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  1. Miah999 said: If you buy a version of Tannhauser without the revised rules you will most likely get a folding board but it may be thinner and more prone to warping then Daedalus, my FFG Tannhauser and Novgorod have both warped, but not so bad that they are un-playable. The oldest versions of Tannhauser have both a TOY and FFG logo on the box, and have the thinest boards. So, if I buy the FFG/TOY core box I get semi-cheap the board? All my local boutiques have the FFG/TOY version of the game, no one can tell or knows when they'll get FFG core boxes. Maybe I should order it directly on FFG store to be sure I get the "good" board?!?
  2. I'd like to see a badass Epic Hero like Asteros, maybe a kind of Demon unleashed by the Reich during a dark ritual in some old church cellar. Or how about a Vampire type of Hero? Coupled with that, what i'd LOVE to see for the Union/Matriarcat would be a kind of Priest/Exorciser/Demon Hunter with psionic/holy attacks and small range combat (runic gun).
  3. Thanks for your replies! I'm gonna buy Tannhäuser at lunch time today (coupled with Wrath of Ashardalon ) and gonna be sure to buy a box without the TOY logo on it, only FFG. This game is so awesome that I want the components to be the best quality possible and enjoy the full greatness that is Tannhäuser. About the revised rules, are the PDF downloadable version up-to-date? What I mean is, do the PDF version is "V2.1" (with erratas, etc) or still "V2"? Thanks again!
  4. Didn't received mine yet...order shipped April 27th. I live in Quebec, Canada so it's probably a normal customs delay. I'll wait til next week before sending an email to FFG. Anyone of you living in Canada having delays in their deliveries? I hoped it was quicker because I would like to order Tannhäuser directly with FFG since it comes with the revised rulebook...but don't want to wait 2-3 weeks
  5. Hey all. I already own Tannhäuser in french from Take On You. FYI, the boards are 4 separate squares made with cheap glue od warping like hell cardboard. So...mines are warped like crazy in a way that I have to stick them with scotch tape to be able to play without having the figs slipping down or falling off. So I decided to sell my TOY version of Tannhäuser (which will happen next sunday) and gonna buy the FFG english version. To prepare for that I bought today the Daedalus expansion. When I opened the box I expected 4 separate squares of cheap material boards but that's not what I get. I instead got a full board, made from heavenly cardboard or something?!?!? I was amazed at the quality...so amazed that I'm gonna buy FFG Tannhäuser tomorrow and enjoy some quality gaming with this awesome game. Simple question: I saw on FFG store that you can buy Tannhäuser which comes with the revised rules. In my local store, I can buy the FFG game WITHOUT the revised rules...Will I get the same quality pliable board and tokens with the "non revised" version I can buy at my local store? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I own the TOY french V1 edition of the game that I bought fairly new last year. The problem is that my boards are warping something crazy, 2 sides 1/4" up and 2 sides 1/4" down...it's ugly and remove some of the fun. Is the FFG revised edition of the core game have that problem? I wouldn't mind getting the new version with the revised rules in english as I already have Wolf and Asteros packs and no expansions yet. For those of you that own the new FFG version, are your boards warping?
  7. Berf said: Hi, 1- when you make a regular attack (using an attack action card), you can use multiple support tokens to re-roll failed dice rolls. The 'run and gun' card however, gives you the option of spending a single token to make an attack. In that specific case, only one token may be spent, as per instructions. You may want to take a look at the previous tread 'awesome game - two questions', there was a debate concerning the possibility to make a special attack (example : a flamer attack) when a card other than an attack action card is taking effect. 2- yes you kill both. the brood lord must be the last genestealer killed in a swarm. So making 3 casualties in a swarm containing a regular genestealer and a broodlord eliminates both. 3- swarms are not separated when you move them. All the genestealers in a swarm move along if one of the genestealers has the movement icon revealed by the event card. Brood lords have two movement icons : it simply implicates that the swarm containing them are more likely to move since there are more movement icons in the swarm. 4- I guess the purpose is to avoid the possibility of a single player making all the decisions in everybody's place! I hope it helps!! Thanks a lot Berf! About point #3...so if a Swarm has 3 standard GS and one Brood Lord...is the swarm has the movement symbol, I move the 4 GS? Ok, I didn't played like that on my first game, I separeted the GS... Thanks again!
  8. Hi all, I finally decided to buy the game after months of uncertainty. I love it! It's fast, it's hard and it's fun! What could you ask more? But after my first play, and win (which i'm not sure I won legally hahah), I have a few questions for you: 1- When an action card enables you to use one token for one attack, like the Green Squad "Run and Gun", can you spend 2 or 3 tokens for 2 or 3 attacks or are you limited to only 1 token/1 attack? And I guess that the Psionic Attack from Lexicanium Calistarius can't be used? 2- The Attack action card "Dead Aim" for the Green Squad says "Each time 1 of your attacking Space Marines rolls a 4, slay up to 3 Genestealers from the defending swarm". If in a swarm I have 1 Genestealer and 1 Brood Lord and I roll a 4, do I kill both? 3- I don't completely understand the Brood Lord movement. In the rulebook it says "Broor Lords have two movement icons, and their swarm will move when either icon is activated". So I have 2 swarms, Swarm A with a Brood Lord and Swarm B without one. I play an Event card and I have X symbol for the movement. Swarm B have 1/3 GS with that symbol so I move it, ok for that part. Swarm A, the Brood Lord have that symbol and 1/3 GS have it too. Do I move to entire Swarm A because it has a Brood Lord or do I move the Brood Lord and the GS separately? *I just read in the rules that a swarm is composed of 1 or more GS... 4- In a coop game with 2 or more players...whats the point of doing some things secretly like the Event card abilities (Choose one SM and do this to him...)...I don't really get that part. If it's coop, why would things happen in the back of fellow Brothers?!??! That's it for now. I really enjoyed my first game and look forwars to play lots more, and with friends too, just to see the dynamic of the "multiplayer" part of it. Thanks all!
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