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  1. I know myself, I love Runebound...gonna buy those on release and shed gallons of tears of joy on the way home and probably drown in my car just to wake up, realise it was just a dream, go to my FLGS, buy the expansions, cry on the way home...
  2. WHI was my first LCG that I played back then when LCGs were starting. But unfortunately I didn't have the player base for this game. But now, things changed and thanks to the big sales this game is under I bought everything back! Can't wait to play this again and it's really cool to see that the community is still active.
  3. Is this a standalone box or you need the base game to play it?
  4. SolennelBern

    Solo play?

    I think the game should play well solo. The only thing you'll have to be careful/honest is when you have to control monsters decisions. What i'd do is make the worst possible decision for you hero while respecting the rules...not sure how to explain lol But I really thing this game can be enjoyed solo as it is but is better with a partner to quest with/against
  5. The game look fantastic and I will buy it when my FLGS as it on the shelves (I pre-ordered a copy to be sure to get it asap). I just saw the announcement for the Combat Tokens. While I was driving back home after some cool Warmachine games I was thinking: "Rolling cardboard tokens for combat, which will occur often in the course of a game, will surely wear these tokens and damaged them pretty fast". My only fear is that FFG know that these tokens get damaged/discolored fast so to counter this they will release sheets for new tokens. Am I pushing this too far? I hope not and freaking can't wait to play this game!
  6. Currently following Star Wars, Conquest and GoT 2nd edition. Love those three games so much, they are all so different and provide a very distinctive playing experience. My top 3: 1- SW 2- GoT2 3- Conquest I also have a lot of Call of Cthulhu and some LOTR which i'll keep but stopped following.
  7. Yep, this game is looking better and better by the preview. Love how it is turning out!
  8. This game is looking better with each previews. I pre-ordered it at my FLGS and can't wait for it to come out, that and Runebound made my year really.
  9. I think it's out today. I was thrilled about this game but i'm gonna wait a bit...not sure how good it would fit my collection. I have so much fantasy/dungeon crawling/exploring games that another one would be overkill... But I can see a point of a game like this if it's got cool gameplay...i'll see.
  10. Also replaced my second list with this: VSD2+Screed GSD1+Demolisher+ACM GSD1+Insidious+ACM Rhymer Bomber Bomber TIE Advanced
  11. Made some changes, but as you say, i'll have to find a way to squeeze in some squadrons on my Imperial list: REBELS - 297 points AF MK II B - Paragon - General Dodonna AF MK II B - Gunnery Team - Electronic Countermeasures - X17 Turbolasers NEB SUPPORT REFIT - Salvation SQUADRONS - Luke - Y-Wing - Y-Wing - Y-Wing IMPERIALS - 294 points Victory II - Motti - Gunnery Team Victory II - Gunnery Team - XX-9 Turbolasers Gladiator I - Demolisher - Engine Techs - Assault Concussion Missiles
  12. Hey guys, looking for input on my two list I will bring to the Sullust Event at my FLGS on october 10th. Here they are: REBELS - 297 points AF MK II B - Paragon - General Dodonna - Gunnery Team AF MK II B - Gunnery Team - Electronic Countermeasures - X17 Turbolasers SQUADRONS - Luke - Wedge - X-Wing - X-Wing - Dutch - Y-Wing - Y-Wing Something more squad heavy here with lost of fire power. The only thing that frightens me is I have only 2 ships. But they are well equipped and could sustain lots of hits for a good while... IMPERIALS - 296 points Victory II - Screed - Gunnery Team Victory II - Gunnery Team - XX-9 Turbolasers Gladiator I - Demolisher - Engine Techs - Assault Concussion Missiles No squads but 3 good ships that can dish out a lot. The 2 V2s will slowly move from the flanks to the center and try to attack with their front hull as much as they can while the Gladiator will be the annoying bee that buzz all over the place and take shots. Are those lists viable? Would really love input from event vets on those lists! Thanks a lot!
  13. Currently Conquest and Star Wars but soon Game of Thrones 2nd edition, so that'll be three. I have CoC and Netrunner but i'm trying to sell those out since no one play those games that much.
  14. Indeed, this game look really cool! I'm a fan of heavy games that take hours to finish but this one seem to have a lot of what I like in a nice format and lighter side. It's a buy on release date for me.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm not playing Rebels that often but evidently playing against them a lot... So in a couple of days my primary Armada partner have decided to try and switch roles which would change the pace of things a bit. I'm used to big slow ships that hurt a lot...and now I need to play a fast fleet that hit a bit less harder but that have cool squadrons to counter that. So here's a quick list I thought of an hour ago, please help me make it better if it,s not already awesome REBEL FLEET 400 POINTS SHIPS Assault Frigate Mark II B - Garm Bel Iblis - Gallant Haven - Intel Officer - Gunnery Team - Advanced Projectors CR90 Corvette B CR90 Corvette B CR90 Corvette B Nebulon-B Escort Frigate - Yavaris - XX-9 Turbolasers SQUADRONS Wedge Antilles - X-Wing Squadron - X-Wing Squadron Dutch Vander - Y-Wing Squadron - Y-Wing Squadron - Y-Wing Squadron I really like the Y-Wings but for now I only have 4 of each (2x Rebel Fighters pack) so I can only field 4 squadrons of those. I opted for Wedge & Dutch for their synergies. At first I thought I could include 4 Corvettes, 1 Nebulon and 1 Whale but I had to cut the Nebulon off to include more squadron support. What do you guys think of this setup?
  16. Yep that! That plus one thousand millions disks glued to thumbs up...if that's even a thing... WHQCG is an awesome announcement but i'd like to see a last WHDW expansion with a bit for everyone...maybe a "big box" like the core set...
  17. No sure I agree with you on everything but to each his own. I would love an epci scale adventure game between the lenght of The Witcher and Mage Knight...so the good 'ol 1 to 1.5 hour per players. I remember my multiple sessions with RB2 and when I played a Mage I leveled it like a Mage and did well in the game. Sure a bit of everything helps a lot but nothing was as gamebreaking in my memory. So yeah, to each his own but I hope it'll be an epic adventure game where you can sit with some friends, down some nice beers and look at your watch when the game ends and say "Wow, four and a half hours! That didn't looked like that, awesome!"
  18. Best news ever! I hoped for that announcement since last summer and now it's really! A sure buy on day one for me, that and the new Warhammer Quest card game...great new games from FFG again.
  19. SolennelBern

