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  1. Wow...those comments in the video link... Game look really interesting. I don't really like the board setup and look but i'll give this a chance and see how it works. Have to say though, the minis look incredible and the theme is really cool. Might as well add it to my collection.
  2. **** my wish came through, a side board and not a corner board!! And the thematic is awesome, really love what this will bring to the already immersive Relic+Nemesis. Can't wait to put my face in the box and smell it hard...
  3. Can you mix both coop adventures for more variety? Like the monster and peril decks?
  4. What I find awesome on FFG's part is that they made the new board "optional". You only use it in certain conditions, not in every games. They also added a bit more of everything to thicken the existing decks which is awesome (mythos, asset and artifact). The new investigators and AOs are all loking great, love them! Focus tokens are not that hard to implement and should be used in every games. All in all, a wonderful expansion to an already amazing game!
  5. I don't think Eldritch Horror will become "overloaded" as Arkham Horror did. I think that FFG did an awesome job with the elegant rules and intuitive mechanics. And as Julia said, having separate decks for each AOs will just let you mix everything in and enjoy. No more filtering cards out before and after each sessions. I just received MoM and i''ll open it later this evening (after I crack open my complete Darkest Night set and wipe the ash out of every tokens ). Can't wait to see what's in there!
  6. Simple and fun adventure game. Yes you accomplish many of the same things turn after turn but it's jusy plain fun and refreshing to just setup the game and play it. You can also talk to your friends without slowing down the game. We loved it even though we have and play Mage Knight and other heavy games.
  7. This is great news for me since the community around here will at last get into this LCG. The 1st edition, while a great game, was too big to attract new players into it. The 2nd edition will make our wishes happen! I'm getting this when it hits the shelves!
  8. Being a fan of the books and the video game, I couldn't resist when TWAG hit the shelves. I bought my copy today and cracked open the box this evening. What a piece of art! Amazing minis, FFG components quality and the 2-book rules that work so well together. Not much rules for this game but a lot of depth, more than I expected. I'm really glad I bought this game today and gonna try it saturday during a cool board game day with friends. For The Witcher fans, this game should already be at arms reach!
  9. I can't stand what i'm reading about this game over the internet. Many people say things like "This game should have been more like this" or "It's not what I wanted it to be"..."I've heard rumors that it is not complex"... ****, don't they do your research before buying?!?! If you want oranges and finally buy peaches thinking they were oranges, it's your own fault for not having learned what oranges are in the first place. It's a simpler adventure game with lots of flavor, not Mage Knight that had a kid with Georges RR Martin When I want to sit for 6 hours of adventuring I have Mage Knight but for the times I want a shorter yet entertaining adventure game session The Witcher will be my #1 choice. Oh and BTW I reinstalled The Witcher 2 EE on PC after I got my new GTX 970 and enabled Ubersampling, this game is absolutely gorgeous!
  10. If it's anything similar to Runebound, solo play will be easily doable without much rule changes. I'm getting this game on release!
  11. Yeah, their shipping prices have always been too much even though I ordered stuff from them in the past but only because it was the only place I could find it. I just don't understand how they can charge so much while any other e-tailers ship for a lot less.
  12. Runebound under the Asmodee name?
  13. With the announced merge with Asmodee group...maybe we'll see this franchise under a new name...
  14. Nice format! I'm going for a plywood size cause I play lots of Dust Tactics and the 8 feet long is really a must have!
  15. Maybe i'll just start with the base game and 2 small box expansions like Reaper and Sacred Pool or Frostmarch and add in from time to time. That way i'll have enough space to play until I get my 4x8 gaming table in a couple of months.
  16. I have 50CAD in credits at my FLGS...I don't know what to get between Talisman and some expansions or Wiz-War and it's expansions...or wait for Eldritch Horror Mtn of Madness exp... Too much choices
  17. Well, maybe 'ill go with base game + Sacred Pool + Frostmarsh + Reaper to start with. Maybe even add The Dungeon or The Woodlands... I have 50$ in credits from my FLGS and since I deceided to skip Conquest, I will check for a new game. The contenders: Talisman, Wiz-War and Golem Arcana.
  18. Would this set give me a pleasant, random chaotic delirious and pure fun experience? - Base game 4th rev. edition - The Reaper - The Firelands - The Nether Realms - The Dungeon - The Woodlands Two years ago I owned Talisman with Dungeon, Highlands, Dragon, City, Sacred Pool, Frostmarsh, Reaper and Bloodmoon. But this was too much and took too much place so we didn't played that much. I finally sold the entire collection and bought Relic + Némésis when it came out. I love Relic and also love Talisman. But like a LCG, when you're coming back in a well established franchise with lots of expansions available it's really hard not to ruin yourself lol So with the set above and from your experience in the game, is it a good set to enjoy Talisman for many years?
  19. Probably go Marines/IG or Tau...and will try Orks/IG or Chaos/Orks. I'll probably play against my brother who'll go with Elder/Dark Eldar. But my "main" deck will be centered on Space Wolves since they look so freaking awesome!
  20. Awesome looking expansion! Another board, more cards, more GOO, more Investigators, what could you ask for more? Maybe world peace and that butterscotch ice cream would make you lose weight but i'll take Mountains of Madness anyways
  21. I play LOTR, CoC and Netrunner...all of those I only bought 1 core set. I don't know about competitive play but having playing in a ANR league one coreset was enough to have fun AND win. Never tried the others in a more serious environment. Conquest on the other end, just for the theme I might end up buying 2 cores...just because it's gonna be the best LCG ever made
  22. It's a really cool dice fest! Basically you start the game with basic dice in your bag. Each turn the player draws 6 dice and roll them and apply the effects they give. It can be Quiddity (currency), a Monster or a Spell, depending on the die type. You then can buy a die (or more depending on the cards or variants you use). After that you ready your monsters and spells by paying for them. Then you attack your opponent which can defend. Rinse and repeat. Really great game even though my description make it sound like a dumb and boring dice fest lol. Well Worth it!
  23. @madquest8: I must agree with you on this one...coupling a board game with an app is ridiculous. I hope they'll include a card driven equivalent with the game...
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