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  1. Your wife is the perfect woman Mine is laughing and saying "Again!?!?" when I come home with a new game, but then ask me to play Quarriors...
  2. Wow hahahah XCom, Dungeon Fighter and now SW: Armada... Where's Runebound?
  3. Can't wait to get my hands on this book. I'm looking for a RPG group to try this in the local game shops. Never played an RPG before and would effing love to try one and DH2 look so awesome. And if I never play, i'll still have an awesome book in my hands.
  4. I wish I had a RPG group... dammit... I'll still buy the book cause it's freaking looking amazing and everything 40K is always a great read. Nad did I mentionned that the book is looking as good as an angel of doom sipping coffee? (WTF does that mean lol)
  5. I'd be all in too for that! Today I bought myself the awesome Starcraft board game that I found in my FLGS! Coffin boxes are so awesome!
  6. Yes, I don't think you can reanimate a large disk with a Reanimate 1 and a Reanimate 2 unit...
  7. Sup all! Just bought both expansions a couple days ago. I just moved to a new city and lost my regular gaming group (150 miles car drive). But a FLGS near my house is setting up a friendly tournament with FFG goodies as prices. Since I love Dwarves and Undeads in any fantasy settings I have to try those armies in a more serious way...but the problem is i'm not gonna be able to play before the tournament so i'm a bit stuck... I also like how the neutral factions are looking and got some ideas while checking the disks today. Here are my ideas, but I didn't had the time to choose the Command cards yet... OPTION #1 - DWARVES Regiment A Queen Helga + Karak Azul Warriors x3 + Ancestor Statue x1 + Flame Cannon x1 WITH Regiment B1 Grombrindal + Karak Hirn Miners x1 + Venerable Runesmith x1 + Master Engineer x1 + Gyrocopter x1 OR Regiment B2 Chakax + Skink Skirmishers x2 + Slamander x2 OR Regiment B3 Drycha + Wardancers x2 + Athel Loren Dryads x2 OPTION #2 - UNDEADS Regiment A Heinrich Kemmler + Skeleton Warriors x3 + Tomb Banshee x1 + Zombie Dragon x1 WITH Regiment B1 Mannfred von Carstein + Dire Wolves x1 + Tomb Banshee x2 + Black Knights x1 OR Regiment B2 Ikit Claw + Gutter Runners x3 + Rattling Gun x1 It's really hard to decide and i'd like, for those of you that played these new armies, to comment a bit about your experience and help me improve my two armies. Thanks a lot!
  8. I think every stages are built in the same way: gather the number of cards listed on the GOO sheet, shuffle the stages individually and finally pile them up with II on the bottom, II in the middle and I on top.
  9. Slod my copy after a couple of games. I'm at a stage in my gaming life () where I know right off the bat if i'll like a game or not. BML is really not for me, especially when I play CoC LCG and Netrunner...both of those games, while a lot more complex, offer so much more depth and gameplay fun that BML will just gather the dust. So I decided to sell it and I don't look back.
  10. Yes it's a known "feature" It's part of the manufacturing process, the way the board is made it looks like it's inevitable. For me, I don't find that annoying at all when I play, cause I play the game and don't try to find every defect on a product (I don't say that's what you're doing ). When I got serious with building an awesome gaming rig a couple years back I was always launching games and stared at the screen. Guess what, I found glitches here and there, everywhere. But then I started to play the game and those glitches disappeared!
  11. Hey all! Please back this game up in this thread! Lots of like-minded folks there are working on a petition to send to FFG demanding a reprint or a 3rd edition! http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/100012-group-positive-thinking/
  12. This book is just gorgeous! I don't play RPGs at all but I don't know why I want this book so much! I really dig FFGs RPGs books and this one would make an awesome living room read while the gf is watching her series
  13. I'd love to see a Heroes expansion that would incorporate Heroes for all the Factions and a couple more scenarios. New units, new neutral cards, new everuthing, a bit like Forsaken Lore did for Eldritch Horror.
  14. War-hammer-Four-tee-thou-sands-Con-Quest Each word take at least 2 seconds to say with en expiration ending so the other persons can know what you eat during lunch...
  15. I want you Conquest, I want you so bad...
  16. I feel the same and didn't played the game since January... I've always been quite "good" with dice but with X-Wing it's a complete disaster games after games after games. It's horribly frustrating to the point where I don't feel like playing the game anymore. I know it's not a flaw with the game, X-Wing is amazing and fun but when your last 4+ games were horribly lost, not because you manoeuvered like a newborn baby but because you can't roll s***, it can get on your nerves pretty bad.
  17. You sure about the single action thing? I recall reading a mission special rules that the Lieutenant could stand up but his turn was ended, just like a Hero...
  18. One thing I can say is that your knowledge of the Mythos is quite vast! I'm a Lovecraft fan but i'm nowhere near as knowledgable in it as you are but for me it's no real big deal. I don't mind having some lesser entities effing the world around as it procures me the same feeling to destroy them
  19. I don't know if I imagined that but I think he rolls 2 red power dice like a Hero would do as he his knocked out "like a Hero", I guess he can stand up like one. But he can only stand up, i.e., no monsters can revive him.
  20. It's the best one so far; and plays *incredibly* well with Malefic Curses in I see what you did there
  21. I think there's a copy in the expansion
  22. Getting the game back again...I guess I must buy the expansion too cause it's that awesome?!?!!?
  23. **** I sold my copy of the game a couple years ago and now I want it back...
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