    Solo play?

    I solo played the 2nd edition plenty of time and it played really well. It's a competitive game but the interaction is pretty minimal and multiple heroes are not necessary to enjoy the leveling and beating the bad guy.
  20. BBTM is one of my go to card games when I want to play a chill, fun and cool card game. FFg have so much going on but the rule structure sometimes is just plain bad which can cause someone to pass on a game. So yeah, a BB LCG would be nice but I don't think it would have it's place in an ocean of existing awesome LCGs... LOTR, NR, Conquest, SW, GoT 2nd ed., ... and many more to come i'm sure. BBTM is at it's best in it's current form imo and I would just continue on this path of one expansion a year that bring new teams and a couple new awesome rules.
  21. WOW! My favorite faction got annouced, i'm so happy with this news. Love the models and I hope they are better than the undead in Diskwars
  22. Awesome expansion packs, love the stuff in those two beauties. I also managed to convince some Diskwars players to try out BattleLore and they seems willing to try it, so that's encouraging.
  23. Got this may 28th too! Awesome expansion I must say!
  24. Just got Halls of Terra and seeing that the game plays with minimal player interaction (Nemesis helped in that matter) how would you solo play this to have the best experience possible? What scenario, component and other official stuff like variants would you use? I wan to try Halls of Terra tomorrow and looks like i'm gonna be alone for that one.
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