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  1. Couldn't watch more than a few minutes sadly... Sam is so annoying with his half and nonchalant answers and "I don't care" attitude. But the game look fantastic FFG, great job again.
  2. Wow Julia, that is a great read! You rock you know that?
  3. I tend to buy most of my games at my FLGS because the people there are awesome. They also freely offer tables, terrain and mats to play our favorite miniature games anytime we want. They even let us play past the closing hour if one of the employee stays with us, which happen at least 3 evenings a week. So yeah, to thank them I buy a lot there, even bought the entire Armada Wave 1 from them. But, I don't feel bad about ordering online, not bad at all. I must spend around $1500 a year in games and maybe $1000 is spent at my FLGS. They don't like to hear it but they don't mind when you at least thank them with some purchases.
  4. Thanks guys, you made excellent points. I might simply go with the base game plus King in Yellow and Dark Pharaoh. Then I will add some big bixes along the way... which might be sooner rather than later lol
  5. Thanks Julia! Never thought about getting the revised Pharaoh. I played a couple of times with Goat but never with the Herald. I really like the theme but if it's a bit broken ill pass on it.
  6. I played a lot of AH (french edition) before I moved out of my city last year. It was our game of choice when we were exactly 4 players. Always was an amazing evening with cool friends and good beers. I'm now in my new city and have some cool new friends to play heavy games (my favorite) and I have the AH itch now. I own Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness, Elder Signs and Call of Cthulhu card game, everything made for those games I wn it. Never thought about buying AH until I moved far away from my best buddy who owned the game and many expansions. I remember having the best time when we played with the King in Yellow as the Herald. Always made some tense and very thematic games. I also really like the Injury/Madness mechanic. So my thought is to buy AH + DH + KiY...as a starting set What do you think? Any other small expansion I should check to enhance the gameplay?
  7. Yeah I know it's costly, I started the game on day one and bought everything, but had to sell since I was moving away and didn't knew if I would find players. So now i'm forced to start from scratch...
  8. Thanks everyone, this will help me "invest" in a more organized way
  9. Hey guys! Since there's a lot of X-Wing players near me I might start this game again (sold everything when I moved to a new city last year). I'd like to try the S&V faction and would like to know what i'll need. I alreayd have an idea (thanks Mu0n) on a few lists that could be fun but my question is regarding the upgrades. If I take the plunge i'll buy: 1 Core + 2 IG-2000 + 1 FS + 1 HWK + 1 Most Wanted... With this kit, will I miss on some important upgrades to be a bit more competitive or i'll have everything I need in those packs? If I am missing on key upgrades, what packs should I buy in addition to the list above? Thanks a lot!
  10. I could get a lot of stuff for under 200 bucks shipped...but it'd be 200 bucks of cardboard and plastic that would only rot on my shelf No one seem to be interested in playing Talisman around me sadly...but some are willing to try Relic (which I already have with Nemesis). So I think i'm gonna have to skip this game sadly...sucks
  11. Yeah I bought everything Elder Sign. I liked the app game but prefer the board game. It's cool to play with different people with their own midsets, makes the game better. GoA is a pretty awesome expansion! I'm really curious to see how FS will play with only two players though. I own Starcraft+Brood War and the 2-player game is fun but nithing like a 4-player game. But I like the pace with only two players and I also house ruled to start the setup with a planet already on the table so we can have 5 planets and a little bit more room and options. So i'm really curious about FS and it's number of players but I already know it'll be best with the max player count. nonetheless this sweet sweet piece of cardboard and plastic will be in my collection on release day. And Relic is cool ok and even more so with Nemesis...and Halls of Terra will be awesome. Random chaos is amazingly fun
  12. Sad to see there's still no news about a new RB edition... I'm even more sad when I think I sold my almost complete collection many years ago because no one wanted to play the game... Please FFG, do something about it
  13. The game is dead only if you decide it is. IMO it already have enough expansions to make it playable for a long while, especially with Call of the Wild with the randomised mission.
  14. Still haven't decided if i'll buy or pass... Too much games, not enough players...
  15. I played Dark Elements earlier this week and I think the balance is a bit weird. There's a room in DE that ask you to activate some stuff in the middle of the place, and this stuff is surrounded by 4 monsters. The number of monsters change with the number of players but not the stuff you need to interact with... I think this particular room is not feasable with only 2 Heroes...we tried and tried and tried but we couldn't find a way to do it in the short time we had too... But the thematic is really present and each room offer something cool thematically and mechanically. My favorite is Nature's Ire though, then FS and lastly DE...
  16. Me want more minis that won't see any playtime!!! This game is really good, especially the 2nd edition, but I can't find players since I moved...I will keep the pressure on dammit and i'll win!
  17. HEY! Don't say that about Relic!!!! I love Relic, love the chaos the dice bring to the game which I think simulate really well the chaotic nature of the WH40K universe. Sure the game will sometimes get frustrating (I know, I experienced it quite a lot) but it eventually will come back on ya and you'll get what you were coming for; Glory. But it's true, if you want to have complete control over your actions and their outcome, Relic will feel too random and frustrating. but if you want a solid thematic game where you can simply dive in and enjoy a fun and funny evening with friends, Relic might fit the bill!
  18. I'm buying "all-in" style in the game tomorrow. My FLGS have both expansions in stock but i'll have to wait for the base game before I can play. I LOVE everything H.P. Lovecraft related and will buy in this "simpler" game so I can try to convince my gf to play this with me (she love dice games, Quarriors is her favorite game despite the fact that she could puke everytime she hears about fantasy stuff...)...and I just received a freaking beefy check from my former job so...
  19. I'd have liked that some coop quests included in the campaign book...but i'm a dreamer so...
  20. I was deep into Talisman up until "The City". I had everything that came out for the 4th revised edition. We loved the game, the randomness, the chaos, the pure simple fun of running arounf trying to win the game. Then When I bought The City I thought that it was getting too much for what it is. The expansion was great but setting up the game, choosing what we would play with and what not was getting too much like a chore and I ended up selling the game. I bought into Relic instead and LOVE the game and i'll continue to buy what FFG releases for this title. Now I see that Talisman is still getting love from FFG and the new small expansions are looking awesome. So for an old player wanting to start again but don't want to have to play on the floor to enjoy it, what would you recommend buying as a one-shot semi-finale buy? My thoughts: - Reaper seem to be a must have - The Bloodmoon - The Nether Realm since it look cool - Dungeon for the difficulty and theme - Woodlands (never tried it but it could be a cool addition) - Harbinger when it will come out The "I'm not sure": - Sacred Pool + Frostmarsh + Firelands?!!? The "I don't think i'll buy again": - The Highlands - The City The "I' sure I won't buy": - The Dragon - Deep Realms since I won't buy The City Any thoughts? Thanks!
  21. The sad thing around here is that this game is completely unknown I love BL2 but no one seem to be willing to play this...but i'm not dropping the ball yet, i'm gonna find someone as cool as me (since I love cool games lol) and play this. I'm also really excited about these expansions, especially the neutral units, can't wait to learn more about those.
  22. I really like those coop adventures, I only play Descent this way now.
  23. I'm so buying this! I played many SC games and love it. FS look like a cool way to play a wonderful game with maybe less stuff all over the place. What is cool is that both games (SC and FS) have their place in a collection. I love FFG!
  24. ...and now i'm interested... I want this game so bad...what's happening to me?!?
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