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  1. I like this approach and we talked about it before we started. I also mentionned that 3 Heroes give the OL some disadvantage in monster numbers and overall power. But he insisted to go with 4 Heroes to have a balanced group. We also decided to restart the campaign after playing the Intro of LoR. We decided that mostly because I made some error in the setup and during gameplay (took 1 Threat token AND a card when I killed a Hero...). So i'll bring the 3-hero party idea again but he seem to really like controlling a full group.
  2. Dwarves...DWARVES!!!!!!!!!!! I'll ready my keg and bash some heads with them, can't effing wait for this expansion. The two new armies are really unique and sound equally fun to play but i'll always cherish my midgets or doom before anything else!
  3. Random too. But we house ruled one thing, we each pick 2 random Investigators and choose one. Gives us some choice but still keep the random nature of things. Same with the AO, we simply pick one at random and cry
  4. Oh yes I recall he used the power. It forced me to come into range, whici I did, but I guess his bad luck and my good ended with very few goblins hurt and a couple of Heroes damaged. I agree though, this power is really good.
  5. I don't think her power was used during the quest but Augur and Reynhart used theirs... Not that it would have changed the outcome but it sure would have helped.
  6. I'll propose my brother to redo the quest next session just to see how it'll go after playing it through once. BTW during the quest I downed each Hero at least once so I got 4 Threat tokens, plus 1 after playing a Rumor card featuring a quest. Plus I destroyed the Sun's Fury to gain another 3 Threat. I bought the Summon Ariad (3) and Tainted Blood (1) plot cards which leaves me with 3 Threat tokens for later use. I also choose the Infector path for my first class and got the Contaminated card with my first XP. I think he's in for a world of pain unfortunately FYI, my bother chose Reynhart/Knight, Roganna/Wildlander, Augur/Disciple and Leoric/Geomancer. I must admit it's quite a cool group to see in action. Augur is quite powerful as is Leoric with their auras. We'll see how it goes for the nest quests but what is starting to weight heavy on my borther's shoulders is that he never won a game as Overlord or Hero since we started playing...and I hope he'll take that desperation and use it to fuel his Heroes
  7. Quick question about this quest...how can the Heroes pull this one off? We played this one tonight, I was the Overlord against a party of 4 Heroes. At first the Heroes were doing great until I started to move the captive towards the exit. My master Goblins were the principal carriers and moved the captive swiftly. Even though the Heroes downed the carrier, I was able to pick it up quickly and continue toward the exit. I also was able to defeat a Hero on my turn, sometimes two. Other other thing, the quest lasted for over 2 hours...too long for what it is... So, what did the Heroes should have done to grab the win on this one?
  8. Yep, great points and that's why I don't plan to by lots of them, probably gonna stop when I have 1 from each expansions, probably less. I'll just buy those I like the look of and like their plot decks but won't go as far as collecting all of them. Next on my list is Zachareth and I must admit Tristayne is looking awesome. I really like Skarn too from Manor or Ravens. Probably gonna grab Valyndra too on the way. I already have Ariad, ordered Mirklace. Next buy will mostly be Zachareth and i'll see after that.
  9. Thanks for the comment! At first I didn't wanted to buy any of those but after reading more about them I found that some Lieutenant packs were great. Zachareth, Mirklace, Ariad/Queen, Bol'Goreth...all great Agents with cool Plot decks. I wanted a bit more tools for my campaign and with Ariad I think it'll be fun as hell. Cursed monsters synergies will be fun to use against the do-gooders
  10. Ok thanks, just wanted to make sure since she's waiting in my car right now lol My FLGS also had Merick Farrow and Eliza Farrow but didn't read many good comments on those two so I passed on them. Did you tried Merick as an agent?
  11. No that's the Queen Ariad card, not the Ariad (human form) card which states "You cannot use this card in any quest that uses the Ariad or Queen Ariad lieutenant."
  12. I cant summon the agent if the Lieutenant is used in the quest but I could summon the agent, lets say Ariad, in any LoR quests that the Ariad Lieutenant is not used right?
  13. Just read the Lieutenant rules...according to them I can't use any of the LoR lieutenant since they're featured in the campaign? I understand I can't use Queen Ariad since she's the boss of the campaign but could I use Ariad (not Queen) in all the quests that she's not in?
  14. ***Cross posting to BGG to get as much opinions as I can before lunch *** Hi all! Tonight i'm starting the Labyrinth of Ruin campaign with my brother. I'll be playing the Overlord and he'll be playing with 4 Heroes. We know the game well and played a lot together so nothing new for us. But I want to add some new stuff into the game so the Lieutenants comes into mind. I already ordered Mirklace but won't have him till next week. Now my FLGS have in stock: Raythen, Serena, Ariad and Queen Ariad...only those four. If you really needed to buy one (lol) which one would you get for your LoR campaign?
  15. Sup everyone! I got D2E as a gift when it released. We played some but it doesn't get enough fresh air for my taste. I actually started 3 campaigns and never finished one...sad, pathetic and sad. Now I play with my brother at least once a week and most of the time twice. Plus I play a third time with a friend where we're 2 or 3. So with my bro it'd be easier to start a campaign and actually finish it. I own D2E, LotW, LoR and TF. I ordered Mirklace too so the OL can have a new tool to play with and make his role a bit more enjoyable. What i'm looking for is to make the experience en bit more easy on the Hero side since my bro will play the Heroes and he can get discouraged easily if he lose too much in a row (I tend to do well as an OL). I don't want to give him chances and withhold my powers, I just want both of us to unleash what we got and have fun. So, how many Heroes would be to the advantage of that player? And what would be the best campaign to play that would offer the best experience for both parties? EDIT: Looks like my brother wants to play with 4 Heroes...that is awesome.
  16. I'm on the fence about this game since it's first day on shelves... It look awesome and I really like the 1 vs many aspect of it... But I don't know if my group have the guts or the will to play such game... Thanks Julia for the reviews link, i'll go take a look at those.
  17. Well said mister Magnus. When Diskwars was announced I was one to laugh at it's face, thinking how silly it would be to flip disks and call them units. But the theme and the amazing comments this game received when it launched made me reconsider my thought and actually look at it with a more serious eye. And then I bought it and not looking back...and Dwarves and Vampire Counts are coming...**** that'll be awesome.
  18. I really like this expansion and the amount of stuff it adds to the base game. Eldritch Horror is growing on me the more I play it. At first I thought it lacked some flavor but the more I play the more i'm love the way it's working. Plus the variety FL is bringing to it is really welcome.
  19. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!??!?!?? Dwarves rules man and if you can't agree with that we're done I'm equally thrilled about the Counts too, love undead races and Vampire Counts are close enough. Can't **** wait for those two boxes!
  20. I could see remote locations depicted with large tokens the shape of the current locations on the board that we could have access by boat or maybe planes (with new plane ticket tokens) via cities. It wouldn't add new rules, just new means of transport and new locations.
  21. I want it too, looks like a cool expansion...even though I only played 1 game of Relic since release (shame on me) I think Nemesis will make this game see more table time.
  22. Finally i'll be able to play the dwarves!!!!! Dammit best fantasy race ever!
  23. IMO it's the best approach. Throwing tons of new card for each deck wouldn't do any good to this game. I think FL is a great first addition that'll refresh the game bit more before the next big expansion.
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