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  1. That's one of the biggest disappointment of Unbreakable Bonds...nothing encourage you to group up and do real coop. The expansion is still nice but it could have been released as a small format like the other expansions because the price tag on it is just too high for what it offers. No new general Adventure Cards was a big let down for me. But the combat boards and tokens for each "monster class", the envelopes and scenarios are all worth it. It's still a good expansion but the price should not be that high.
  2. I remember some epic games I had with Arkham Horror and good friends. that was so awesome that Arkham have a special place in my geek heart. Then I tried Eldritch Horror and fell in love. The mechanis are more polished and the flow is just perfect. Each Old One feels a lot more unique than in Arkham Horror thanks to each having it's own unique and thematic deck of events. It's really well thought out. But both games are great really and it just boils down to what you would prefer between exploring and defending a city (AH) or exploring the world and unveiling the mysteries of the Old One that tries to wake up and F things up (EH).
  3. Forsaken Lore is the one you want as your first expansion. It just "add more" to the existing decks and the Old One is pretty cool!
  4. Hey! Anyone tried using the MoM room tiles to play Arkham Horror? A lot of the room cards have the same or very similar names as the room tiles...could be looking nice! I also have the 1-4 player mat and might give it a try on it! Will mostly play this game solo so this could add some layers of coolness to it!
  5. Quick question to you guys, what is your favorite Ancient One thematically speaking? The one that always delivers a fun and immersive game experience?
  6. Hey guys! Had the game in english, complete collection of everything released, that I recently sold cause I wanted to buy the game back in my native language (french) cause it's simply more immersive to read the lore withough some french canadian english accent I already bought the core game and I remember when I first got the game in english that Forsaken Lore was the best way to make the core set better and feel more complete. So, in french the small expansions are really hard to find but my FLGS have both Mountains of Madness and Under the Pyramids available in french. Would they be a good Plan B to expand the game a bit more and give more cards in the core decks?
  7. Hey! First of all I really don't mind buying multiple core sets of my favortite LCGs, like I did with SW and Conquest. So AHCG is right up my alley and will definitely buy in since Conquest is ending, so I have one LCG spot up for grabs So, is there a definitive number of core sets to have the best possible experience? I will mostly play this game in a 2-player format...so there's that.
  8. After a few plays this weekend i'd like more efficient ways to make money and maybe something that would remove the timer...cause every games I did so far have always felt underwhelming and borderline boring because of this. On the point of money, we found that you absolutely need to buy gear asap if you want to stand a chance against what's coming to you and sometimes money is pretty hard to come by and you lose a lot of time trying to get some. And due to the event deck/time track mechanic it's pretty hard to come up with a house rule to play longer games. So my new wish is: an Epic mode where they come up with neutral Story Cards to lenghten the game.
  9. Carson is nice with 4+ Investigator...he can save the day alone. I really like him with 4+ Inv but under he's not that useful (uniquely from my experience, ymmv).
  10. Ariad it'll be. Dark Star look fun but we're gonna play Runewars first so we might have our share of direct confrontation
  11. Shadows of Brimstone is a dungeon crawl in a Western/Lovecraftian Mythos setting, it's pure gold!
  12. Hi everyone! Just wanted to know what is your favorite scenario so far, including all expansions available. That scenario that have the most epic feel and the most satisfying adventure experience. Want to know to prepare a game next saturday and would love to know your thoughts!
  13. Ok so for now the app only use the core box components? Not that bad from a new buyer perspective
  14. Two years ago I decided to sell my entire Descent 2nd edition collection due to the fact that no one wanted to play the Overlord and I got tired of playing it. So lacking the group and the motivation I sold everything. Then I tried the coop adventires with a friend. They were fine but they were lacking something. I got Mansions of Madness 2nd edition (already have 1st edition) and I freaking love the game and the app, beautifully executed. My question is: Is Road to Legend of similar quality and worth buying back into the game to only play coop with it?
  15. One thing though: need more dwarves!
  16. New board would be awesome...but dunno how i'd prefer it. Maybe a second territory to explore or an extension of the the main board...either way a BIG expansion would be awesome.
  17. Agreed, those these ones do seem much more promising. Really looking forward to seeing how they manage the elves (assuming they get to that point). Yeah the fact that the weapons aren't bent to hell is hopefully a sign they're made of better materials. Might also explain the higher price Likely so. People like to complain about GW prices on their miniatures, but they're honestly not much out of line with other companies who have similar quality (like Warmachine, Guild Ball, etc). I mean, it's still all overpriced, but you do get more for your money with better sculpts. Are you seriously comparing GW and PP minis??!?!?! PP are not that great, are a pain to assemble and still mostly metal, which glue awfully bad. And Guild Ball...did you checked their minis? Mold lines and gaps when assembled. Anyways, I trust in FFG and really hope this game will deliver both in quality of minis and gameplay.
  18. Why would it follow other game styles? FFG knows how to do their own miniature games unique gameplay and we don't need another WHFB game out there.
  19. I'm really excited about this announcement but at the same time I find it weird from FFG. They did quite a nice job with the Dust franchise back in the days and with other franchise but they it seemed like they left the genre out of their collection. But with X-Wing and Armada we know they can do awesome miniatures games with great gameplay. I'd have love that they took the same prepainted path as they did with their SW franchise. Anyways, game look awesome, gameplay seem to be quite nice too (move templates, minis trays that interlock, action dials) so I keep an open and positive mind on this title. My prediction, since it's FFG: - You'll need 2 core sets to really enjoy the game at release. But it's not a big deal, find a friend that want the faction you don't want and each buy a core box - Regiment and "Heroes/Single" releases - Gameplay/Narrative expansions would be great - 2D terrain packs I'd also like to see some kind of Campaign and leveling system for Heroes/Warlords/Uniques...some kind of narrative gameplay with "quests" or something like that. Enough rambling, i'm buying this on release day!
  20. I have enough terrain for 40k/9th Age/AoS that I will be able to saetup beautiful tables for this game. It seem like a nice game to introduce new playes to the genre while still have enough complexity to satiate vets of minis games. I'm really looking forward to learn more about this one.
  21. Certainly can't wait! Really like the game but the "meta" here is really weird, so I might be forced to play it alone (gf despise fantasy stuff). So 2016 might be the year i'll have to force myself and try my hand at soloing my favorite games
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