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  1. I can understand Puppet comment since my group is a bit divided...there's the ones that don't like direct conflict so won't play awesome games like Runewars. There's the others that say they like conflict and war games but when you attack them they blame the rules or the player attacking them cause the player next to him is clearly in advance and should be attacked instead and there's the last remnants that genuinly like those games hahah.
  2. I did not read the encounter cards that much and only played 3 games so far (shame on me, Descent is taking a lot of table time) but in my games everytime someone had to draw an encounter and was on one of the 3 color he would draw the specific encounter instead of the general... What's the benefit of the General deck? Less bad things but less bonuses?
  3. Yeah it's just that I can regularly play with 1 or 2 friends...rarely 3+ (kids, stuff, life, etc) and buying a game that clearly not meant to be played under 6 players without making "house rule" adjustements is not the best of moves. I bought Rex soon after it was released thinking it would give me kind of a TI3 fix when I need some tense space politic gameplay but playing under the max count of players was so boring and clearly not meant to play that way, even though the box says otherwise...
  4. Is this a good expansion for mostly 2-player games or can I pass on it? Could it be fun to play 1 "good" and 1 "bad" character in 2-player games? I ask this because 100% of my games are 2-player with Relic, dunno why, it's like that...sad but true. But it's a great game anyways even with a low amount of player.
  5. I'm a really sad gamer... I want this game so bad but i'll crack open the box mayne once a year if i'm lucky... Not cool for a $50+ piece of cardboard
  6. Bought Legends two days ago, game look awesome, can't wait to give it a try!
  7. You can bring back as many little crackling walking bones as you like, my Dwarves will laugh and kick their tibia and smash their cranes to dust with me hammers and i'll send my slayers slice your bloodsucking abominations!!!!!!
  8. I never played BM before and when I saw the announcement I thought the game look awesome. Now that it's released I don't see many posts about this game, probably you're all playing the hell out of it! How is it?
  9. Yep most heroes start with the same defense value but don't despair, they'll get some cool stuff that up their defense to a point that hitting a concrete wall will have better effect
  10. Yep, let the Heroes decide. IT's their turn and all the OL did was mimic a chest for a monster to annoy them Let them share their loot
  11. I don't have the card with me but would it be possible that the Hero that killed the monster is the one to get the treasure?
  12. Another advice i'd like to share and this is after playing the game 3 times in 2013 where the first one was with 8 new players (best gaming time i've had since FF2 on NES ). Have ALL player read the rules...ALL PLAYERS! Second, use the preset maps which will accelerate the setup and provide a balanced start for every player. On our 8-player game, everyone read the rules before the game and just with this collective effort it made the 8 hour long game a smooth ride and an unforgettable experience. We also printed some useful tech charts, FAQs and other documents we found on BGG. It made every question easily responded and we could move on. We also took two 1-hour breaks so we could get up a bit, eat, etc. It was awesome!
  13. Started the campaign yesterday and we did Ruinous Whispers which I won pretty easily and after which I choose Honor among Thieves for the next quest, which I also won but it was a very close game, very close and awesomely fun. But in both quests the Heroes gathered a lot of gold. In Ruinous Whispers they ended up with 125 gold collected from Search tokens plus they sold some starting equipment for an extra 50 gold. They got some nice items out of that. In Honor among Thieves E1, they got all the Search tokens with that **** Treasure Hunter which is an awesome class to play with and agaisnt. The in E2 they found 3 Green Obj tokens (which are search tokens) but couldn't get out in time before I got my 12th fatigue in my play area. After this quest they had 225g...enough to really start to fear them On my part, after I won Ruinous Whispers I destroyed the Sun's Fury for the extra 1XP which I immediately converted in Threat. During the first campaign phase I had 7 Threat Tokens which I used to buy "Summon Bol'Goreth" and "The card that gives ~: Poison to the master monster of a group". Then during setup of Honor among Thieves I chose the spiders for my open group and replaced the master and 2 minions with Bol'Goreth. He did he job but ultimately died. He's pretty hard to kill and hit hard but he's gonna be the #1 target during the other quests. After HaT I had to buy the Summon card again since he died during E1... I also got the Infector card that gives "~: Infect the hero" plus another Infector I card that I don't recall the name. I'm now sitting on a 1XP to buy in the second level of Infector after next quest. Overall really fun stuff!
  14. I'd say don't light any fire near both...
  15. Can'T wait to try my Dwarves against those crackling smelly slow undeads!!!!!!!! Power to the beard!
  16. Those round cardboard disks look amazing.
  17. You need the password. What is the password? Think a bit, it's not what you think. But what is thinking? Is thinking like dreaming? Or dreaming IS thinking? What was your last dream? Do you even dream? I did not sleep in ages, I was waiting for you. Now I can finally sleep and dream and think. Welcome home Bagpus, but I still need the password.
  18. LOL...what a newb error I made on the very first quest Ruinous Whispers... I used the Act II monsters instead of Act I... **** that was a stupid mistake hhahahaha...now I can see why the Heroes had a hard time killing goblins...
  19. Rangd, magic and other (if there is) other sources of damage except melee takes effect as soon as they're used Second question: yes!
  20. Others will chime in and correct me if i'm wrong but I think when the OL spawns monsters, if all spaces are occupied he can spawn the monster on the nearest adjacent space? I don't have the rules with me but I recall reading this somewhere...but can't tell if it was official or non-official...
  21. I thought about trying Bol'Goreth with the Infector class...looks really fun. But Zachareth is in the list too, looks like a really great agent.
  22. I'm so not a fan of second core sets...but then I bought 2 for X-Wings since the value was so there. Diskwars will probably be the second game i'll do it...just so you know I only have one Netrunner core set I didn't played since marsh and now my hands are trembling...I need my flipping fix!
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