Squad Leader (31)
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    SolennelBern reacted to Khyros in Yeah squad advice again...BBAA   
    You could try the generic ABBA squad:
    Blue w/ AdvS
    Blue w/ AdvS
    Green w/ PTL + Stealth
    Green w/ PTL + Stealth
    Or, if you pull the AdvS and Stealth, you have 12 points...  You could spend them this way
    Blue w/ HLC
    Blue w/ Autoblaster
    Green w/ PTL
    Green w/ PTL
    With the logic being that you keep the two blues together, and the opponent can either rush to get the R1 on the HLC, and suffer the autoblaster, or stay at range and the HLC gets lots of love .
    I don't think it's particularly competitive, but should be fun.
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